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Name: Peri
Age: 19
Gender: Nonbinary (any pronouns)
Personality: Intelligent and resourceful, Peri thinks outside of the box and looks for all the angles to succeed. Despite being socially anxious, they'll infodump their little strategies to you when given the chance, multiple times if they keep tripping over their own tongue enough. Their creativity also stems into their love of the arts, specifically digital art and storytelling. Spare them the criticism if they don't ask for it, they can and will take it too personally. Arceus knows they won't tell you if you upset them, though.
Someone please get them a hug. /lh
Description: Paler than a vampire; average height, average build; big, dark blue eyes; black glasses with a sky blue ombre towards the bottom; chin length dirty blonde hair, halfway dyed periwinkle blue; golden yellow, short-sleeved button up with thin white vertical stripes, brown corduroy overalls stopping just above their knees, yellow socks matching their shirt, brown hiking boots, and a familiar red and white headband... (ORAS May's headband, Omega Ruby was my first Pokemon game)
Park Mastery: N/A yet
Pokemon Captured: N/A yet
Pokemon Natures: N/A yet

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