Winter's Park Characters
Winter's Park Sheet

Number of Characters: 4
Number of Runs: 11

Areas Visited:
Mt. Deckbi x2
Oktori x1
Great Lakes x1
Sandy Beach x0
Meteor Valley x1
Power Plant x2
Enigma Ruins x2
Ruined Manor/Palace x1
Wildflower Prairie x1

Park Items
Digital Camera
Zoom Lens
Type Repellent [Bug]
Mint x1

Park Legend Tracker
75,797 CC

Total Park Mastery
Ivy Frost - Marine [0/2], Forest [1/2], Plains [1/2], Urban [2/2], Mountains [0/2]
Elena - Marine [0/2], Forest [0/2], Plains [0/2], Urban [0/2], Mountains [1]
Mizuki - Marine [0/2], Forest [0/2], Plains [0/2], Urban [2/2], Mountains [0/2]
Ixin Makenshi - Marine [0/2], Forest [0/2], Plains [0/2], Urban [0/2], Mountains [0/2]

Total Pokémon Captured: 24
Ivy Frost
[Ranger & Trainer Character]

Age: 23 [27 post time skip; current time]

Gender: Female

Personality: Ivy is generally easy-going. She’s quick to smile and loves to laugh and have a good time. She never feels the rush to be doing something and takes time to just enjoy the scenery and what she’s doing--or at least that's how she comes across. Sometimes she internalizes stress about things like paying her bills or having to go back to check up on the house she owns but hates instead of her apartment. Other things she's displeased with she has no problem vocalizing or showing her disdain. Once, she was hesitant to make a fuss, but now she has little tolerance for things that are a waste of time or that are hurting others.

She’s pretty adventurous, and she’ll try most things at least once, no matter how crazy they seem. Working in the field only enabled this habit, since she often makes up her own fun while on a run. She has a deep respect for life and works to preserve nature and the things that live there fiercely. Ranger til she dies sort of thing.

She does get down sometimes since her brother disappeared without a trace many years ago, but she does her best to hide that away too. She's also something of a hard-ass to some people, particularly her male co-workers, since otherwise they tend to treat her like a girl. She can also be really stubborn, but sometimes that's beneficial in that it makes her determined to solve a problem. Once she's pushed past her tolerable limit, however, she will do her best to get even and then some. She's been known to hold grudges and sometimes wait and savor the anticipation of getting back at someone.

For a while, she left the Park to go do field work in various parts of the world, helping catch poachers and just stopping Pokemon crime in general. Being gone so long has left her a little out-of-touch with goings-on in the Park, to where she's sort of adopted a "fake it til you make it" approach as far as what people expect she can do (being an old vet) and trying to regain a lot of lost knowledge. She feels the pressure of expectation in a different way than she did before when she was just getting the hang of her job. For the most part, the Rangering stuff comes second hand and is steeped into her bones--it's the people part that proves more challenging. 

Since her outings in the world, she's also adopted a more mellow mindset. Like that she's seen some stuff makes her just a touch more unshakable. It also, however, increased her sense of justice and lowered her tolerance of bullies, either people or Pokemon-wise. It also dramatically improved her relationship in her Pokemon, since they've had to stick together during some very intense and dangerous situations. 

Description: Ivy is somewhat tan, with medium-long length reddish hair that crinkles near the ends. She's about average height and build, but all the outdoors work makes sure she's pretty fit. Regular gym workouts, including some hand-to-hand, are a part of her regime ever since being ambushed by poachers in the Woods.

She is rarely seen without Haji, her Espeon, who mostly refuses to let her go anywhere alone anymore. Vergil, her Gallade, is also often present as of recently. 

She wears a thin black turtle neck under a long, red canvas vest with a hood. She rarely carries a bag with her, so she keeps supplies in the pockets of her black cargo pants or clipped to her utility belt. That's where a coil of rope and her phone/GPS/computer device sits too. She has an old compass from her brother that was crafted into a necklace, though she doesn't wear this too often, and doesn't really like to wear hats.

She usually smiles, even when upset, but she pulls off a great neutral face too. Often, she'll sleep in her small office instead of going home, although a lot of these times end up in all-nighters, so sometimes the lines of tiredness are pretty visible on her face. Nothing a few hours in the outdoors won't fix though, in her opinion.

These days, after a couple of run-ins with some poachers both in the Park and on the mainland, she has a tracker on the inside seam of her vest too, just in case. It's come in handy while doing field work and in case of emergency. 

-Jolly M Ambipom (Pickup/Technician)
-Careful M Crobat (Inner Focus)
-Calm M Espeon (Synchronize/Magic Bounce)
-Brave F Chandelure (Flash Fire/Flame Body/Shadow Tag)
-Hardy M Gallade (Steadfast)
-Brave M Conkeldurr (Guts/Sheer Force/Iron Fist)
-Bold F Inteleon (Torrent)

Name: Elena
Name: Mizuki
(Zu is used as a nickname sometimes.)
Name: Ixin Makenshi

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