That also works.

I mean, I don't like it, because I don't like the idea of forcing the player to draw their pokemon (again!? for artists) or sandwhich them into stories they don't want, or do contests or whatever.But it's not actually forcing that, it' s just encouraging it.

Though, not having basics battles (1v1) that pay does give us a problem. Money is already extremely hard to come by in URPG. As someone who can't afford to buy EMs for my pokemon, let alone items, let alone Mart Pokemon, this is going to "slow down the economy" as it were, and "new" players like me (I mean I'm basically not new at all but I'm still relatively early in URPG career because I just don't play) will have an even harder time. That potentially means that they're less likely to get into the Park, IMO, as that costs a wad of cash, they're less likely to undertake the risk of the Underground, as that takes a chunk of change-- I'm not sure what changes you've implemented lately, but unless there's a much faster way to get gold, Basics not paying out is going to be nasty.

Also there'll be less gifting around, though that's just my guess.

I will suggest that Rare Candy be dealt with like this:
Each one costs 1k, and evolves the pokemon to the next stage.
Basic Battles still give out money.

People can get the money from doing basics still, people can buy their way into FE pokemon, but they don't have to grind to buy rare candy-- it costs, but it doesn't cost 7k or 10k, because then only the rich players will do it. Maybe that's fine, maybe that's how it will work out naturally anyway, as poor players will want to get the Basics money. I just lean away from things that greatly favor the well-established players.
Actually I really like the idea of drawing to level up my Pokémon. Art's my thing, man.
[MENTION=7028]Truly[/MENTION]; while the 1v1s don't pay, the 2v2s do, so the way Harry's proposing those that just want quick battles to get the evolution over with can get it done whereas those that want the cash / journey / whatever have their options.

So I'm okay with Harry's proposition.
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The numbers on the experience and how much each activity is worth can vary. It might also help to add for some activities that the player would get money in addition to the experience.

I'd like to emphasize more creative or fun aspects with evolution to make it more meaningful.
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HKim Wrote:Why not create a new kind of leveling system?

Pokemon need a certain number of battles to evolve, so why don't we convert that to experience? By doing certain things, your Pokemon gains experience needed to evolve. We can make it so that Pokemon can gain experience through some fun things.

Let's just go with the standard 7 experience required (obviously this number can change):

- 1 XP for Naming your Pokemon (One Time Only)
- 1 XP for doing a 1v1 (No Money Awarded)
- 2 XP for doing a 2v2 or 3v3 or FFA
- 3 XP for doing a 4v4 or higher
- 2 XP for doing a Contest
- 2 XP for encountering a Pokemon the Park
- 6 XP for a National Park Battle
- 4 XP for drawing your Pokemon
- 4 XP for using your Pokemon in a story (must be considered a major character)
- 7 XP for using a Rare Candy (must purchase)

I'm okay with all of this, except I think 1v1s should still be limited to a certain number, even if they don't pay. There are two reasons for this, one is to encourage people who want the quick route to use Rare Candies and the other is to reduce potential strain on unpaid refs who would probably rather do other things besides constantly reffing for no pay (and if the ref still gets paid, I foresee that being abused or hard to balance with the other changes that will come from this). I think Rare Candies being enough to auto-evolve is a good idea and allows them to be cheaper. They really don't need to be expensive at all.

Adding payments for the art and stories (if not used to catch another Pokémon) may be worthwhile. The others already have their own benefits.
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