exactly what it says on the tin.

Read stories? Want cash? Either? Both?

...then you're in the right place.

the gist: We love the Library and want it to thrive, but we also know that there's a fair amount of legwork on your end. Fear no more, dear readers; we've taken a page from our friends in the other sections and we're going to bribe the **** out of you in return for your love make sure that you're justly compensated for your time and effort.

the library: Are you confused by why we keep randomly capitalizing the Library? Read here for the background of this project.

the rules: To celebrate the kickoff of the Library, we want to reward you, the readers! To keep things in check, we're going to have a few stipulations in place regarding paid submissions:
  • You will receive 500 for each complete submission to the Library. This must be approved by a Head Grader before you claim.
  • Although you can submit as many stories as you want to the Library, you will only get paid for the first 10. This comes out to 5,000, so it's still a pretty solid deal!
  • You're welcome to submit your own stories to the Library, but you will not get paid for submitting a story written by you.
  • You will not be paid for submitting a story already in the Library back to the Library.
  • You will not be paid for joke submissions, incomplete submissions, or submissions otherwise not in spirit with the rules of URPG.

the cash: aka the part that you're all here for. In order to get your hard-earned moneys, please post links to all the stories you submitted in this thread. Because submissions are anonymous, we have no idea of finding out who you are; in addition, this will help other people see what stories have already been added to the library. Do not claim your money until approved by a Head Grader; we'll go through and confirm your submissions/add them, and then give you your lovely cash.

the submission form: because sometimes we all get lazy

the cool peeps: ~gonna keep track of people who have reached the 10-submission cap here~
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