Individual Run: ExistentialBeemo (Wildflower Prairie)
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Austin wasn't having a great day. The Wildflower Prairie, while a beautiful location, really loved to play with his sinuses. The pollen and his allergies, the ONLY allergy he had, really, played a wonderful melody called "The stuffy nose", followed by "I HATE FLOWERS". He actually didn't hate flowers, however, and loved their appeal; but the spring and summer seasons RUINED the appeal for his rangering here. However, Babb's would hit him over the head with her cane if he tried to bail out of this job. Strange reports of a storm forming over the Wildflower Prairie had been on their radar for a while now, and this was the perfect time to send Austin to find what the hell might've been causing such a fuss. It was strange, however, as most of the time the Prairie would usually just be a clear, sunny environment, minus the occasional rain storm to keep everything balanced and growing healthily. 

Austin sniffled; Shiva, his Alolan-Ninetales, sat comfortably next to him as the weather began to take a small turn to the south. A cool breeze, almost like a winter chill, danced around the duo as they sat under the protection of the wooden Gate that entered the west portion of the area. Austin wore a gray sweatshirt, something he normally would avoid wearing at all costs in a usually warm park zone like this. The hood covered not only his blonde hair, but his black beanie he decided to wear for just a chilly occasion. He shivered, however, while Shiva sighed in relief that she wasn't exposed to the usual heat that roamed this place. 

"I really hope you being here isn't influencing the weather, Shiva," Austin muttered as he pulled out a tissue, trying to get his sinuses cleared up.

Shiva rolled her eyes, keeping watch for the young man who would unfortunately be joining them on such a strange day. 

Encounter Stats!:
Nothing yet, but the weather doesn't look too good...

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"Whew.... it's surprisingly chilly today," Cress thought as he walked up the dirt path towards the entrance to the Wildflower Prairie. This was his second excursion through the Park, and he was dead set on seeing what beautiful scenery the Prairie had to offer. Being used to the outdoors, he loved running through meadows and other areas full of flowers & grasses. A couple steps further up the path, Cress stopped and admired the amazing view he had approached. Flowers and grasses as far as the eye could see, and the stiff breeze generating a wonderfully hypnotic wave pattern through the grasses. All of the area was surrounded by large walls & a couple large wooden gates.

Cress pulled a Poke Ball out of his pocket and tossed it into the air. With a loud "POP!", the capsule burst open in a white light. A tall humanoid rabbit Pokemon appeared from the aftermath. It shook itself awake from sleeping inside the Poke Ball & yawned while rubbing its eyes sleepily. Cress laughed and said, "You must've been having quite the nap there Makoto. Take a look at where we are." Makoto stopped and turned her head over in the direction of the vast fields. Cress saw her eyes light up with enthusiasm as she began to run towards its direction. "No wait, Makoto! Wait up!", Cress shouted as he began to chase after his companion.

They had both reached the large wooden gate down the hill, and Makoto was trying to push the gates open. Cress sighed and shouted, "Makoto! We are gonna get kicked out of here if you keep that up! We need to wait for our..." Cress stopped as he turned his head to see a man & a snowy-looking fox sitting alongside him. Cress pondered for a second and then yelled to the man, "You wouldn't happen to be the Ranger who will be taking me on this adventure would you?"
"No wait, Makoto! Wait up!", Austin heard in the distance. The duo watched as a Lopunny ran to the gate and try to force its way in. Shiva sighed; Austin shot a squinted glare towards her as she suddenly sat straight up and focused on the pathway. Austin turned his attention to the Lopunny; She looked very healthy, but a bit too eager to explore the Wildflower Prairie. Shiva cried out softly; Austin's focus changed on a tall man, brown hair with bleached tips by the looks of it. He was out of breath, poor guy.

"You wouldn't happen to be the Ranger who will be taking me on this adventure would you?" He yelled out from a few feet away, clearing trying to catch his breath.

"Cress, yeah?" Austin asked with a small smile showing. "Austin. Austin Kigahen is the name, and you've unfortunately picked the Wildflower Prairie as your destination for exploration today!"

Austin moved his body forward, smacking the post behind him twice as if it was a sort of knock. The Gate slowly winded open, the doors pushed into the prairie as the fields revealed the sea of colors that blessed such a tragic environment. Blue, White, Yellow, Red, Orange, even Purple, covered the ground like a plague of acne on some poor teenager just starting high school. These flowers would vary in sizes, depending on which section of the prairie you checked. Some areas had flowers that grew taller than the average leg-span of the rangers and explorers who would tour the area, while some wouldn't even make it up to the height of tennis shoes. Today, they were to explore the western section of the prairie and maybe even find what was causing the weather disturbances around them.

A dirt pathway was their road throughout the Wildflower Prairie. It was only a few feet wide, but there was no sign of the path forward stopping. Austin stretched his arms out, having Shiva sit in front of the Lopunny for a brief moment. "Try not to trample over the flowers if you can," Austin warned before turning onto the pathway. However, the squad only would go a few feet in before Austin would stop in his tracks. The clouds ahead were not moving closer, but were also darker than before. Austin frowned at this; He didn't want to be poured on by any rain today, as it would only increase the severity of the pollen expelling from the flowers around them. His allergies were already bad enough at this time of year, but this would make them ridiculous. "Hm, it might rain soon, judging by the looks of these clouds," Austin muttered, "Sorry for the introduction earlier, I only ment you've UNFORTUNATELY picked this spot because of the recent storms building throughout the Prairie-" 

Shiva suddenly turned her attention to the left of them. She suddenly pounced, dashing off in the distance. "Right after I said not to trample the flowers... Forgive me, Landorus," Austin grumbled, "C'mon!"

Shiva lead the party a good five minutes off the path, pausing a few feet away from what seemed like a small duck carrying a... leek. A very over sized leek at that. Rustling grass could be seen around it, responding with very loud THUDS into the ground around it. It seemed like a very intense game of Wack-A-Mole was being played here, but seemed extremely one sided as whatever was avoiding its blows wasn't fighting back. Austin was puzzled, Galarian-Farfetch'd were only a recent species introduced into the area, but they haven't shown to be this extreme when it came to territory. It seems a small trespasser was causing a very aggressive response, but Austin couldn't tell what was trying to avoid the repeated attacks.

"Looks like we got an angry Farfetch'd, Cress," Austin warned as he turned his attention to him, "Either catch it or drive it off! Be careful though, something seems to be at its mercy!"

Encounter Stats!:
[Image: farfetchd-galarian.png]100%
It's a Galarian Farfetch'd! It's spamming 'Slam' Attack around it!

Trainer Stats!:
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Having finally met with his Ranger Austin for the Run, Cress turned to his Lopunny and shook his head. "Be patient Makoto, this nice man will be letting us in," Cress said with some level of sternness. His partner bowed her head in sadness, while Cress walked over and gave her a pat on the head. "It's okay, I'm just as excited as you are!", he said reassuringly as he heard Austin mention something about unfortunately picking the Prairie as his destination. Confused, Cress started to turn around and ask him what he meant. However, he was greeted by the sounds and sight of the large wooden gate opening up and revealing the lush grasslands behind. Cress' eyes widened at the sheer beauty, while he felt Lopunny become gleeful with delight. Cress was going to mention to Makoto not to do anything, but he noticed the snowy-haired fox walk in front of Lopunny. 

"Try not to trample over the flowers if you can," was what came out of Austin's mouth before he and the fox Pokemon set off on the dirt pathway. Cress casually glanced over to Makoto and shrugged. "You heard the man, don't do what I know you want to do," he said with a sigh. Lopunny gave a saddened nod of approval and they quickly tried to catch up to the Ranger & his companion. Breaking through the threshold of the gates, Cress looked up at the incredibly ominous-looking clouds approaching their area. "Hmm... those don't look good," Cress thought as he marched along with the rest of the group. He heard Austin begin to mention the weather being the reason for his unfortunate comment, but then Austin's fox Pokemon immediately stopped and began darting off to her left. Makoto saw Ninetales running through the flowers & grass, and immediately took off afterwards to catch up with her. Cress let out a heavy sigh, "Of course... COME BACK MAKOTO!" He then began to dash towards the direction of Lopunny & Ninetales.

It didn't take too long for him and the Ranger to catch up with the two Pokemon as they had stopped suddenly. Curious as to why, Cress peered around to see a duck Pokemon trying to slam something rustling in the grass. It looked like his brother trying to shoo away Drilbur with a broom handle from the home back when they were all little kids. Concerned as to why the Pokemon was so heated at the moving target, Cress heard Austin shout to either defeat the Farfetch'd or to try and drive it off. Cress carefully pondered for a second, and then had an idea. 

He noticed that the Farfetch'd was so focused on its target that it hadn't even noticed the group approach. "Alright, let's use this to our advantage," Cress whispered to himself as he prepared to command Lopunny. He knew Makoto was quite naive about battling, and so he knew not to command multiple attacks in a string. However, his plan only needed one attack to hopefully work. Gathering some force behind his voice, he shouted to Makoto, "Alright Makoto! Let's knock this thing away from whatever it's chasing! Use Sky Uppercut quickly!" 

Lopunny nodded in response to Cress' request, and began rushing towards the duck. Her fist began winding up for the attack to hopefully send the little duck a fair distance away.
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Austin warned Cress about making sure not to possibly harm whatever the Farfetch'd was trying to slam into the ground (quite literally!). He whispered to his Lopunny, who nodded and suddenly darted towards the Farfetch'd. Surprisingly enough, the flowers were pretty much the only thing higher than the thinnest layer of grass that protected the soil around the Prairie. Noise wasn't a disadvantage here, and Makoto made sure to take that into advantage. The Grass continued to rustle, but this time the direction of the Farfetch'd was turned to directly face where Makoto was running. Whatever was in the grass suddenly darted to the left, making its way to Austin and Cress. The Farfetch'd squawked loudly in surprise, quickly using its right wing as a shield as it began to glow an iron gray.

Makoto's fist slammed into the wing, she flinched from the hardened impact, but managed to send the duck airborne for a good two seconds as her fist rose straight up while hopping slightly off the ground. The impact echoed with a loud THUD, causing a small shock wave to push the flowers back from all directions. Austin squinted and gasped, a small glimpse of what was hidden became more clear than ever that this was now going to be a rescue mission. As the Farfetch'd descended, Shiva jumped forward and nipped at the small creature within the grass, picking it up. Back covered in grass, with the brightest pink flower Austin had seen in a long time, a poor Shaymin was shivering with fear. It had been beaten up pretty bad, its front left paw was injured, curled as far back as possible to avoid minimal use. How it was still able to dodge so quickly, Austin could barely comprehend such a thought.

The Farfetch'd landed on its back, instantly getting back up and quacking furiously, slamming its Leek into the ground as if challenging the Lopunny to one on one combat. Makoto gripped her hand in slight pain, but took a second to shake her wrist and try to expel as much of the pain as possible. "Careful, it's worked itself up!" Austin shouted while crouching on the ground, cupping his hands together as Shiva approached him with the frightened Shaymin. "It's okay little one, we're here to keep you safe..."

Encounter Stats!:

[Image: farfetchd-galarian.png]94%


Used Steel Wing for self defense! Starting to get Worked Up!

[Image: lopunny.png] 99%
Used Sky Uppercut! Hit Steel Wing, ouch!
[Image: shaymin-land.png]???%
Owwy ;(
Shaymin was picked up by Shiva and brought to Austin! Protect the smol grassy boi...

Trainer Stats!:
Pokemon Stats!:
Cress stood motionless as he watched Makoto have her seemingly surprise attack somewhat blocked by the duck. While he was happy the attack landed, he was dumbfounded how the Farfetch'd could have known to block so quickly. However, that wasn't the thing that was overwhelming his mind. The Ninetales Austin owned had snatched the entity which the Farfetch'd was chasing around. It was the mythical Pokemon, Shaymin. "Why on Earth would a wild Pokemon be trying to attack such a docile Pokemon like Shaymin?" Cress thought has he noticed the injured front paw Shaymin has sustained. His heart felt saddened by the sight of the poor Pokemon, and his heart began to rage.

Grimacing, he turned back to the Farfetch'd who was now really showing its anger at being attacked. Cress gritted his teeth and shouted, "Listen here you little bird! Why are you attacking such a peaceful creature?!" Makoto heard the anger in her trainer's voice as suddenly her fur stood on end. Lopunny might be naive, but she also hated to see other Pokemon suffering. Cress fed into his emotions and commanded to Makoto, "Makoto! Rush into Farfetch'd with your Agility & give it a taste of your Frustration!" Makoto gave an angry nod in approval and prepared to execute the attacks. Cress knew doing a combo like this might be against Makoto's comfort, but he didn't want Farfetch'd to get away with this either. 

Cress afterwards looked over at Shaymin & Austin, and his heart grew soft again. "I'm sorry little Shaymin... We won't let anything hurt you," he said gently in the direction of the small, injured Pokemon. Cress took a deep breath and turned his focus back to the battle at hand.
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"Listen here you little bird! Why are you attacking such a peaceful creature?!" Cress shouted to the Farfetch'd. The bird was already angry enough, but now it became furious. It slammed its leek down in rage multiple times, visible steam could actually be seen coming from its ears as it worked itself up to the max.

"Makoto! Rush into Farfetch'd with your Agility & give it a taste of your Frustration!" He commanded. Makoto nodded, her emotions began to fuel her to start the all-in attack. She darted forward, much quicker than the Farfetch'd could predict, and started tenderizing the duck with her two fists. Smack, smack, smack; rapid successions of punches, boosted in speed by agility, began to anger the Farfetch'd as its leek began to glow orange. A punch to the wing that it blocked, a punch in its bill, and even a punch on the side of its head, the Farfetch'd was taking a beating for sure. However, it was preparing for a counterattack while getting pummeled. Farfetch'd's eyes sparkled briefly as it began to dodge Makoto's swings, it was able to detect the next few punches, suddenly swinging its orange glowing leek. Makoto took the hit directly to the gut, sending her flying up high due to all the power built up from both working up, and plotting revenge for all the attacks.

The Farfetch'd suddenly turned its attention to Shiva, who gently set the injured Shaymin in Austin's hands, it curled into a protective ball to avoid seeing what might happen. Farfetch'd leek began to glow a bright green, energy from the skies began flowing into the Leek as it went bright green and started to expand with energy around it. The leek, however, wasn't getting as much energy as it should due to the clouds now drawing closer, cutting more heat off from the area as the wind began to make the Shaymin shiver more. Makoto hit the ground hard, laying flat on the ground right after impact. 

Austin breathed softly, seeing his breath was now visible, the storm was now only minutes away before a downpour of rain would surely take place.

"It's preparing some kind of big attack towards us! Move in while it's charging!" Austin cried out.

Encounter Stats!:

[Image: farfetchd-galarian.png]85%
Finished Working Up! Used Detect and Revenge, followed by beginning to charge Solar Blade!
[Image: lopunny.png]89%

Used Agility into Frustration, sent flying and THUD!
[Image: shaymin-land.png]???%
o no...
Shaymin curled into a ball to protect itself and is now trying to stay warm!
Storm is almost here!

Trainer Stats!:
Pokemon Stats!:
Witnessing the bird being able to take the blows Makoto was dishing out & retaliate with such a massive blow, Cress clenched his fist in disappointment and anger. His Lopunny had taken on so many challengers before, and now it was struggling with a duck on a mission. Cress watched as Makoto crashed to the ground, reeling from the attack it had just been dealt. Cress wanted to shout, but he saw something that perturbed him even more. 

The Farfetch'd had decided to set its sights back on the Shaymin, who was now being nestled by Austin & his Ninetales. The little Pokemon was curled up tight, as the storm began to grow ever closer. Cress even felt a slight shiver go down his spine, as the air temperature began to noticeably drop. However, the Farfetch'd was heated and determined to finish what it had started. Its large leek had begun to glow an eerie shade of green as it began to absorb energy from the sun. The only fortunate development for Cress & the group was the storm made absorbing sunlight much more difficult for the Farfetch'd to do. Cress stood paralyzed, trying to formulate anything that would prevent the duck from launching its devastating attack. 

Then the proverbial light bulb clicked on in his head. "The storm! Perhaps we can distract it..." Cress thought as he quickly took Makoto's Poke Ball out of his pocket and held it out. "Return Makoto!" The capsule shot a crimson-red light in the direction of the rabbit, and she disappeared after being completely surrounded in the light. The Poke Ball shrunk back down and Cress quickly put it away and grabbed another one. He hastily tossed it in the direction of Farfetch's and it burst open. A large shark-looking Pokemon emerged, and gave a triumphant roar. Cress wasted no time in issuing his next command. "Sharki! I need you to fire off a Sandstorm pronto! We need to protect that Shaymin!", Cress shouted, hoping that Garchomp would know to focus its energies into preventing the duck's attack.
Post #5!

"Return Makoto!" Cress suddenly cried out as the Farfetch'd was almost finished charging its Solar Blade attack. The Rabbit, still passed out on the ground, quickly got sucked back into its Pokeball, giving it time to recover from the blow in solitude. The Pokeball disappeared into his pocket, another one shortly replaced it with something much more ferocious. A Garchomp emerged from the Pokeball, standing tall and roaring loud enough to intimidate the Farfetch'd. A small drop of sweat dripped down the Ducks side, it wasn't sure why the Solar Blade wasn't getting any larger. Only about a foot longer, the Solar Blade was finally complete. Dashing forward, the Farfetch'd swung it forward and used it as if it was a jousting match, tilted upward and aiming for Garchomp's gut.

"Sharki! I need you to fire off a Sandstorm pronto! We need to protect that Shaymin!" Cress shouted. Garchomp squinted and roared loudly, stomping on a poor flowerbed that rested underneath it. Small bits of gravel and dirt began to emerge from the ground, causing a typhoon effect around the party. Garchomp was right next to the sand streams that Farfetch'd would be charging in from, but the others had plenty of room to roam about freely if necessary. Farfetch'd charged regardless, not afraid of what this sandy defense could do. 

Perhaps, its cockiness would be its downfall; The moment the Leek penetrated the outer ring of the Sandstorm, the Leek violently moved to the right, dragging the Farfetch'd with it. Like the force of a catapult, the Farfetch'd was tumbling violently through the flowers, like a rag doll in Goat Simulator. Only a few feet away from the Sandstorm, it began to subside five seconds later. Austin and Cress looked upon the Farfetch'd, who was now covered in mud and flowers, began to fume with Anger. "Far! Farfetch'd Fetch fetch Far Far Far! Farfetch'd!" It began to quack loudly. Sharki and Shiva looked at it with disgust; how dare it yell such foul language in front of the injured Shaymin!

But that was short lived. The sound of Thunder took over as the sky darkened over the battleground, thankfully not enough to really obscure any vision on the groups current surroundings. Austin groaned as he prepared for the rain... but no drops of rain came. Instead, a sharp pain was inflicted on his shoulder, also hearing Cress grunt in pain. It was not rain... it was Hail. It was HAILING in the WILDFLOWER PRAIRIE. This was never heard of for the rangers, and was completely against the climate patterns that had been studied ever since this section of the Park was opened. Austin ducked over Shaymin, taking sharp jabs of Hail on his back. Shiva quickly acted; Northern lights had now covered the Ranger and the Shaymin, but the same couldn't be said for Cress and his Pokemon. The Hail made Garchomp incredibly uncomfortable, trying to shield itself with its fins. The Farfetch'd wasn't any better though, it tried to use its Leek as a umbrella, but it was just an unopened umbrella at that point. The Garchomp, however, suddenly stumbled in pain, realizing the Solar Blade did in fact make connection to its gut. It wasn't a powerful blow due to the size and sandstorm shield, but it was enough to cause slight visual discomfort. Farfetch'd began waddling forward, taking the small hail bits like a champ, but it was almost like a complete poker face on what it would do next. Cress would have to decide on either committing to offense or defense for their next move.

Encounter Stats!:

[Image: farfetchd-galarian.png]77%
ATK+2, DEF+1, SPATK+1, SPD-1
Used a not-so-powerful Solar Blade attack, got sent flying and cursed about it! Is now waddling to Garchomp...
[Image: garchomp.png]96%
Used Sandstorm to create a temporary Barrier, was mostly effective since it got slightly jabbed!
[Image: shaymin-land.png]???%
No ice pls 
Austin is protecting it from the hail, along with Shiva!
It is now hailing...

Trainer Stats!:
Pokemon Stats!:
"Hail... Really?", Cress thought as he painfully tried to shield his head from the dangerously hard falling pellets of ice. Sharki had done a good job negating the threat Farfetch'd posed, but now his so-called reward was being pelted with ice. His wings did their best to cover his head as well, but Cress could tell the thin skin covering them wasn't feeling so good. Looking at the duck which had been taken for a not-so-joy ride in the Sandstorm, it looked very upset at being tossed around and being pelted by hail. With considerable anger visible on its face, it was waddling over towards Garchomp. Cress hesitated and thought, "What could it possibly be up to? Either way, I don't like where this is going.

His eyes shifted over to the crew protecting Shaymin. The snowy Ninetales had created a beautifully-colored shield around the group & it was doing a great job deflecting all the hail. The little Shaymin was still balled up, surely still frightened and in pain. Cress managed to exhale a deep breath of relief in-between the painful hits of the hail, thankful that the little Pokemon was safe for the time being. "Alright, now let's make sure this duck learns never to attack such a peaceful creature again," Cress said with confidence as he turned his attention back to the waddling duck.

Although Austin had advised Cress not to trample or otherwise disturb the flora in the area, this situation wasn't going to be resolved without some extra disturbance. He sighed and accepted that this was going to be a risky maneuver in terms of the damage to the flower patch they were all standing in. However, the hail was making his judgment become more heated as his annoyance rose. He then shouted to Sharki, "Alright Sharki! I want you to Dig underground now! Then, I want you to use Dragon Rage if the Farfetch'd comes to investigate the hole!" Cress hoped this trap-like setup would work given Farfetch'd's seemingly one-track mind on destruction. Plus, he was always a fun of crispy duck with sauteed leeks.

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