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Name: Luci—but this character doesn't know/remember that and tends to call herself what she pleases.

Age: Adult. Gets the sense that she is aged/experienced or has seen a few things without knowing what those things were. Somewhere in the mid 20s-40s range.

Personality: Luci is out for herself. Very self-centered and focused on satisfying her curiosities and amusement. Very chaotic neutral, almost to an apathetic level. She cares very little for what's good or evil (and in fact strays a little more on the bad side) and only what she wants to do in the moment. Morals mean very little to her, since those won't keep you safe or fed.

She is suspicious of everyone. Even creatures she's met before. She has a face blindness so can't recall if she knows someone anyway. Instead, she relies more on her other senses—sounds in particular, as she has a knack for remembering those a little more consistently.

To keep herself entertained, she also tends to play pranks. Some more harmless than others. But she won't hold back showing her amusement at someone's misfortune.

Luci has no interest in working with others or being aligned with any certain creatures unless it assists in achieving a goal she's set—but those truces are tentative at best, like a contract, if even that. When she wants something, she will do whatever it takes to get it. Make alliances, break alliances, cheat, steal, lie, sneak, or schmooze her way through.

As of yet, she doesn't really want anything other than following her on-the-spot whims. There's a type of freedom in it that she relishes.

History: She may not remember anything, but it doesn't freak her out. It sort of feels... normal, actually. [This character is slightly based off of an AH idea I had when that was a thing, which I sort of turned into a dice story, about a spirit being reincarnated into different forms every time she died.]

Because of that feeling, her presence on the island doesn't bother her, and she has no real drive to discover what she's lost.

Major Accessory Item Satchel: A basic rough and worn leather bag that has a strap to be slipped over the shoulder.

Available Forms: [Persian-Kanto, Luxray, Meowstic-M]

Species: Persian [Kanto]
Gender: Female
Form Type: Imported

This ability really hones in making the body flexible and agile, trying to prevent injuries and also bend and twist the way it needs to to execute moves, run away, or finagle into hard-to-reach or tight areas (like a cat, if you can push your whiskers through...). It requires a lot of stretching, but the body takes less trauma from hits and keeps the user mobile for longer periods of time/through stress.

This ability focuses more not on hitting hard but rather using weaker or off-the-wall moves to the best of their ability, generally in unique, effective ways. It becomes a more technical style of fighting, with a bit of mental analysis instead of just summoning large amounts of energy and power. It may not do a lot of damage, but it can generate beneficial effects (say cutting a vine off a tree or hitting a rock at the right angle so that it tips over), even if they are small.

Appearance: Mostly, she looks like a regular Persian. But her fur is a little more pale and washed-out than the normal cream color. Also, her gem is dark and not red.

Species: Meowstic-M
Gender: Female (I can do that, right?)
Form Type: Imported
This Pokemon looks for weaknesses in their foe's defenses and tries to get around them. Protective barriers or obstacles reveal their loopholes or gaps in protection to someone paying attention. This also lends to the creature being very quiet and sneaky for this strategy to work.

Keen Eye:
This Pokemon takes an observant approach to things, honing in on details about the surroundings or foes and translates that into excellent precision with its own techniques. Notices things that others don't, even if they're very small details. But in paying more attention to the small things, being too focused, this creature sometimes misses the bigger picture and what's happening in their peripherals.

This ability leans to the Pokemon's mischievous nature and lends speed and precision to moves that don't deal damage outright. Status moves just come more naturally to this character, thinking of them as solutions to problems and being able to act on that conclusion rapidly. However, when not using moves in this manner, the power output and performance of this creature's attacks are not as good.

Appearance: Slightly more deep purple in color instead of blueish. A dot on the forehead (like regular Persian) only it is violet. Otherwise the same as normal male Meowstic.


Species: Luxray
Gender: Female
Form Type: Imported
Once this Pokemon sees someone as direct competition, they hone in on trying to one-up them (not gender-based). This can make it easier to keep up with said competition (in say speed, strength, or keeping track of them), especially in battle, though then this creature pays less attention to their surroundings and others.

Just being in this creature's presence gives others an unsettled feeling. It makes them seem very tough and someone not to mess with. That can cause others to be a little nervous when engaging, both in battle and out of it, which may make them not hit as hard as they could. However, it also makes this creature struggle with normal interactions a times, as they appear scary.

Guts: This is a last-resort sort of mindset. When under extreme duress, like being burned or partially immobilized, the creature goes into all-or-nothing mode. This is in the interest of burning up energy all at once to finish the confrontation as quickly as possible before becoming incapacitated. Using that surge of adrenaline while it's still there. Of course, the crash comes after, once they settle down or if the confrontation goes on for too long to wear them out.

Appearance: The shiny version (gold and orange face and legs). Dark fur remains the same. On her forehead, there's a gleaming gold stone (like on Persian's head).

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