The Problems with AIM
For the needs of the URPG, using an Instant Messenger is only to make battles faster. Anything you can do in the URPG you should also be able to do on the forum. A forum is the same thing, just not as instantaneous. If you ever entered the Daily Chit Chat on PE2K, you'd think that was a chat room all on it's own. You already have 100% of the members on the forum without needed to do anything else. [well, 33% for each forum, I guess]

You can't force people to use one client over another. People will chose which one they like the best or which one works for them. For example, there are three forums. As much as you want more people posting here, there are those that don't want to and chose to post elsewhere. Activity is activity no matter where it is and all activity is good. Same with online messaging systems. You can't consolidate where people chose to be active [well, you can but you'd have to close down 2 of 3 forums and stop expanding.]

Let's look at the history.

URPG started out on Yahoo back in early 2000's. The only IM's around at that time were YIM, AIM, and IRC. Since we were based on Yahoo, everyone already had an account, thus everyone could use YIM. Easy. Moving in 2003 to a Forum structure, we found that most of the Internet already had AIM accounts. So, we created accounts to Ref over there but that never meant YIM died. Sometime later, MSN came to popularity and some Trainers were using that. I remember at one point having three different chat rooms open from each of the three IM's, each with different Trainers chatting. Never once did I recommend one service over the other, but rather encouraged active battling anywhere it wanted to be. As long as there were two people and a Ref, I was cool with it. If someone wanted to battle on MSN, go for it. If someone wanted to battle over Xbox Live [that did happen], let it be! Yes, AIM did have the most activity of the three but I never advertised it to be the primary IM that everyone had to have in order to battle.

Expanding to BMG gave the opportunity to use IRC as a new client with new Trainers but it was chosen to be ignored. 'Too complicated.' 'Can't roll dice.' I've also seen Trainers say to new Trainers that if they didn't have AIM they couldn't really participate in the URPG. Sigh. All those potential players.

Time has since passed. I'm surprised YIM still exists today, MSN was decommissioned when they bought Skype, Skype is a bit more personal than people want to deal with, AIM puts restrictions on who can create accounts. The Internet has also come a long way since then. Instant Messengers and Forums are on the out: the new trend is social media with Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, etc. Look at how gaming is competing in the media with Youtube, Twitch, and others. These are the trends and chats you are competing with today.

So, let's get back to my earlier question:
Jack of Clovers Wrote:What's wrong with more than one client being used?
You need to support all clients: let people battle where they want to battle, provided there is a ref. You can't force people to go where they don't want to go, you'll just end up pissing them off or losing their participation.

I've always been in support of the forum based game and those unable to join via IM. That's why I said the focus should remain here first. Remember, you already have an overall 100% across the forums, it's just a matter of including them as well.

Monbrey on BMG Wrote:Best option for a chat system is Discord imo.
Been watching this chat since it was in Beta. Discord is an up and coming browser based chat. You really should look into this as a possible client to use. Willing to help test if needed.

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