Anniversary Gift Program
I joined on the 11th day of the month of February in the year 2013.
Claiming top dollar!
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This is my 3rd year being in URPG now, so I'll be claiming my $10,000. Thanks for the time guys!
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Joined April 17, 2010. Claiming my $10,000 for year 7.
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Feel free to ask me any questions you have about URPG.
"When you can have anything you want by uttering a few words, the goal matters not, only the journey to it." -Rhunön the Elf (Eldest: Inheritance Book 2)
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Joined May 13th, 2015... My god, how time flies. Claiming that 10k!
five years of pwn urpg today ^^

apparently JV joined in may of 2007! YIKES! wrote a few stories, got rick rolled and made friends before dipping like a year or so later!

URPG you are a great place I love you lots <3

claiming that 10k!
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I may not really URPG anymore but I ain't no fool to miss on a free 10K just for being alive!!!
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My first year here! Thank you all so much for the experiences here, I've met some really cool people and have been able to improve my writing in ways I didn't imagine.

claiming 10,000

(I did not make my Stats until July.)
"Take Care of Yourself"

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I guess it's a good thing Mikey dragged me back to URPG because now I can claim 10k for being here 5 years.
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Joined one day and ten years ago tbh.
Gimme my money.
I've been here for 4 years now. What a ride. Claiming my 10k.
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