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Here you can find the URPG's Elite 4, Gym Leaders, and more. If you're interested in applying for an open gym, you may do so in the Apply For or Update a Gym (BMG | PWN | PXR) thread.

Gym Leaders in the URPG award a badge, TM, and extra money for defeating them. They are only allowed to use Pokemon in their lineup, found in this thread, although they may choose to edit their lineup, with the approval of his/her League Organizer. Gym Leaders are able to set the rules of their gym battles, as long as the rule is a legal rule (BMG | PWN | PXR). However, the battle must be 3 VS 3 minimum. If the battle mode involves sending Pokemon and moves in the chat/thread instead of privately, the leader can decide who sends his/her Pokemon first. Some leaders have specific rules they must use. Those gyms and their rules will be specified.

It is the League Organizer's responsibility to be in charge of their league and making sure their Gym Leaders are active.

A trainer may challenge a Gym Leader for his/her Gym Leader position if the trainer believes he/she can better defend the gym. However, the challenge must be approved by the League Organizer, who will decide the specifics of the challenge.


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Saffron City Gym
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Sinnoh Gym Leader Applications
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Pewter: Figgy200000, Karisuma-Teichou, Incredible Vortex, Lightning Pikachu, Barkley3312, Hypocrisy is Fun, padman, The Crimson Rose, Mitsuzo-kun, Lord Celebi, Haze, Lord Celebi, JokesterJesse, GliscorMan, Dynavolt

Cerulean: Josedecos, Matthew, Dap04, Ierdar, Marth, We Taste Pies..., Leman, Fire Away, Stinky, Jesus of Magikarps, Rohypnol, Elrond 2.0, Team Evolution, husnain, AmericanTreeFrog

Vermilion: entei_the_legend, QuietJoe, Star Jirachi, Hydros, manectrics_shockwave, Ierdar, FrozenChaos, Finglonger, Nyurgh, Blazeiken12, Gaia, Focal, Splishee, Arate, Sota, Keion, Kaioo, Synthesis, Fawkes., MaverickKaiser, Captain Dude

Celadon: Melbrown2k, ~* Esper *~, Tamer San, Focal, mlugia, Seawolf, DaRkUmBrEoN, Brad1313, DarkChild, DaRkUmBrEoN, Synester, Pokemon Trainer Sarah, ragnarok0422, Marshy, Siless

Fuchsia: Pikachu6667, Jack of Clovers, DancingDodo, DancingDodo, Subside, Ataro, Sec, Sec, JokesterJesse, Dynavolt, Black Hawk, Team Evolution

Saffron: Marth, ~* Esper *~, Marth, Iridium, We Taste Pies..., Fossil Fusion, LS

Cinnabar: Magare, Loyal Arcanine, iReign

Viridian: AbXtreme, IT, We Taste Pies..., Lord Celebi, The Elite Ygseto, earthtyperule, TheEvilDookie



Violet: Moltrecuno, Talking Treecko, Vellyvell, Subside, Lan, Nyurgh, RocketMeowth, Dark Charizard, RocketMeowth, Dark Charizard, Chasey, Ierdar, husnain, RocketMeowth, Psychedelic Shroomish, Gold Rush, Mitsuzo-kun, Nitrous Oxide, Alaskapigeon, Chasey, Alaskapigeon, Morru Magnum, Ebail, We Taste Pies..., Gmandiddy

Azalea: DarkGardevoir, DancingDodo, DarkMasterX, DarkMasterX, Hariken4, gun6

Goldenrod: Meowth, koolcurtis, Karisuma-Teichou, Tobiume, husnain, Every Villain Is Lemon, JohtoTrainer, Dark Charizard, RocketMeowth, Ataro, Lord Fedora, Shinies, Brizer, We Taste Pies...

Ecruteak: Shroomish, ~* Esper *~, LaprasRider, Nefarious, Karisuma-Teichou, We Taste Pies..., Ridley, Lan, Mitsuzo-kun, Ridley, Mitsuzo-kun, NightBreaker, Brizer, Lord Fedora, Dog of Hellsing, Lord Fedora, Dog of Hellsing

Cianwood: Emperor of Rome, FrozenChaos, Raven, Espeon Rinage, Focal, Thrall, Eraizaa, Elrond 2.0, Crystal Pikachu, The Jr Trainer, Thrall, turbo123212321, Synester, Lord Fedora, Spiderc, Bumblebee, Spiderc, Spiderc

Olivine: Koolcurtis, Ygseto, august13th, Mitsuko Souma, Neo Pikachu, Nyrugh, DarkChild, LS the Door Mat, VolcanFlame, Shen, -PK, Stinky, Neonsands

Mahogany: Karisuma-Teichou, MystiKal, Keeper_of_Light, King Zark, Subside, IT, Fossil Fusion, Nyurgh, Lord Celebi, Razmatazz, Snow Fairy Sugar, AquaMeowth, FireflyK, eb90, Volcanflame, -Pichu Boy-

Blackthorn: Raik, Scorch Ry, Neo Pikachu, player slayer, infested88, Chasey, CloudOfNines, Chasey, Rohypnol, May Norman, Exon Auxus, RET412, Fierce Deity



Rustboro: Crossfire Chaos, Manjoume Jun, Manjoume Jun, Pika57, Lan, Rohypnol, Lan, Dark Charizard, Iridium, -Pichu Boy-, Marshy, TsukiKaiki64, Y2kPikachu12, JokesterJesse, Ayotui.

Dewford: JoshE, MystiKal, assailant, Exon Auxus, Exon Auxus, Ansem, We Taste Pies..., Diesel 34, Legendary Wolf, Dark Charizard, The Crimson Rose, RawrIsMyMiddleName, RawrIsMyMiddleName, Sota, IceRocket, Junior, We Taste Pies..., HelloImKers, DrStubbsberg

Mauville: Half a Dollar, Half a Dollar, ball, Finglonger, Seawolf, Cris, Hydralisk, CloudOfNines, Hydralisk, Xalapeno, Exon Auxus, Elrond 2.0, Arate, Splishee, Metallic Houndoom, Trainer Touya, Buzzer, White Knight

Lavaridge: Bronislav, LS the Door Mat, akdude, LS the Door Mat, Elrond 2.0, Zombie Muse, Monbrey, Kai-Mei, LS

Petalburg: JohtoTrainer, MystiKal, Matt, SiberianTiger, LS the Door Mat, SiberianTiger, Diesel 34, Marth, FireFlyK, Bryce, Shinies, Ataro, Feng

Fortree: Talking Treecko, Phoenix004, Chasey, Nyurgh, Lan, boltAge, ball, We Taste Pies..., Ierdar, Ataro, Jesus of Magikarps, Pidge

Mossdeep: Allie, Matthew, Rhauk (Marth alt), husnain, Fossil Fusion, Iridium, DarkGardevoir, ragnarok0422

Sootopolis: Tamer San, RPGBoss, IT, Seawolf, Lord Celebi, husnain, Team Evolution, EmBreon, The Jr Trainer, Rohypnol, EmBreon, Sequentio, Bumblebee



Oreburgh: Team Evolution, Haze, Ayotui., BlueJello, [/url]luke39, shock64, Shinies, Mubz, Haze, Dynavolt, SLC04, Black Reaper

Eterna: Rpgraccoon, Focal, Iridium, Milotic Master 1, Milotic Master1, Black Hawk, Eraizaa, Loyal Arcanine, Neltharion_deathwing, Marshy, Focal, Marshy, JokesterJesse, Eeveedude, Morru Magnum, Roulette, We Taste Pies...

Veilstone: ~Falcon~, HorrorScope, Bryce, Milotic Master1, Psychedelic Shroomish, Dap04, Elrond 2.0, Marshy, luke39, Y2kPikachu12, Near, FlammenWarfare, Hide in Plain Sight, ChainReaction01

Pastoria: Ierdar, AmericanTreeFrog, Stinky, Psychedelic Shroomish, AmericanTreeFrog, Marshy, Wrave, Dodo, Team Evolution, Elrond 2.0, gmandiddy, Roulette

Hearthome: Gold Rush, Poltergeist, Dog of Hellsing, Gold Rush, The Jr Trainer, evanfardreamer, WebMaster, gmandiddy

Canalave: Diesel 34, Ataro, Stinky, iReign, iReign, ragnarok0422, Bumblebee, pman, Nitro, Taither

Snowpoint: Dog of Hellsing, Bryce, Eraizaa-kun, Volcanflame, Eraizaa-kun, derian, derian, Eraizaa-kun, Synthesis, Pman

Sunyshore: Leman, Phantom Kat, Diesel 34, Ataro, Xalapeno, WebMaster



Striaton: Monbrey, The Jr Trainer, Ebail

Nacrene: Ataro, Synthesis, MaverickKaiser, Ataro

Castelia: Nyurgh, FlammenWarfare, Dog of Hellsing, Dynavolt, Piggin

Nimbasa: Synthesis, Synthesis, White Knight, FrozenChaos

Driftveil: WinterVines

Mistralton: SiberianTiger

Icirrus: VolcanFlame, Pman, Synthesis

Opelucid: Ash K.


Orange Islands

Mikan: Marill, akdude, Seawolf, Leman, Team Evolution, SLC

Navel: mlugia, Lan, Fenix, Psychedelic Shroomish, We Taste Pies..., Roulette, Mubz

Trovita: Stripeduck, King Zark, husnain, Team Evolution, The Jr Trainer, The Jr Trainer, Gold Rush, Ataro, LS the Door Mat, We Taste Pies..., Nyurgh, Mubz, Near, Hide in Plain Sight, Alaskapigeon, Nitro, Psychedelic Shroomish

Kumquat: Keegan, HKim, infested88, SiberianTiger, Shinies, Nyurgh, SiberianTiger, FlammenWarfare, Ebail, Mubz

Pummelo: Haze, Pidge, We Taste Pies...



Normal Dojo: Vanity, Feng
Fire Dojo: Katsuya, Monbrey
Water Dojo: Wrave, Kai-Mei
Electric Dojo: Apollo?s Caterpie, Synthesis, Buzzer
Grass Dojo: Nonpain, Wrave, gmandiddy
Ice Dojo: derian, Roulette
Fighting Dojo: [url="]Hide in Plain Sight, ChainReaction01, Hide in Plain Sight
Poison Dojo: Ryoku, Acetrainer14
Ground Dojo: [url="]Gary M.F. Oak[/url], Thunder410, Legendary Master
Flying Dojo: [url="]Badal[/url], Ebail
Psychic Dojo: [url="]Magikchicken[/url]
Bug Dojo: [url="]L285[/url], kanga
Rock Dojo: [url="]Wergugy[/url], Banditos
Ghost Dojo: [url="]Dust[/url], Evanfardreamer
Dragon Dojo: [url="]Ash K.[/url]
Steel Dojo: Neonsands

Dojo Master: Magikchicken, Ash K., Synthesis


Elite Four

Elite Four (including reserves, not ordered accurately, everyone listed once only): Nintendofreak, Marth, Kool Curtis, Flareon008, Johto Trainer, Tamer San, Magare, Boltage, Finglonger, Loyal Arcanine, Fenix, Fossil Fusion, ball, husnain, Haze, Leman, Pidge, Ataro, Xalapeno, SiberianTiger, We Taste Pies..., The Jr Trainer, TheEvilDookie, Psychedelic Shroomish, Xalapeno

Champion: Figgy200000, Marth, Loyal Arcanine, Jesus of Magikarps, Haze, Xalapeno, Pidge


Legend Defender

LS the Door Mat, ball, Marth, Rohypnol, LS the Door Mat, Fenix, Fossil Fusion, Mitsuzo-kun, rust, ball, Team Evolution, husnain, august13th, The Jr Trainer, Leman, Loyal Arcanine, husnain, Fenix, Team Evolution, Leman, Loyal Arcanine, EmBreon, Pidge, Haze, Leman, husnain, Loyal Arcanine, Leman, Pidge, Ataro, [url="[/URL], [URL="]May Norman[/url], Silver Skarmory, husnain, SiberianTiger, Silver Skarmory, Psychedelic Shroomish, Haze, Stinky, The Jr Trainer, Loyal Arcanine, Trainer17, Bryce, Haze, Leman, Haze, Psychedelic Shroomish, Loyal Arcanine, Lord Fedora, Haze, Marth, Pokemon Forum - Pokemon Elite 2000 - View Single Post - Legend Defender]Ataro, Psychedelic Shroomish, Bryce, Haze, Psychedelic Shroomish, Leman, Adam, Leman, SiberianTiger, Psychedelic Shroomish, Haze, Adam, Xalapeno, Haze, [url=]Leman, Psychedelic Shroomish, Stinky, Ataro, Xalapeno, Haze, iReign, Stinky, Ataro, Psychedelic Shroomish, Xalapeno, Stinky, Pidge, SiberianTiger, Ataro, Shinies, Xalapeno, iReign, SiberianTiger, Pidge, Shinies, Xalapeno, LS the Door Mat, Shinies, LS the Door Mat, Pidge, derian, Monbrey, Haze, SiberianTiger, Team Evolution, We Taste Pies..., Bumblebee, husnain, Xalapeno, Alaskapigeon, We Taste Pies..., Xalapeno, Psychedelic Shroomish, Roulette, Xalapeno, Bumbleee, MaverickKaiser, Ebail, Synthesis, Mubz, MaverickKaiser, ChainReaction01, WinterVines, Bumblebee, Pidge, Team Evolution, WinterVines, We Taste Pies...


League Organizers

Kanto: Figgy200000, Jack of Clovers, Tamer San, Fossil Fusion, The Jr Trainer, Haze, Ataro, Stinky, Ataro, We Taste Pies...
Johto: Flareon008, Marth, Loyal Arcanine, Jack of Clovers, Embreon, Haze, Ataro, Leman, Pidge, ChainReaction01
Hoenn: Fair/Shroomish, JohtoTrainer, Seawolf, DaRkUmBrEoN, Seawolf, Fenix, Haze, Leman, Stinky, SiberianTiger, Monbrey
Sinnoh: Scott, EmBreon, Jack of Clovers, Haze, Ataro, Leman, Ataro, Bumblebee
Unova: Pidge, We Taste Pies...
Orange Islands: Blackjaguar, Stripeduck, Jack of Clovers, Loyal Arcanine, HKim, Loyal Arcanine, Haze, Ataro, HKim, Ataro, We Taste Pies..., Bumblebee
Dojo: Marth, Ataro, Stinky


Legendary Gym Records

Fossil Fusion's Mossdeep Gym (Psychic): 28/3/0
Loyal Arcanine's Cinnabar Gym (Fire): 84/17/1
Haze's Oreburgh Gym (Rock): 57/23/0
Haze's Pewter Gym (Rock): 20/1/0
Stinky's Olivine Gym (Steel): 34/3/0
Husnain's Cerulean Gym (Water): 16/0/0
Xalapeno's Sunyshore Gym (Electric): 135/36/2
Pidge's Fortree Gym (Flying): 45/0/0

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