The Underground
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The Underground
An unfortunate dynamite accident caused a whole new set of caverns to be opened up that contained many rare treasures! After polishing and making sure the tunnel system would be safe, the Underground Caverns were opened to the public! Simply pay the entrance fee, grab your exploration kit, and find treasure worth telling a tale!

Explorer’s Kit - $2,500
You’ll be renting a pick, a shovel, and a backpack to dig, all of which will need to be returned when you are finished with your exploration! Post your transaction for $2,500 in this thread to dig!

Because the new Underground Caverns are very narrow and full of freshly uncovered riches, we can’t allow everyone to enter all the time, for we must keep the economy balanced! You are allowed to visit the Underground two times per month. Once you uncover your treasure, you will return the Exploration Kit and keep what you found!

Claudia, the Item Collector! - Claudia had just earned her archaeology degree in college, prepared to help all to the diggers around the Underground discover the value of their treasures! If you manage to find one of the various valuable treasures around, she’ll gladly accept it off your hands and give you cash value for it!

Katie, Professor of Bones! - A veteran from the failed Jurassic Pokepark experiment, Katie researches any and all bones or fossils that may be found within the Underground. If a fossil you find can be revived into a Pokemon, she will offer you that service, but you have pay $5,000! Once revived, that Pokemon can immediately be claimed and added to your stats. Remember; life… has a way.

Mikey, the Stunfisk Man! - Some crazy dude claims to be the King of Stunfisks, he’s eating too many berries, I tell ya. This crazy man demands Heart Scales from those who find them, for he must make sure all of his Stunfisk are prepared for the day of revolution! For one Heart Scale, he will teach one of your Pokemon a Breeding Move, Move Tutor, or Special Move, free of charge. You can redeem this on the PokéMart thread!

If you find anything else, you may simply keep it. Just remember to return the Explorer’s Kit, security is tight on this place. The Foreman and his Digging Crew will be around the site if you need help with something. Happy digging!

To dig, simply post and fill out the transaction form below!

[ Your current URPG cash ] - $2,500 = [ Your total cash after subtracting the price of the Explorer's Kit ]

For all Staff and Approvers:
Rolling the Underground is simple! Roll 1 die, 100 sides. The first die is rolled to determine the category. Within that category, a second die is rolled to determine what you dug up. Multiple dice may be required, be prepared to roll as many as required!

The Rolls

A spare Exploration Kit: (1-5)
Oh no! It seems you stumbled upon a lost Exploration Kit! Must’ve been left here during the collapsing of the previous Underground! Don’t fret! For another $2,500, you can dig yet again and hopefully find some awesome treasure!

Mega Stones: (6-11)

(138-sided die)
1-4: Abomasite
5-8: Aerodactylite
9-12: Aggronite
13-16: Ampharosite
17-20: Audinite
21-24: Gyaradosite
25-28: Heracronite
29-32: Houndoominite
33-36: Manectite
37-40: Medichamite
41-44: Pidgeotite
45-48: Pinsirite
49-52: Steelixite
53-55: Absolite
56-58: Banettite
59-61: Beedrillite
62-64: Blastoisinite
65-67: Cameruptite
68-70: Charizardite X
71-73: Charizardite Y
74-76: Galladite
77-79: Gardevoirite
80-82: Glalitite
83-85: Lopunnite
86-88: Mawilite
89-91: Sablenite
92-94: Scizorite
95-97: Sceptilite
98-100: Sharpedonite
101-103: Slowbronite
104-106: Swampertite
107-109: Venusaurite
110-111: Alakazite
112-113: Altarianite
114-115: Blazikenite
116-117: Garchompite
118-119: Gengarite
120-121: Kangaskhanite
122-123: Lucarionite
124-125: Metagrossite
126-127: Salamencite
128-129: Tyranitarite
130: Diancite
131: Latiasite
132: Latiosite
133: Mewtwonite X
134: Mewtwonite Y
135: Blue Orb
136: Red Orb
137: Rusted Sword
138: Rusted Shield

Z-Crystals: (12-17)

(52-sided die)
1-2: Normalium Z
3-4: Grassium Z
5-6: Firium Z
7-8: Waterium Z
9-10: Electrium Z
11-12: Icium Z
13-14: Fightinium Z
15-16: Poisonium Z
17-18: Groundium Z
19-20: Flyinium Z
21-22: Psychium Z
23-24: Buginium Z
25-26: Rockium Z
27-28: Ghostium Z
29-30: Dragonium Z
31-32: Steelium Z
33-34: Darkinium Z
35-36: Fairium Z
37: Pikanium Z
38: Aloraichium Z
39: Eevium Z
40: Snorlium Z
41: Mewnium Z
42: Decidium Z
43: Incinium Z
44: Primarium Z
45: Tapunium Z
46: Marshadium Z
47: Pikashunium Z
48: Lycanium Z
49: Mimikium Z
50: Kommonium Z
51: Solganium Z
52: Lunalium Z

Fossils: (18-35)

7-sided die!
Roll a 7-sided die--the player chooses which of the fossils they'd like!
1: Dome Fossil (Kabuto) or Helix Fossil (Omanyte)!
2: Odd Keystone (Spiritomb) or Old Amber (Aerodactyl)!
3: Claw Fossil (Anorith) or Root Fossil (Lileep)!
4: Armor Fossil (Shieldon) or Skull Fossil (Cranidos)!
5: Cover Fossil (Tirtouga) or Plume Fossil (Archen)!
6: Jaw Fossil (Tyrunt) or Sail Fossil (Amaura)!
7: Fossilized Dino (Arctovish), Fossilized Fish (Dracovish), Fossilized Bird (Arctozolt), Fossilized Drake (Dracozolt)!

Spheres: (36-50)

Another 100-sided die roll!
1-4: Pale Sphere ($4,500 or $5,000 TM)
5-14: Prism Sphere ($4,000 TM)
15-30: Green Sphere ($3,500 TM)
30-59: Blue Sphere ($2,500 or $3,000 TM)
60-100: Red Sphere ($1,500 or $2,000 TM)

Battle Items: (50-69)

Another 100-sided die roll!
1-4: Leftovers!
5-19: Random TM from the Pokemart (272-sided die: Reroll on 37 [Egg Bomb] and 41 [Soft-Boiled])
20-29: Random Plate! (18-sided die: Draco Plate, Earth Plate, Fist Plate, Flame Plate, Icicle Plate, Iron Plate, Pixie Plate, Plain Plate, Spooky Plate, Splash Plate, Dread Plate, Insect Plate, Meadow Plate, Mind Plate, Sky Plate, Stone Plate, Toxic Plate, Zap Plate)
30-39: Held Items: Berserk Gene, Iron Ball, Life Orb, Light Clay, Red Card, Rocky Helmet, Heavy Duty Boots
40-59: Gems: (18-sided die: Bug Gem, Dark Gem, Dragon Gem, Electric Gem, Fairy Gem, Fighting Gem, Fire Gem, Flying Gem, Ghost Gem, Grass Gem, Ground Gem, Ice Gem, Normal Gem, Poison Gem, Psychic Gem, Rock Gem, Steel Gem, Water Gem)
60-79: Shards: Blue Shard [Rain Dance!], Green Shard [Hail!], Red Shard [Sunny Day!], Yellow Shard [Sandstorm!]
80-100: Damp Rock, Heat Rock, Icy Rock, Smooth Rock, Terrain Extender!

Evolution Items: (69-84)

11-sided die!
Dawn Stone, Dusk Stone, Fire Stone, Ice Stone, Leaf Stone, Moon Stone, Oval Stone, Shiny Stone, Sun Stone, Thunder Stone, Water Stone!

Valuables Items: (85-100)

Another 100-sided die roll!
1-4: Big Nugget (10k)
5-19: Nugget (5k), Pearl String (7.5k)
20-29: Heart Scale!
30-54: Star Piece (2.5k), Big Pearl (3k), Relic Silver (3.5k)
55-100: Relic Copper (1k), Pearl (1.5k), Stardust(2k)

Extra Info

Monthly Time
We go by GMT timezone for when the month changes. Also, an Official/Mod may post when the next month will start.
Link: GMT: Greenwich Mean Time - World Time / Time in every Time Zone

Digging Crew:
All Staff Members (including Staff Alumni)
All Content Upkeep Members
All Approvers

That’s all you need to know to prepare for the Underground. So get diggin kids! Don’t let the Zubats get you!
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Last time on PE2K I got nothing. ;_;

Better luck over here?

$102,000 - $2,500 = $99,500
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TheEvilDookie Wrote:Last time on PE2K I got nothing. ;_;

Better luck over here?

$102,000 - $2,500 = $99,500

Nope. Chuck Testa. Fire Stone for you
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3k - 2.5k = 500

Gimme something pretty
Or worth money
Oh my God! There's people reading this!

Pie Master Wrote:3k - 2.5k = 500

Gimme something pretty
Or worth money
Teddy Bear (9:00:32 PM): //roll-sides100-dice1
OnlineHost (9:00:32 PM): theevildookie rolled 1 100-sided die: 9
Teddy Bear (9:00:42 PM): Fossils. Holy wut.
Teddy Bear (9:00:47 PM): //roll-sides100-dice1
OnlineHost (9:00:47 PM): theevildookie rolled 1 100-sided die: 78
Teddy Bear (9:00:51 PM): Normal fossils
Teddy Bear (9:00:58 PM): //roll-sides8-dice1
OnlineHost (9:00:58 PM): theevildookie rolled 1 8-sided die: 2
Teddy Bear (9:01:05 PM): Claw Fossil (Anorith)

A payment of $5,000 and a wait time of 2 days is needed
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Okay then, 10500 - 5000 = 5500
Oh my God! There's people reading this!

Pie Master Wrote:Okay then, 10500 - 5000 = 5500
Approved. You can come back in 48 hours once we finish reviving it to claim.
[Image: 1szaw]

Round 2, since I had a complete miss on Round 1 .-.
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Let's go :D

SCimpact04 Wrote:Let's go :D


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sam ug roll

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doesn't it get tbolt?

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wintervines rolled 1 100-sided die: 52

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plates[COLOR= ][/COLOR]

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