Meet The Staff
Hi there! Hey, I don't remember seeing you around here before. Are you new? Really? Awesome! In that case, I hope you're enjoying the URPG and all the fun activities and the great community that we offer here. As you work on making new friends, collecting Pokemon, and moving along on your journey to become the best of the best, don't you think it'd be nice to have a helping hand?

Well, maybe you could...


That's right! This Monday at 7 PM Central time on AIM, you'll have an opportunity to meet the URPG Staff. Have any questions or concerns? Want to provide us with feedback? Want to meet new, exotic people? You've come to the right place! Here's a lineup of the faces you can expect to see:



Leader of the URPG, Harry is one of the kindest and most patient people you could ever hope to meet! He is also occasionally hilarious. Harry's been in URPG since many of us were in diapers.



AmericanTreeFrog (also known as ATF) is the head of our Contest division! He's your go-to person for everything contest (or sci-fi) related.


Bumblebee is one of the elite rangers over at the National Park! He's also a ref, funny, and charming (probably).


Chainy is another one of our fabulous elite rangers! He's kind, loving, and when the moment arises, snarky.

Dog of Hellsing

Our current National Park head, Dog of Hellsing (or Jess as we like to call her) is also an accomplished writer! She's URPG's own Stephen King (if Stephen King had a love of My Little Pony).

Fossil Fusion

Fossil Fusion (whom we call Chris) is an accomplished ref and grader! He's our resident Englishmen, so you can talk to him if you're in need of a crumpet (or a Staff member in the UK time zone).


Monbrey is a senior ref who enjoys pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and fire. Looots of fire. He can help you out with any battle-related (or computer) problems.

Phantom Kat

Kat is one of our lovely Story heads and is also Second in Command of the URPG! She can answer all of your Story related questions and is well known for her writing expertise.

Scourge of Nemo

Scourge is our other Story head as well as the URPG's first official cardinal (and executioner). Check her out for writing advice, marriage licenses, and medieval weaponry.

We Taste Pies...

We Taste Pies... (or WTP for short) is our head ref, in charge of the Battle section. He knows the URPG's battle mechanics forwards and backwards and is also one of the oldest active URPGers (trust us, he knows his stuff).



Alaska is a Councilor (fun term for Senior Grader) who can answer any of your Story related questions. She's also the URPG's crazy cat lady and has been known to meow on occasion.


Ataro has held many URPG positions and has an intimate knowledge of the game. He's still one of URPG's oldest and is very knowledgeable in many topics, so he can help you out as well.


EmBreon (or Emma) is also a Councilor, as well as URPG's story grandma. She can help you with Story stuff or just read you a bedtime story.

Fierce Deity

Fierce Deity (or FD) has been in the URPG for many years and is an accomplished ref and gym leader. He knows all of what there is to know about battling (and rap).

Jack of Clovers

Jack was once head of URPG and in the past has held many URPG positions. He's another one of our oldest members and also has a touch of the luck of the Irish (if you catch him you get a pot of gold).


Roulette is a ref and grader and is the URPG's Confederate representative (not really). He's always quick with a joke and likes training new members.


SiberianTiger (or ST) is a Senior ref who, like a real tiger, may or may not decide to eat you (probably not). He's been around for years and can help with many aspects of the URPG.

The Jr. Trainer

Jr. is another older member of the URPG and is familiar with many of our sections. He's currently one of our most experienced refs and battlers.


Winter is an elite ranger in the Park in addition to being a ref and grader. She's skilled at writing and is very helpful.

So if you'd like to meet any of these awesome people (or just need some help getting started), you should come to Meet The Staff!
The event was amazing and I can't believe you all missed it.
I would like that post if I could too.
But who would wanna meet you guys though?! Ewwww!!!!!!!!

Jks I love you guys. But not you Bee. Not you.
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