Report a Gym
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Post here when you have a problem when...

  • You challenge a gym leader and he/she declines your challenge and the gym leader won't discuss a date and time to battle.
  • The gym leader won't schedule a reasonable or prompt time.
  • You PM/VM a gym leader about setting up a date and time to battle and they do not respond or attempt to set up one.
  • You are experiencing any other problems about getting to challenge a gym leader.
  • You are a gym leader and want to fill in additional details and/or defend yourself.
  • You are a gym leader and won't be available for some time. However, someone still has the right to report you during that time if they want to battle your gym.

Include as many details as possible, such as:
  • what date and time you challenged
  • what reason the gym leader gave you for declining
  • how long you have been trying to get a battle
  • how long it took for the leader to respond
  • the last time you battled that leader
  • whether you attempted contacting the leader through PM or VM if you can't find them on AIM
  • whether you already have the gym leader's badge or not

Edit your post if you do eventually get to battle, saying you did, but don't remove anything.

Please keep this thread serious. Also, keep the reporting and defending free of hostility. Try just stating the facts and avoid unnecessary words. Gym leaders: Remember, just because someone reports you doesn't mean they don't like you.

The LO of a gym leader will be responsible for managing evasive gym leaders. Decisions are based on their judgments. Most likely a few reports in a long time span won't matter to them. However, many reports in a short time span will.

This thread also applies to elite positions.
Give me back my Petalburg Gym. The current owner, Crossroads, has been absent for several months.
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