Ash said take ref test, Monbrey said nah bruh
XY Ruleset
Private Full
OHKO/Evasion/Accuracy clauses ON
Held Items OFF
Normal Terrain/No starting weather
"Hit all" moves must target one opponent
Moves that target a fainted Pokemon will redirect randomly
Illusion disguises as a random Pokemon from the Dex
Imposter, Download, and Intimidate select a random participating Pokémon
Encore/Imprison/Perish Song fail
Pokemon who fail to send a move will be KO'd at the start of the turn.
Special Rule: Tis the season of giving: 18-sided die will be rolled to determine which type gets a 25% boost the following turn

11th: Rick and Rapidash gets $2,000
10th: LowlyHumanCub and Grimer gets $2,000
9th: Mikey and Gardevoir gets $2,000
8th: Morru and Togekiss gets $2,500
7th: JacenBoy and Wurmple gets $3,000
6th: Johnbdm and Serperior gets $3,500
5th: LC and Porygon2 gets $4,000
4th: Bluetowel and Ditto gets $4,500
3rd: Ash K. and Mew gets $5,000
2nd: Julio and Klefki gets $5,500
1st: DarknessRuler wins with Nidoking and gets $6,000

A quarter of the participants dissapeared throughout and the final turn Ash could've win but decided to Explode whe no one targeted him tbh and Nidoking finished off a Klefki ftw

Xali reffed and gets $6,500.

Note: All earnings listed here reflect a $1,000 weekend bonus.

Wages: $32,000


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