The Newbie Writing Contest 2012
The Newbie Writing Contest 2012

Hello and welcome one and all to the newest branch of the Ultra Role Playing Game, or URPG as most of us call it. If you’re reading this, this means you have stumbled upon the Story section. For a very long time, the Story section was the staple of obtaining Pok?mon you could not buy at the market, and though we now share this task with the Park, the Story section is thriving and kicking. If you choose to write for the Story section, you will receive not only Pok?mon but invaluable critique from our Graders.

As part of the grand opening, we have a brand new spanking contest just for you guys! Now is your chance to show the URPG what you can do!

What is the Newbie Writing Contest?

The Newbie Writing Contest, or NWC as I will continue to call it, is a writing contest catered specifically for the new writers here in the URPG. During the year, the Story section hosts two writing contests, one during the summer and another during the winter. Since everybody is allowed to enter these writing contests, new writers are pitted competing against veteran, experienced writers, and we feel this is unfair. That is why occasionally, we host a NWC where new writers can compete on a leveled playing field. Not only will you have the chance in obtaining a Pok?mon but you will have the chance to earn bigger prizes.

Is there a history behind the NWC?

Why yes, there is! The original NWC was hosted by FireFlyK on PokemonElite2000, the URPG’s home forum. Though it had a rocky start, the very first winner was chosen. After that, the NWC was hosted again with a twist on its rules and then again on Bulbagarden, with its original rules, when the URPG opened there.

And now, here we are again.

So who can enter this contest?

Seeing as this event is part of the grand opening, only members that have joined on May 4th, 2012 or later are eligible to enter. If you do not fit this criteria, keep your eyes peeled for other writing contests in the near future!

Anybody is free to vote, though!

How does this work?

All entrants will write for Simple Pok?mon of their choice. It can be as long or short as you want with any genre and rating that adheres to the forum’s rules. If you include more than one Pok?mon or write for a Pok?mon of a different rank, your entry will be disqualified and you will not be eligible for any prizes at the end. Please keep this in mind! We want to keep this competition as fair as possible.

Once you completed your entry, post it as normal in the Story section with [NWC] as part of the title. (This is to keep track of all the entries and to make sure they are all accounted for when voting time arrives.) You must also post the link of your entry in this thread so it can be added to the list of entries.

Which Pok?mon are in the Simple Rank and which aren’t?

Take a look at the “All the Pok?mon We Don’t Hate” stickied thread. There, you will find Pok?mon organized by alphabetical order and rank.

I want to write a story with someone else. Can I?

Sorry, but you must work alone. Feel free to collaborate with someone on a story that isn’t for this contest!

How long do we have?

You will have from May 4th to May 13th. Have your stories completed and posted by that time in order to be eligible for voting.

Do we have to have our story graded by the deadline? If we don’t capture our Pok?mon, are we disqualified?

No, you do not have to have it graded by that time, merely completed and posted.

If you do not capture your Pok?mon, you are still eligible for prizes in the NWC. However, if your story fails, this means your story can be improved on. If you revise your story according to the Grader’s critique and capture your Pok?mon, then that will give you a better standing in the contest against the rest of the entrants.

You mentioned prizes. What prizes are there?

Glad you asked!

1st prize: A Medium Pok?mon of your choice and $5,000.
2nd prize: A Simple Pok?mon of your choice and $5,000.
3rd: An Easiest Pok?mon of $5,000.
Consolation for the rest of the entrants in the final round: An Easiest Pok?mon

If you captured your Simple Pok?mon in your story, it’s all yours, whether you win or not.

Wait, what about voting? How does that work?

Anybody is able to vote. Voting will take place once all entries have been listed, and votes will be sent through PM to the designated person. Voting will be split into rounds, the number of stories in each round dependant on the amount of entries we receive. Each round will last a week.

When voting, choose your top three entries and list them from 1st to 3rd with a story summary for each choice. Summaries can be a handful of sentences long.

Please use this format when voting. Inability to use this format will result in the votes not being counted.

TITLE OF PM: Votes for NWC Round ____ (insert number of round)

1st PLACE: ______ (insert title of story and its author)


2nd PLACE: _____ (insert title of story and its author)


3rd PLACE: ______ (insert title of story and its author)


Every 1st place vote will receive (3) points.
Every 2nd place vote will receive (2) points.
Every 3rd place vote will receive (1) point.

At the end of each round, each story’s votes will be tallied up. The winner of the round will move up to the final round.

If we’re competing in the NWC, can we vote?

Why certainly! Follow the same format as above. If your story is in the round, do not include your story in the top three choices. If you do, your votes will not be counted. To balance the number of votes, you will receive (+3) points to your story if your story is in the round you have voted in.

What do we get for voting?

The satisfaction of keeping a contest running?

I jest. Each voter will receive money for their effort. The amount of money depends on the length of the stories in that round. If the overall length of the stories was long, more money will be given. If the overall length of the stories was on the short side, less money will be given.

It’s the final round. Can I reuse a story summary if I had already picked that story in a previous round?

Yes, you may reuse summaries.

I’m a Grader. Can I grade the entries for the NWC, or do I need some kind of special permission?

Any Grader can grade these entries. Do take note, however, that these entries are written by new writers, so they may need some extra help. Please take your team with each grade and offer constructive critique that they can use to revise their story or write more stories in the future. This does not give you an excuse to go overboard with your grade and offer critique that is much too critical and analytical for a Simple story.

Also, these entries do not earn you more money during Grader Wages.

I have a question that isn’t answered here.

Post any additional questions you may have in this thread, and I’ll get back to you.

Now, my writers, keep cracking and, most importantly, have fun!

- Kat

None! Be the first!

- Kat
So... question, does this mean we write a story for a pokemon, and have it compared to other people who have joined around the time we did and written stories? sounds interesting
Occupy Castelia City Wrote:So... question, does this mean we write a story for a pokemon, and have it compared to other people who have joined around the time we did and written stories? sounds interesting

Yep. And you've got the chance to win prizes :D
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