The Death Tournament(unfinished)
The Death Tournament
Sneasel jumped forward, claws unsheathed. Her claws glowed a brilliant white. Crossing them, Sneasel began to come down from the air, and uncrossed her arms, slashing the opponent. The opponent fell down, eyes in x's. The opponent had faded.

"Bzzzz....Bzzzzz....Bzzzz," my alarmclock buzzed. I slowly arose in bed, not wannting to wake up. I wanted to stay in that dream forever, where pokemon would faint, not die. So much had change since I had first gotten Sneasel. We used to battle every chance we got, but now, now was different.

Red, the current pokemon master, had gotten bored of regular battling. He wanted to see blood, he wanted to see violence, he wanted death. Red made all the proffessors of each region get together to make a chemical, a chemical that enhance pokemon's battles. The battles were no longer your childish tackles. Pokemon were being mutilated, killed just for the sport.

I wouldn't have gotten Sneasel if I had known the world was coming to this. Nobody wanted this, nobody wanted innocent pokemon dying. The problem was, Red was too powerful. He scared everybody, scared them into fighting. If you didn't want to fight another trainer, you had to face Red, where you had no hope of winning.

I eventually rose out of bed after thinking about the battling for awhile. Walking over to my dresser, I reluctently pulled out my trainer outfit. The recquired clothes of every trainer. It consisted of a red "Kanto" hat, a blue jacket with a red t-shirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers. I hated it. I hated everything about this league.

Grabbing a pokeball off of my nightstand, I released the pokemon inside. A red beam shot out, slowly taking shape on my floor. The beam formed and molded into a small almost human looking pokemon. The pokemon turned a black color. Sneasel slowly formed, standing on the floor. She looked up at me with wide, innocent eyes.

"Ready for another day in this dreaded world?" I asked her. Sneasel frowned and walked up to me. I bent down and looked her in the eyes. "Listen girl, I know things might seem bad, but I promise you, nothing, and I repeat, nothing, will happen to you," I promised her. I wondered if I could keep that promise or not.

I stood back up and opened my door. Walking downstairs, I turned on my computer to see what was new in the league, see if there was any update on the violence. As the oage loaded, I looked at the first headliner I saw.

New Tournament Announced

Hello Trainers, if you are reading this, it means you must be interested in joining the first ever annual tournament of legends. The rules to this tournament are simple. Each trainer may bring one pokemon. One pokemon only. The tournament will be single elimination. The winner of this tournament though, will get to challenge the best pokemon trainer in the world, Red. Good luck!

I clicked on the link saying sign ups. This could be my chance. A chance to battle Red, a chance to prove to the world that Red wasn't as powerful as he was made out to be.A chance to show there was no reason to be afraid of this man.

The link sent me to a page where I had to input my trainer I.D and pokemon I was using. I looked down at Sneasel. "You up for this girl?" I asked. Sneasel nodded, slightly grinning. She knew that this would be our chance, just as I knew.

I input my info, and spun around in my chair. Standing up, I stretched. These next few weeks were going to be brutal. It was beat Red and prove to the world that this was wrong, or die trying. Grabbing Sneasel's pokeball, I walked out the door, walking towards the blazing sun....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Two weeks later, at the tournament~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I looked around. Pokemon of all shapes and scizes were around me with their trainers. I saw a giant purple dinosaur in one corner, a white dog in another. I knew the opposition was going to be tough.

I grabbed a red and white sphere off of the spot on my belt. Lobbing it into the air, I called out a simple command. "Come and see your new opponents girl."
Sneasel appeared in front of me and instantly started looking around at the other pokemon. I nodded to her. "These are the people we will be fighting girl," I said as a gental breeze blew through the air.

We walked inside the giant dome looking building. As the doors slid shut behind us, I took a look around the room. This room seemed very cheerful compared to other places I had seen. I walked to the front desk. The attendant was a lady with long blonde hari, a blue jacket and a matching blue cap.

"Damian Hikotoshi, Sneasel, I.D 20017," I said. The attendent input some info onto her computer and looked back at me.
"Your in the first match. It will begin in fifteen minutes in Arena B, good luck, your gonna need it," she said to me, looking down at Sneasel. I frowned, not liking people judging Sneasel. We walked away, and I began to speak.

"Sneasel, don't pay attention to what other people say, we can win this tournament. I believe in you Sneasel. I know you have the heart of a winner. We cnan do this, theres the arena," I said, motioning to a door marked with a giant A.

I walked throught the door, and a bright light blinded me. Blocking the light with my hand, I barely heard an announcer over the sound of the crowd cheering. "And walking into the arena, we have Damian Hikotoshi, with his partner, Sneasel!" the announcer said. The crowd went crazy. Looking around, I realized the crowd was no longer staring at me, but at another kid entering from another door. I just caught the end of the announcers intro. "Monbrey!" he yelled.

I walked through the narrow pathway between the stands. A giant arena came into view. Walking to the nearest trainer spot, I nodded to Sneasel. "You can do this girl, go on out," I said. Sneasel gave me a half-hearted smile and walked out to the middle of the arena.

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