URPG Stories Chat & Feedback: What Dreams are Made Of
Claiming a Pansage from my 2017 WaR story.
Felt randomly inspired today. Feel free to use any of these prompts, or any part you find interesting, in your own stories.

Two years ago, Turtonator triggered a doomsday device and brought ruin to the Pokemon world. Two weeks ago, he captured Gardevoir, the last princess of a dying legacy. Now the brothers Sawk and Throh must trek across an apocalyptic wasteland to rescue their friend- and save the kingdom.

In a time when magic is outlawed and Pokemon are being hunted to extinction, fear rules the region. While out foraging for scarce food, you come across a badly injured Pokemon. Are you the sort to report it to the local magistrate, or could you leave it to it's fate? Or, will you risk the safety of your whole village to care for the helpless creature?

You and your partner Pokemon are hired to play recurring characters in a sitcom. How are the two of you feeling about your debut appearance? How does the taping or broadcast of your first episode go?
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