URPG's 3rd Unwanted Stuff Garage Sale!
[SIZE="5"]URPG's 3rd Unwanted Stuff Garage Sale![/SIZE]
[SIZE="4"]Sponsored by the i bank of URPG[/SIZE]

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Hello people and welcome to the second Unwanted Stuff Garage Sale!

Like the first one that was held back in late 2009, here's your chance again, for you to clean up that stat page of yours and get yourself some reward while you're at it. Got any unwanted TMs? How about useless stones or random items that you got from the Underground that you could never get rid off? Now, during the time period of this event, not only can you get rid of them, you will get a tiny amount of refund as well!

Anyway, here are the simple rules to sell your items to us. Do take a quick glance so that you will know how it works.
  • You can sell as many items as you want (unused TMs, evolution stones, berries, Park items, etc).
  • You can also sell (get rid) of Pokemon that you don't want. Do note that this process is non-reversible however, so think properly before doing that.
  • You cannot sell away your starter Pokemon.
  • I will be keeping a list of the items sold in the second post for record purpose.
  • Prices are fixed, so no nagging.
  • Try to sell away everything within one post. I will approve your transaction after that. If you're going to sell another item after that however, make a new post. Do not edit your previous.
  • You are not supposed to take the stuff out of your stats or add the money until the transaction is approved.
  • Have fun cleaning up your inventory and party of Pokemon!

Unlike before however, the refund price is slightly raised. Each item refund is worth $250 now. Each Pokemon can be sold for $2,000 each. We don't pay extra for any TM/HMs that were taught to them. For the following specific items however, they still refund $100 instead.
  • Fragrance (Removes 100 characters)
  • Scent Sprays
  • Cheri Berry
  • Chesto Berry
  • Pecha Berry
  • Rawst Berry
  • Aspear Berry

Also, in case anyone misunderstands: You sell your items to the 'URPG Bank', not to each other.

Event runs till January 25th. Have fun clearing out your garage!
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Selling one TM Hail for $250.

$13960 + $250 = $14210.
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Felly Wrote:Selling one TM Hail for $250.

$13960 + $250 = $14210.

Approved. Love those random odd numbers.
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