[ORAS, Normal Rank, Random Roll Contest]
Yeah Hi Co-Ordinators,

First of hopefully many forums contests held by myself.

Normal Rank ORAS TOUGH!
OP Combo Clause ON
Nervous Clause ON
GBA Clause ON
24 hour send periods from when I post each rounds stats.

No send you will forfeit/nervous for that turns move.

@ExistentialBeemo @Mlouden03 @Saur @Gold

Hi contest goers, please send your mons and 4 moves by 12pm EST via discord.
Here we are with Round 1 order!
Please send your appeals within the next 24hours!

Dropbear Jr. the Snorlax
Stripes the skuntank
Pixie the Tyranitar
CM 0

@Mlouden03 @Gold @ExistentialBeemo @Saur
Round 1 - The action!

Dropbear Jr. the Snorlax uses Stockpile +1
Conditions itself!
The crowd is impressed +1
CM 1

Tyranitar uses Thrash +6
Is super aware!
The crowd is impressed +1
CM 2

Stripes the Skuntank uses Nasty Plot +1
Conditions itself!
The crowd ain't fussed
CM 2

Pixie the Tyranitar uses Stomping Tantrum +2 +4
The crowd is impressed +1
CM 3

Pixie the Tyranitar 7 (+7)
Tyranitar 7 (+7)
Dropbear Jr. the Snorlax 2 (+2) :star: [Combo standby]
Stripes the Skuntank 1 (+1) :star: [Combo standby]
CM 3


Rolls were made in Bot command
Please make your sends in the next 24 hours. 
Thanks all!

Edit: Mistake made with Nasty Plot, please feel free to change your sends for round 2.

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