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♠ P a r k . R e c o r d s ♠

- Kouryu Kisaragi [ Trainer ]

Number of Runs: 2 [ 1 complete ]
Sandy Beach - 1
Great Lakes - N/A
The Woods - N/A
Meteor Valley - N/A
Botanical Gardens - N/A
Wildflower Prairie - N/A
Abandoned Power Plant - N/A
Ruined Palace - N/A
Mt. Oktori - N/A

Mt. Deckbi - 1
Enigma Ruins - N/A

Park Items:
Digital Camera x1
Region Spray x1 - Limits available Pokémon in a run to Pokémon from a region of your choice. Only usable on Enigma Ruins runs.
Black Apricorn x1
White Apricorn x1
Red Apricorn x2
Blue Apricorn x2
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43,164 / 250,000 characters

Current Tracker:

Beginner Run: [ 15,152 total ]
Post 1 - 1,862 characters *Ranger confirmed; old CC still on post.
Post 2 - 2,430 characters *Ranger confirmed; old CC still on post.
Post 3 - 3,871 characters
Post 4 - 2,112 characters
Post 5 - 2,187 characters
Post 6 - 2,689 characters
Post 7 - ???

Spacial Anomaly, July 2019: [ 28,012 total ]
Post 1 - 4,372 characters *Ranger confirmed; old CC still on post.
Post 2 - 4,804 characters
Post 3 - 4,454 characters
Post 4 - 4,257 characters
Post 5 - 3,119 characters
Post 6 - 3,525 characters
Post 7 - 3,481 characters

Spacial Anomaly Capture:
Post 1 - 5,803

Previous Legends:

♦ K o u r y u . K i s a r a g i ♦

[ Sign-up Post ]

Profile: wow this needs to be updated

Age: 15
Gender: Male

Spent his early childhood in Castelia raised by emotionally-uninvested caretakers while his parents were busy with work and travel. Quickly learned that people appreciated a child that was quiet and out of the way, so he's grown up as somewhat distant from others. Very intelligent, read pretty much anything he could get his hands on and was capable enough to skip grades and finish school early. Introvert; struggles to connect with most people his age, prefers to do things alone if possible.

Has no patience for stupidity and immaturity. Tends to be fairly straightforward when talking and doesn't really make idle chatter. Knows when to pick his words carefully, though he isn't afraid to speak his mind if he feels someone warrants it. Competence and respect is the quickest way to earn his respect in return. Still figuring out what he wants to do in life; visiting the Park is part of the process.

Coming in at an unfortunate 4'8", a combination of short and lanky has resulted in Kouryu looking younger than one would think; he's been mistaken for an elementary schooler, much to his irritation. Messy white hair, blueish-green eyes, never wears a hat if he can help it. Often has a pair of sunglasses perched on his head instead, regardless of whether or not the light level outside merits them. His clothes tend to be fairly plain, more function over fashion, and all of his pants/etc have to have pockets.

Not very physically expressive; his "default" often just looks like he's bored. Smiles are few and often kept from others except his Pokémon, though showing irritation or anger isn't unusual. Tends to turn things over in his hands without realizing, a habit encouraged by his crafting hobbies. Carries a small knife and a chunk of wood that he can pull out and whittle away at when bored.


Beginner Run
Spacial Anomaly (+Capture)
PMD adventure (Story, to be written)
Enigma Ruins Galar run [TBD]
Sigma (Story, to be written)
Reshiram (Story, to be written)
Mt. Deckbi run? [TBD]
Team Rocket Invasion [TBD]


Marine: Great Lakes, Sandy Beach
- N/A

Forests: The Woods, Meteor Valley
- N/A

Plains: Botanical Gardens, Wildflower Prairie
- N/A

Urban: Abandoned Power Plant, Ruined Palace
- N/A

Mountains: Mt. Oktori, Mt. Deckbi
- Rank 1 via Spacial Anomaly

Character Art+Writing: also needs updating

♦ K o u r y u ' s . P o k é m o n ♦

Main Party:

[Image: 571.png] Sojiro - male Zoroark - Calm

Kouryu's first Pokémon. As a Zorua, Sojiro saved him from a group of bullies and they've been friends ever since. Enjoys sitting with Kou and watching whatever he's doing. Also enjoys teasing him a bit by putting his head on his Trainer's and reminding Kou that yes, he's still short.

[Image: 653.png] Matsuri - female Fennekin - Jolly

An older Fennekin with a kit's enthusiasm, given to Kouryu by his grandmother. Frequently entertains herself by stealing Kou's sunglasses and otherwise making a mild nuisance of herself. Loves to cuddle and play and appreciates a good long nap.

[Image: 373.png] Veldora - male Salamence - Bold

Received as a Bagon as a birthday gift from his parents. Veldora is fairly stubborn and loves to fight head-on, which often puts him at odds with his Trainer's strategies. The dragon's more aggressive temperament as well as his species are two of the reasons Kouryu has refrained from adding to his team until recently.

Captured Pokémon:

Beginner Run: Sandy Beach - None yet
Spacial Anomaly: Mt. Deckbi - Theo - genderless Porygon (shiny) - Modest

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