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When you promised URPG you'd be the first to 2 Ref legends, then the rules change and you can technically get 3  whew

Claiming Genesect with my Referee Wage tracker.

Abras are so cute!
Joined URPG 1/28/2017!
Competitive Showdown player

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Claiming Raikou for my Art Legend!

Art Legend Tracker for confirmation

It's been a very strange (and slightly spammy; sorry curation crew! ffpu ) road to get here, but get here I did. A very loud thank you to the entire Art section, and especially the Curators past and present who put up with my endless swarm of bugs and Christmas gifts that got me most of the way to legend. You guys are the real MVPs. TBH I hadn't actually thought I'd get a legend in URPG so this is a super rad thing and I'm glad I've been part of this community long enough to have earned it.

$507,750 - $250,000 = $257,750
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Claiming Blacephalon.
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Oh man, it's time. After all these years...

So like, this may be something as simple as a Pokemon Story, but who would I be, without my soapbox??? It's my signature move!

"Take Care of Yourself"

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Legend #001.

My URPG journey began on October 2010 on Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden Forums, after following a seemingly innocent link from another user's signature. URPG had just moved to BMGF, and it was the hot new thing everyone was getting into.

I started with a Houndour, my all time favorite, and was approved by none other than the URPG Head at the time.

A lot of you may know me as Morru, and even my current stats page as well as some banners I've made for URPG still credit me by that name.

And yet now I am Mako, here and on Discord. Morru had died with URPG's expulsion from BMGF.

Regulars of the contest section in the last few years know my judging legend claim has been a long time coming, with my log seemingly suspended, just two contests shy from the million mark. I'd joke that it was my response to the claims that Judges are undeserving of legends, but it was more than that.

It was a silent protest, an expression of my frustration and anger over the divide that ultimately caused URPG's removal from BMGF, which I had considered my home as I played this game. Close friends would know that I'm a creature of sentiment, and seeing all the years of posts and threads locked and then taken away was disheartening . . .

Even more so was being caught between sides, seeing friend turn on friend and being unable to console one without feeling guilty for the other. It was easy to think the same thing inscribed on #battle-2: "Why can't we all just get along?"

Things were, of course, not so easy. Not so easy in real life, either, but when even the escape URPG provided me was no longer there, it became all the more difficult.

And yet things moved forward: after all, time is an irreverent force. Some wounds may never heal, some bridges forever left burned. All I know is that I am here, now. No longer the same Morru who spent afternoons battling on AIM, and perhaps not even the same Mako who returned from the depths of hiatus a few years back.

But maybe just being here is enough.

Recently I've found peace with things I've been suffering through in real life, and I figured it was time to find the same here. URPG has given me fond memories and strong friendships throughout the years, and I only wish for it to grow further.

So I come here now to claim my legend (which feels only slightly vainglorious at this point) as a symbolic toast to my true home in URPG. It was never BMGF. It's all of the people who made URPG what it is. And yes, it's definitely as corny as it reads, and if you think I'm being far too melodramatic over some text-based online Pokémon RPG, then you'd be right. Creature of sentiment, like I said, guilty as charged.

Here's to all the people still here, old and new faces alike; to all the people who left and to those have been long gone; and to all future URPGers starting their journey, posting on the Starter Requests thread like I did nearly a decade ago.

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L o v e
emerged from
[a virus that came from]
S p a c e.

Claiming Deoxys-Normal Form. Tier 1 Judging Legend. $1,002,500 - $1,000,000 = $2,500 remaining. [Judge Log] / [Legend Tracker] / [Judge Wages]
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(04-01-18, 11:23 PM)juliorain Wrote: Claiming Perma Mashadow.


Quoted Legend Log

It rises...

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Img Made by Morru/Mako
Claiming Shaymin Sky for Ref Legend.


Trainer Stats
National Park: Marcus Fowler, Joseph "Joe" Andersen (Ranger)
Morphic: Wade

"the fuck's a snowball" -K'sa, 2020
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Lets just do it. From the National Park, I'm awakening the Master of the Regis! KAHAHAHA

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And since it's a Tier 2, it only took me half the effort cantif

National Park's Legendary Tracker: 251,610 - 250,000 = 1,610
Beginner Run - Enigma Ruins: 80,449 Characters (Completed)
Ultra Wormhole Event - Enigma Ruins: 85,744 (Completed)
Individual Run #1 - The Woods: 30,006 (In Progress)
Team Run #1 - Mt. Deckbi: 3,683 (In Progress)
Spacial Anomaly Event Pt.1 (Boss) - Ruined Palace: 37,137 (Completed)
Spacial Anomaly Event Pt.2 (Capture) - Ruined Palace: 7,392 (In Progress)
Galar Blitz Event - Enigma Ruins: 5,201 (In Progress)
A lot of folks think that there’s only evil things in the dark. It’s a reasonable assumption; people who wish to do ill, are more likely to do it if they are not being observed. In darkness, in the shadows, in the dead of night, or even just in one of those terrible parking garages we can’t seem to stop building.

But at the same time – things in the dark can be good, too. Unrequited feelings, anonymous good deeds, forgotten heroes. Bringing such into the light would diminish what they bring to our human experience, so they too stay in darkness.

What it really comes down too, I think was said best by Solzhetsyn. “The line between good and evil runs through every human heart.” The darkness isn’t important. What matters, is what we choose to do when in those shadows.

Claiming a Darkrai as grader legend. With special thanks to Magik for making it possible.


Total 253,290
Staff, head grader, chief judge, ranger. My stats (always a work in progress!)
Park: Evan Morphic: Aaren Cassandra
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