General Park Discussion/Feedback/Questions
This is the thread for general chit-chat, feedback, suggestions, and questions regarding the National Park.

Feel free to discuss new ideas, challenge old ones, and offer new ways of doing things. Don't be afraid to speak up or to ask about anything Park-related you're not sure about. Remember, the only stupid question is the one not asked!
So how do I do this?
Miniature Park Update: Stoutland has been upgraded from an Intermediate-rank Pokemon to a Rare-rank Pokemon.
WinterVines Today at 1:37 PM
it doesn't fit my style as well as like mence does
? Chandra Nalaar ? | Ash K. Today at 1:38 PM
It's not fast and doesn't get U-turn
Okay, I've just went though and updated the Sign-Up Archive on both BMG and PWN, the latter of which had never been added to the Archive since it was put up. Everything should be up-to-date. If I missed someone, please let me know.

That being said, this next thing goes for everyone, especially Rangers: If you're adding on a future character to your sheet, please <edit> it into your other post so they're all on the same one. Otherwise they can be missed. This makes editing easier for all of us. Also, if your sign-up is already on either BMG or PWN, it does not need to be put on the other. You only need to sign up once.
Dropping out of my group run with Felly and Akinai. Sorry, I just don't want to be the one everyone's waiting on, and obviously I'm seriously slacking :/
Because people make posts when they quit runs. xD I LEARNED SOMETHING NEW TODAY.

Proto & I are dropping our run in Engima Ruins; Akinai was our ranger. MUCH LOVE TO THESE TWO. ♥

actually, i probably could've continued, but i'm really lazy. i don't even reply to my current runs lololololol.

EDIT: I also enjoy how Proto & I post at the exact same time almost. xDDD
[Image: uBRJiWx.png]
Update: The Trainer Sign-up archive is up-to-date through Speed-X on BMG and Felly on PWN.

Trainers from PE2k can repost their old sign-ups on one of our current forums if they want, but it's not required since the information is still viewable (though needing ages to load). If you repost, we can just link the new one into the guide.
Double Post because I can.

Gen 6 should now be implemented. New Abilities and Moves are posted, as well as the new location list. Note that Abilities that act just like in-game are no longer in the list--only anime-styled ones have different or extra effects. Check them out.

Also, two new areas have been added to the Park: Sandy Beach and Ruined Manor. The Lakes and Meteor Valley have been split. Some Pokemon have also be moved around.

None of these implements will affect current runs. They will use old locations and ranks if they've already started, and no Gen 6 Pokemon will appear on old lists.
Dedenne's Rank is now Uncommon instead of Common.

This does not affect any in-progress runs. No lists need to be rerolled, and if a Trainer encounters a Dedenne, it can be the rank it was originally rolled with.
This has been brought up a couple of times, so Chainy and I discussed it, and a new rule is going into effect immediately.

Rangers can determine the quality of pictures taken and slash pay as needed, up to 50% of the picture's value. This is equivalent to ending up with a blurry/corrupted picture, etc, roleplay wise. Keep in mind, post quality is considered over the entire run and not just individual posts. Make sure you guys put as much effort into picture posts as you do the rest of them.

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