Hidden Power Rolling Log
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Rules for Rolling Hidden Power
  • Only a Moderator/Official can roll for Hidden Power.
  • A third party must be present for the roll.
  • Before the roll is conducted, the trainer should inform the roller what Pokemon the TM is for.
  • The results of all rolls should be posted here. Include the name of the trainer, the name(s) of the third party, the Pokemon with the TM, and the result of the roll.
  • When a Hidden Power is rolled for a Pokemon, a trainer must link to the roll in their stats with his/her Pokemon.

Here is a convenient numbered list of types a roller may choose to use.

1 Bug
2 Dark
3 Dragon
4 Electric
5 Fighting
6 Fire
7 Flying
8 Ghost
9 Grass
10 Ground
11 Ice
12 Poison
13 Psychic
14 Rock
15 Steel
16 Water

Note: Hidden Power Normal and Fairy do not exist.
Neonsands got HP Water on his Porygon2. Zolar, Turt, and Commba witnessed.
Ash K. got HP Rock on his Jumpluff. Zolar and Monbrey watched.
Mubz got HP Steel on his Alakazam. Buoysel, Web, and others watched.
ATF got Hidden Power Dark on his Kingdra.

Web watched.
[17:59] mewalcadiesmew: Who shall bear witness to the crimes (HP Rolling) of ZendikarMasta's Blaziken?
[17:59] [URPG Chat]: (gceltham2008@hotmail.co.uk) I will
[17:59] [URPG Chat]: (webdragoon1337) .
[17:59] mewalcadiesmew: crimes committed against*
[17:59] mewalcadiesmew: //roll-dice1-sides16
[17:59] [URPG Chat]: mewalcadiesmew rolled 1 16-sided die: 11
[18:00] [URPG Chat]: (webdragoon1337) ice iirc
[18:00] mewalcadiesmew: Ice
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Crossover - Clefable/Dragon

Nitro/Felly/Crossover/Fawkes/Zolar saw
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Joltik got Hidden Power Steel on Volcarona. Jess watched.

EDIT: Jess also got Hidden Power Bug on her Mothim. Zolar watched.
[SIZE="2"][COLOR="Navy"]Jessica Graham 5:58 pm
I guess I could roll HP
Who wants to witness?

"is a doctor" Fawkes. 5:58 pm

Jessica Graham 5:58 pm
Okies :3

"king of the internet" Magnesium 5:58 pm
._. they just tore that woman in half

Cats Moonstone 5:58 pm

Jessica Graham 5:58 pm
They sure did
Like I said
They flip their sh** XD

Jessica Graham 5:59 pm
What's HP for again?

"Felly" Felly Felly 5:59 pm

Jessica Graham 5:59 pm

"king of the internet" Magnesium 5:59 pm
i find the guy
measuring them
highly entertaining

Jessica Graham 5:59 pm
going by the HP Rolling thread
lol MG
I love how he just whoosh whips out the measuring tape
And how he rides the bike XD

"king of the internet" Magnesium 6:00 pm

Jessica Graham 6:00 pm

[URPG Chat] 6:00 pm
ttartrainer rolled 1 16-sided die: 3

Jessica Graham 6:00 pm
HP Dragon

"Challenge Fortree" Ash K. 6:00 pm

"Felly" Felly Felly 6:00 pm
Oh, well, that's cool.

It's cool to post long excerpts from chat for HP! But yeah, Felly got HP Dragon on dat Noctowl, Fawkes and others witnessed.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
For Felly:

Glaceon - Bug
Chandelure - Rock
Rotom-Mow - Poison
Butterfree - Ghost

Ash K., CommBA, Jess, Felly, Blue Towel, Monbrey, and presumably more were witnessing.
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