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I finally decided to start caring about NUKEMs, so like 10 hours later and counting 75 Pokemon's total moves later... here's a list of Pokemon that can be considered NUKEM based on the list. Some of them are probably on there, but tbh, I only looked at the number to see if I tied it or beat it. This is in no particular order. Sorry, not sorry.

Pit the Krookodile (39)
Spiny the Cacturne (35)
Scorpion the Drapion (28)
Bad Hair Day the Tangrowth (29)
Flip Flop the Malamar (18)
Queen Honey the Commander Bee the Vespiquen (14)
Commandante Macarra the Butterfree (16)
Cassandra Laurie the Beautifly (10)
Aaron the Dustox (17)
Mr. Tree the Shiftry (26)
Tyrant the Tyranitar (51)
Pluto the Vileplume (10)
Carvey the Sharpedo (24)
Cleopatra the Liepard (25)
Remus the Mightyena (13)
Pigwidgeon the Noctowl (10)
Mimey the Mr. Mime (25)
Dreis the Hydreigon (42)
Victoire Belle the Victreebel (13)
Sheldon the Bastiodon (11)
Armadillo the Armaldo (13)

rip to the poor soul who has to update this
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With a recent purchase, I have taken a nukem. My Gliscor beats the record of Gliscorman's 30 by 1 em!

Gliscor (31): Akiza the Gliscor

Name is possibly subject to change if the list isn't updated by tomorrow but we'll see.
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Tried delaying this till I got to 30 EMs, but with my break almost over I guess it's now or never. Finally realizing my #URPG #goals. We did it, Scorne!

Houndoom (27): Scorne the Houndoom

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Elrond - Today at 1:43 PM
stop it morru we all know ur fursona is a Houndoom crossed with a thestral

evanfardreamerToday at 6:27 AM
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My Umbreon would like to reclaim his NUKEM crown! >:o
(57) EMs now

Might as well claim it while I'm giving it EMs.

Maractus (14): Azura the Maractus
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My Diggersby too has 12 EMs, so I should get co-NUKEM with Fawkes and Ash
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I've had 29 on Venusaur for forever, and that way beats Airik's. Soz brah.

Winter's Barry

Also tie with Ash's Noivern! Winter's Netovek
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Posting here to note that Johnbdm now owns the nukem Chesnaught, Meteos.
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Glaceon 16
Lucario 44
Mew 87
Numel 11
Pikachu 16
Rayquaza 13
Salamence 33
Spinda 14
Sylveon 20

Aurorus (10, tie): and Ash K.'s Aurorus
Gorebyss (10, tie): and Ash K.'s Gorebyss
Hawlucha (29, tie): and Ash K.'s Hawlucha
Masquerain (11, tie): and Ash K.'s Masquerain
Mawile (23, tie): and Ash K.'s Iron Fist of Fae Destruction
Sableye (37, tie): and Ash K.'s Bloodstone
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I now own the nukem for Silvally.

Silvally (13).
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