Dream World Center
Welcome. You can activate your Pokemon's Dream World ability here.


(1) Payment is $5,000 per activation.
(2) Waiting time is equivalent to 24 hours.
(3) You may put up to 2 Pokemon at a time.
(4) When posting, you need to include your Pokemon, the Dream World ability that you're activating, and your deduction fee.

Quote:Example Post
I'd like to activate my Larvitar's D/W ability.
Larvitar: Sand Veil (D/W), Pupitar: N/A, Tyranitar: Unnerve (D/W)
(My total amount) - $5000 = (remaining amount)

*Important Note*
Your Pok?mon stays at the Center for 24 hours. That means you can't use it for a battle, trade, anything. It stays in the Center. However, if you do take it out (purpose or accidental), there will be a $1,000 fine and your Pok?mon has to start over to relearn the ability/move.
Once you post, your Pok?mon stays here unless an Employee disagrees. After your time is up, your Pokemon is released.
You MUST put which Pok?mon you own have Dream World Abilities or Moves taught to them. If you are caught cheating, like everything else, there will be heavy penalties.

Dream World Center Employees
All Moderators and Officials
Ash K.
LS the Door Mat
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$16,000 - $5,000 = $11,000

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