Starter Requests
Zephyr Wrote:Litwick please.

Sure! Take this Litwick and $3,000. Just don't ask how we got the money :icon_wink:
im new and here to request a starter poke mon
i would like rilou
cher Wrote:i would like rilou

Riolu is a great choice. Take 3k to go along with that, and don't forget to make your stats and have fun ^^
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how do i do that
cher Wrote:how do i do that

Just make a thread here. You can look at other peoples' stats to get a good idea of what needs to go there. If you have any questions you can just VM me or another official :)
how do i get the stuff
cher Wrote:how do i get the stuff

The URPG is an honour-based text roleplaying game, so it's up to you to keep track of your Pokemon, items, etc. The first step is to make a thread in the area Roulette linked above. That thread becomes known as your "stats", and in it you keep how much money you have, what Pokemon you have, what moves they know, etc.
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Welps, goodbye old pokes.

A fresh start and a Liwick please :)
Kantomasta Wrote:Welps, goodbye old pokes.

A fresh start and a Liwick please :)

Here you go man!! And $3000 for you.

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