Anniversary Gift Program
Claiming 10k for being in this game for 5 years
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Claiming 10k for anniversary moneys, before I forget
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Wow, it's that time of year already. I even missed the actual day (April 17) this year, but it's still April so I'll take some money.
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Cant stop wont stop!
Just gonna poke in here and claim my 10k for this month. I think this is is year 4 now lol
I lost count
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You know you want to ;>
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I mean... you get a cool banner after all! What's better then that? :)
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Thank god you posted Sou, I almost forgot I joined in May of 2015 shortly before you LMFAO

Claiming that 10k!
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I am Gray Nine.

@Gold give me TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS :thothorse:
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10k please.

Kthxbai. <3
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$10,000 whole dollars ty
I usually try to wait til January 28th but I'll definitely forget with how hectic this month looks to be

Abras are so cute!
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