Donation Pool
Getting rid of 125 of the 875 $ and CC from this contest

875$ - 125 = 750$

875CC - 125 = 750CC
Need do donate two sets of money:

3,250-250=3k remaining

13,750CC-250CC=13.5k CC remaining
We are making a couple changes to how the Donation Pool works. Because there is not much in the way of donations from month to month, instead we are having the raffles quarterly. This means that 4 raffles will happen throughout the year


Also, because both we are changing the raffles to quarterly and because of the surge in contests, we will now be rounding the CC raffle up to the next $500.
Now that that is done with, now for this past quarter's winners!
[MENTION=7168]Johnbdm[/MENTION]; won $3,500 of normal money!
[MENTION=7230]juliorain[/MENTION]; won $4,000 of Contest Credits!

Note that Mikey's post above this one are outside the quarter, so the pot starts with $250 and CC250 from Mikey.
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Finally getting rid of this odd number from my money

$85,050- $50 = $85,000
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You know you want to ;>
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I mean... you get a cool banner after all! What's better then that? :)
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$10,250 - 250 = $10,000
CC 2,250 - 250 = 2,000

Contest ties payments reeee
Donating 166 CC

9,166 - 166 = 9,000
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Donating CC.

101750 CC - 750 CC = 101000 CC

EDIT: Also donating cash.

$152750 - $750 = $152000
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9,130 - 130 = 9,000
"Take Care of Yourself"

Quarter 3 raffles are won by
[MENTION=7278]SinnohEevee[/MENTION]; gets $6,500
[MENTION=6995]Surfer Liam[/MENTION]; gets $6,000 CC

Note that Ralin's above post was in Quarter 4, so it starts with $130.
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Donating the entirety of this contest here because 3 way tie

into donation pool: 1.5k + 1.5kCC


Donating This contest too

+250 +500CC into donation pool

Total: 1.75k + 2kCC

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