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This thread lists all members of the URPG talented enough in their field to have been awarded and currently possess a Legendary Pokemon.

You should post here when you are awarded a Legend, with the exception of the temporary Legend from Legend Defender, which has it's own thread.

Your post should include the following:
  • Which Legend
  • Reason Awarded
  • Time Period (if applicable)
  • EM's Claimed (if applicable)

Currently Owned Legends
URPG Champion, Moderator, Head Referee, Head Judge, Johto LO, Legend Defender Champion, Fortree City Gym Leader, Kumquat Island Gym Leader

URPG Stats
Feel free to ask me any questions you have about URPG.
"When you can have anything you want by uttering a few words, the goal matters not, only the journey to it." -Rhunön the Elf (Eldest: Inheritance Book 2)
"You might think it'€™s to help you be a better battler. Really it's just to make your battles less painful for the poor referee that has to face-palm every turn." - Monbrey
Claiming my Soaras the Latias
  • Latias
  • AH "Winter Wars" Event
  • Till March 19th
  • Calm mind, Toxic, Ice Beam, Protect, Thunder Bolt, Shadow Ball, Roost, Energy ball, Substitute, Draco Meteor
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URPG Stats[/URL]
Current RP
My ref Log
claiming my temp legend

- Solgaleo
- Sun/Moon Auction
- Expires 12:00 AM on February 1, 2017
- TM Earthquake, TM Reflect, TM Substitute, TM Protect, TM Light Screen, TM Facade, TM Stone Edge, TM Flame Charge, TM Work Up, TM Wild Charge
a story legend appears!
outta mist! <3

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claiming Celebi, for time metaphors lmao

7 stories written to get here lol
106% of requirement met!
698,000k written!
530k total
log here!

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buggin' out tbh<3
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Claiming my temporary legend!

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Lugia / G / Pressure, Multiscale

Level-Up: Aeroblast, Ancient Power, Calm Mind, Dragon Rush, Extrasensory, Future Sight, Gust, Hydro Pump, Natural Gift, Punishment, Rain Dance, Recover, Safeguard, Sky Attack, Swift, Weather Ball, Whirlwind

Free EMs: [Hidden Ability], TM Psychic, TM Substitute, TM Protect, TM Roost, MT Hyper Voice, MT Earth Power, TM Ice Beam, TM Thunderbolt, SM Psycho Boost

Additional Purchased: Hidden Power (Rock)
Hey hey :eyes:

Claiming reffing legend. Log of all wages can be found here

This was a hard as fuck choice. I went to like 7 different people and said hey what legend should I get, X or Tapu Lele and they never chose Lele :c was this Nitro with Hoopa?

I've got a few people to thank for this 4 month legend. Speaking of...

@GrayMagicΓ; Thank you for giving me the hope in completing this. You said I gave you inspiration but you inspire me every day man, and I can't thank you enough for everything that you've done for me.

@K'sariya; Thanks for being the support that I could never dream of repaying.

@Menegoth; thank you for inspiring me to continue to become a ref. You may not know what I'm talking about, but you're the bomb dude. I miss you a lot.

A huge thank you especially to @Ralin; @diamondpearl876; @Dekrueger; @GrayMagicΓ; @SinnohEevee; @juliorain; @Mikey57; @Mako; @Xali; @CowboyJake; and the myriads of other people for letting me ref for you and asking me to ref; reffing brings me a lot of joy and it was an honor reffing for each and every one of you.

And last but not least, thank you @Seppe; for giving me the best motivation I could ever ask for:
Seppe - 08/05/2017
you'll burn most likely

Claiming Arceus.

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Abras are so cute!
Joined URPG 1/28/2017!
Competitive Showdown player
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Claiming Naganadel from the auction, mine for 6 months.

Free EMs: TM Thunderbolt, TM Sludge Wave, TM Sludge Bomb, TM Acrobatics, TM Dark Pulse, MT Gunk Shot, MT Heat Wave, MT Outrage, TM Shadow Claw, TM Flamethrower
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My URPG Stats Banner by Neo Emolga
Claiming my permanent Keldeo.

Claiming Sumika the Original Color Magearna from the 2018 Valentine's Day Auction until 5/17/18 with the following EMs:

TM Hidden Power Fire
TM Volt Switch
TM Ice Beam
TM Focus Blast
TM Thunderbolt
TM Shadow Ball
TM Energy Ball
TM Charge Beam
TM Protect
TM Substitute
Claiming my Dusk Mane Necrozma from Temp Legend from 2018 Valentine's Day Auction!

[Image: 800-dusk-mane.gif]

Extra Moves
TMs: Earthquake, Hidden Power [Ice], Protect, Stone Edge, Substitute
MTs: Dragon Pulse, Heat Wave, Iron Head, Knock Off, Outrage
URPG Stats[url=https://dashofurpg.tumblr.com/trainercard][/url]
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