Anniversary Gift Program
Not sure how many years but I did start in May, so claiming my 10k~
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You know you want to ;>
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I mean... you get a cool banner after all! What's better then that? :)
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I joined May 2020, claiming 10k!
claiming my 10k?
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[Image: grC1OXh]
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Img Made by Morru/Mako
Start date April 16, 2010

Claiming $10,000 for 12 years of fun!
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April 17, 2010! I'll take $10,000 for 12 years as well
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Feel free to ask me any questions you have about URPG.
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Returned in April 2020 after a 12-year hiatus, and now claiming my $10,000 second-year anniversary gift!
Claiming $10k for 12 years
Thank you for sharing this information with us.

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