Project N.U.K.E.M.
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courtesy of Morru Magnum

What does Project N.U.K.E.M. stand for?

(K)Nowing Unnecessary Kool Extra Moves (-Pichu Boy-)
Nefarious Users Kreate Extreme 'Mons (Stormy)
Needlessly Unleashing Killing Engine Moves (Trilobyte)
Never Underestimate Knowing Extra Moves (Eraizaa-kun)
Needing Unlimited Knowledge Extinguishes Money (Eraizaa-kun)
Noting Ur Kewl Extra Moves (Ash K.)
Needlessly Updating Kewl Excess Moves (Ash K.)
Now U're Killing Everyone Mister (Pidge)
No U Kan't Evade Me (VolcanFlame/ChainReaction01)
Nuking U're Kool Excellent Mons (Ice Kyurem)
Now Under Knew Eliteranger Management (Fawkes.)
Now URPG Kindles Enthusiastic Moms (Fierce Deity)
No one Uses Krappy Extra Moves (Toxophilite)
Never Using Known Extra Moves (Synthesis)
Never-ending Upping Knowledge Even More (WinterVines)
Noobs Unable 100K Extra Moves (Peaceful Giraffe)

It's a fun list of who has the most moves taught on every species of Pokemon in the URPG. Admission into the list is done on a submission basis; however, the minimum number of moves on a Pokemon to be admitted is ten. If a Pokemon of yours has more moves taught than the Pokemon listed, feel free to fill out the following form and post in this thread.

Nickname (not required):
Link to Stats:
Number of Moves Taught (minimum is 10): (HMs count, but HAs do not)

You can also post corrections, update on the ownership of a Pokemon, and submit for other trainers. Also, if you come up with what N.U.K.E.M. can stand for, post it. If it makes sense and doesn't seem too similar to any others, I'll put it along with the others.

If you have a Pokemon on this list, feel free to incorporate one of these icons with that Pokemon in your stats!

[Image: Gu9h5.gif][Image: r0zJ1.gif]

The list of current N.U.K.E.M. Pokemon can be found here.
That NUKEM Dragonite is now in my possession. Its name is just Dragonite tho.
psst dont tell mubz i think he's asleep but my Shedinja nicknamed Whimsicott has 12 EMs too so we're tied again hehehe

Nitro's URPG Stats - Roster

Also my Ferrothorn's nickname is Nidorina
[Image: rmQcoq7.png]
[18:11] [Ranger Alliance]: (webdragoon1337) nitro, you in here?
[18:11] Nitro: hello
[18:12] [Ranger Alliance]: (webdragoon1337) knew there was another cool guy in here
I do believe my Roserade has acquired the amount of 18 EM's, thus making it the new "N.U.K.E.M.", I'll be linking my stats right hither.

Quote:Morru - Today at 12:06 AM
[SIZE="2"]Hiya, my Beheeyem Xen here has 11 EMs and would like to join the NUKEM ranks :3.[/SIZE]

Jumpluff has 11 EMs. Also, my Spinda says Ash's Spinda, not Ash K.'s Spinda (not sure how much it matters, but if searching it's easier to search Ash K. so you don't get results like RapidASH...)

Pokemon: Leafeon
Nickname (not required): HANNER
Link to Stats: yay
Number of Moves Taught (minimum is 10): 10
[Image: tumblr_muxpt3VkOq1s3jxbxo8_400.gif]
Dragalge (10): Ash K.'s Dragalge

Once mart is approved (and I guess once [MENTION=3432]Ataro[/MENTION]; adds Draco Meteor to the Ultra Dex). Is being gifted to Knitty though, so it won't be mine for long. She can pick a cool nickname for it if she wants, but I suck at those.
[MENTION=3239]ChainReaction01[/MENTION]; I want to steal NUKEM Hydreigon from Bee. :3

This is a link to my stats. I count 42 EMs on Dreis the Hydreigon.

Thanks Ash for telling me half a century ago that I have NUKEM Hydreigon by the way. (: (not really half a century ago, but you get the point.)

EDIT: Hannah tells me I have NUKEM Noctowl, Krookodile, & Cacturne too.

Pigwidgeon the Noctowl has 10 EMs, Pit the Krookodile has 32 EMs, and Spiny the Cacturne has 35 EMs. Link to stats is earlier in the post.
[Image: uBRJiWx.png]
Felly's mons are updated.
[Image: crow_zps4f6cbb4c.jpg]

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