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National Park Shop

pokeball Pokemon Capture Items pokeball

Standard Park Balls
[Image: Bag_Safari_Ball_Sprite.png] Parkballs - $500 (Basic Park Pokeball; only works on Common Pokemon)

[Image: Bag_Premier_Ball_Sprite.png] Superballs - $1,000 (Advanced Park Pokeball; only works on Common and Uncommon Pokemon)

[Image: Bag_Park_Ball_IV_Sprite.png] Hyperballs - $1,500 (Top-Notch Park Pokeball; works on all rarities of Pokemon)

Apricorns can be redeemed at the Park Shop for special Park Balls. These balls are specific to a type of Pokemon in the Park and will require the correct Apricorns to craft the ball. They take on the strength of a Hyper Ball but add 15% to the end Capture Rate. For example, if you had a Capture Rate of 80%, using one of these balls makes it 95% instead. But before all those, you will first need to purchase an Apricorn Box from the Park Shop, in order for you to have a 20% chance of finding an Apricorn after every encounter, both Capturing and Fleeing.

Dusk Ball - Dark, Psychic - 2 Pink, 1 Black
Pasture Ball - Grass, Normal, Fairy - 2 Green, 1 Pink
Bastion Ball - Rock, Steel - 2 White, 1 Green
Tempest Ball - Water, Flying, Dragon - 2 Blue, 1 Yellow
Strike Ball - Electric, Fighting - 2 Yellow, 1 Red
Erosion Ball - Ice, Bug, Poison - 2 Black, 1 Blue
Drought Ball - Fire, Ground, Ghost - 2 Red, 1 White

pokeball Pokemon Repel Items pokeball

[Image: Bag_Repel_Sprite.png]Repellent - $500 (Repels a Pokemon of your choice; One time use)

[Image: Bag_Max_Repel_Sprite.png]Type Repellent - $2500 (Repels a specific type of Pokemon of your choice; One time use)

Region Sprays - $1500 (Allows you to only encounter Pokemon from a specific region. Choose the region when purchasing: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, or Alola. One time use. Only usable at the Enigma Ruins.)

Berry Store Spray - $2500 or 2500 CC (Repels all Berry Store Pokemon  from your encounter list. Can be purchased with money or CC.)

- You are able to use only 1 spray or repellent per run.

pokeball Pokemon-Attracting Items pokeball

[Image: Bag_Honey_Sprite.png] Honey - $500
  • Use on trees to attract an additional encounter in the form of a Double Battle
  • There is a 15% chance it will be successful (item is used up either way)
  • Only one extra encounter can be gained per run

[Image: Bag_TM_Normal_VI_Sprite.png]Voice Discs
These are items with a Pokemon's cry recorded on them that have a 20% rate of encountering the Pokemon whose voice is on the Voice Disc being used. You can use up to 3 Discs, and each Disc can be used up to 5 times. After all uses of the Discs, you may not play it anymore. It's up to you on how you'd like to play them in the RP--you may choose to acknowledge it ICly that you're playing a Disc, or just state OOCly that you are playing one without acknowledging it IC.

[Image: Bag_TM_Normal_VI_Sprite.png] Blank $5,000
[Image: Bag_TM_Electric_VI_Sprite.png] Uncommon $7,000

  • When buying an Uncommon Disc, mention the Pokemon that belongs to that particular Category as well for the initial recording so the Cashiers know what voice to put on the disc for you (Example: A Common Disc w/ an initial recording of Ratatta).
  • Blank Discs can record ONLY the voices of Rare Pokemon. Doesn't have a failure rate in recording the Pokemon's voice. Blank Discs can only have voices recorded onto them when the Trainer encounters a Rare Pokemon during one of their Runs.
  • Uncommon Discs can be re-recorded for free, but this can only be done at the Gate when beginning your run.

pokeball General Items pokeball

[Image: Bag_Pok%C3%A9_Doll_Sprite.png]Poke-doll - $500 (Grants successful escape from any kind of Pokemon Encounter)

[Image: Bag_Lava_Cookie_Sprite.png]Lava Cookie - $500 (Cures any status, including Sleep/Confusion)

[Image: Bag_Energy_Powder_Sprite.png]Energy Powder - $500 (Restores a Pokemon's HP by 50%)

[Image: Bag_Heal_Powder_Sprite.png]Energy Powder Plus - $1,000 (Fully restores the HP of your Pokemon)

[Image: Bag_Energy_Root_Sprite.png]Energy Root - $1,500 (Fully restores the HP and status of your Pokemon)

[Image: Bag_Revival_Herb_Sprite.png]Revival Herb - $2000 (Revives a KO'd Pokemon and leaves it at 50% of its Max HP)
* A Trainer can only bring 2 per RP (Only for Revival Herb)

pokeball Miscellaneous pokeball

[Image: scope-lens.png]Digital Camera - $9000
  • Take a Legendary Pokemon's picture and sell it for $5000.
  • Take a Picture of a Rare Pokemon and sell it for $3000.
  • Only pictures of Rare and Legendary Pokemon may be taken!
  • Rangers can deduct up to 50% of the picture's value for poor quality.
  • Taking a Pokemon's picture startles it and makes it flee before you can battle and/or capture it, and your remaining encounters ARE affected.

[Image: Bag_Apricorn_Box_Sprite.png]Apricorn Box - $7,500
- 20% chance to find an Apricorn after every encounter

[Image: jollymint.png] Mints - $500
- Use this item to change the Nature of any of your Pokemon who have entered the Park, even Pokemon caught in the Park. Please post which Pokemon you're changing the nature of, as well as the nature that's being changed and what it's being changed to! Remember to update this on your Park stats. This may be used to change Toxtricity's form, if a suitable Nature is chosen. All Past Aprijuice automatically becomes a Mint of choice.

[Image: berry-juice.png] ApriDye - $1,000
-can be used to change the color of an owned Apricorn into a desired color of the player’s choice, chosen on purchase.

Park Shop Cashiers
All Staff Members (including Staff Alumni)
All Content Upkeep Members
All Approvers
All Rangers

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Guess I will start

8,500 + 4,000 shop Credits = 12,500 total

6 x Park Balls - 3000
3 x Super Balls - 3000
2 x Hyper Balls - 3000
1 x Normal Repellent 1500

for a total of 10500

12500 - 10500 = 2000
Airik Wrote:Guess I will start

8,500 + 4,000 shop Credits = 12,500 total

6 x Park Balls - 3000
3 x Super Balls - 3000
2 x Hyper Balls - 3000
1 x Normal Repellent 1500

for a total of 10500

12500 - 10500 = 2000

Approved. :> Have fun!
3 Park Balls (500 p/u)
2 Super Balls (1000 p/u)
1 Hyper Ball (1500 p/u)


6000 dollars (to be taken out of 7500, resulting in 1500)
- 4000 in shop credit for bundle
= 2000 (resulting in 5500)

Oh my God! There's people reading this!

You are approved
2 hyperballs, a superball, and 2 parkballs=5k
2 energy roots and a revival erb=5k

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[18:11] [Ranger Alliance]: (webdragoon1337) nitro, you in here?
[18:11] Nitro: hello
[18:12] [Ranger Alliance]: (webdragoon1337) knew there was another cool guy in here
Super ball x2 please. 3000-2000=1000
Zay Wrote:Super ball x2 please. 3000-2000=1000

2 parkballs please 1000-1000=0

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