Technical Team Rework
Technical Team Rework

Hey, all! K'sariya here with an overhaul of the way Technical Team works. Up until now, it's been a mostly informal setup, where we've roped in anyone interested, and where the role itself doesn't have much structure or responsibility. I've reworked the Technical Team structure to clear up its role in the game.

GitHub Organization and Centralization

From now on, all code-based URPG projects will be required to be hosted on the Pokemon URPG GitHub organization. We are in the process of transferring any remaining outstanding repositories here. This serves several purposes:
  • Centralizes all URPG technical projects onto one place and ensures progress on them remains visible
  • Allow all users to submit Issues with feature requests and bug reports, as well as create pull requests to contribute their technical expertise to projects they care about
  • Ensures the safety and security of URPG technical assets by consolidating the ownership fully into URPG's handling

Pull request approval and repository management will be fulfilled by users in the Maintainer teams. There are several teams:
  • Bot Maintainers - Users who manage custom URPG bots (currently: Monbrey, Ash K.)
  • Forum Maintainers - Users who manage the code and plugins for the URPG forum (currently: K'sariya)
  • Infohub Maintainers
    • Theme Maintainers - Users who manage the WordPress theme for the Infohub (currently: K'sariya)
    • Ultradex Maintainers - Users who manage the Ultradex tech for the Infohub (currently: Elrond)

Each of these teams will consist of a small group of people considered experienced and trustworthy with the relevant codebase. A future goal for these teams is to have at least two members of each team to prevent review bottlenecks.

Discord Organization

The Technical Team will also be receiving a repurposing and an overhaul, including the #technical-team channel.
  • The technical-team role is now for Maintainers only. Maintainers are members of the technical team, and have the technical-team role and access to the #technical-team channel.
  • The #technical-team channel is now a space for project management of the organization/repositories, as well as collaborating on approving pull requests, approvals, roadmaps, etc.
  • Technical team members will be roped in on relevant Game Design discussions that require their input. The #development-tech channel is still accessible and is the main place for non-maintainers to discuss everyday issues and development. Webhook updates on commits are still being sent to #development-tech.
  • New members can be approved into the technical team and promoted to a Maintainer role by a Maintainer group vote. If you're interested in becoming a technical team maintainer, reach out to a technical team member. The current team will vote on acceptance. Alternatively, the technical team can vote to take the initiative to reach out to a member and offer them a Maintainer role.
    • Members will only be considered for the technical team after either working on their own noteworthy (and implemented) technical project for URPG, or after a firm history of fulfilling issues and making quality pull requests.
    • Members being considered for the technical team should be evaluated by qualities similar to the Three Teams -- they should be people who work well in teams, create consistent work, and serve as a good example to others. They should be able to give and receive constructive criticism, and have decent communication skills that will help them communicate about pull requests and technical plans.

These changes are effective immediately. Please notify K'sariya if you have any questions!
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