Trainer's Court Rules of Conduct
This is the board to bring up important, serious topics for discussion. If you have suggestions for things like raising wages, administrative suggestions, etc., you can post them here! If your suggestion is something large-scale, like a rework of a section or mechanic of URPG, please submit a Project Proposal Submission instead.

  1. Only reply to current thread cases. Don't revive old threads unless it's absolutely, positively necessary.
  2. If you're not sure if your idea is case worthy, feel free to post it in Discord or General Chat first!
  3. No flaming other people. DO NOT ATTACK OTHER PEOPLE FOR THEIR IDEAS! This is very important.
  4. Stay on topic. Don't make the discussion more complicated than it should. This includes memes--you can make small jokes in your posts, but you shouldn't post just to meme.

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