Yumpy's Stats
[Image: show.png]

Money: $21,500

1x EM Mart Ticket (can be redeemed at the PokeMart for any Technical Machine, Breeding Move, Special Move, or Move Tutor Move)
1 Ribbon Coupon (can be used to save yourself the use of one of your Contest Ribbons when purchasing a Pokemon from the Berry Store)
3 Rare Candies (Jobs)
Poisonium-Z, Grip Claw



1. Scyther
2. Larvitar
3. Zweilous
4. Goodra
5. Venomoth
6. Heracross
7. Swampert
8. Chikorita
9. Cyndaquil
10. Sharpedo
11. Spearow
12. Dwebble
July 2020
+10,500 FFA Placing
- 15,500 Heracross + Hidden Ability
+ 7,000 FFA Placing
- 10,000 PokeMart EM's
+ 2,500 FFA Placing
- 9,000 Job Payment
+ 4,500 FFA Placing
+ 13,500 Curator Wages
- 5,500 Park Shop
- 2,500 Park Entry
+ 1,000 Contest Placing
+ 4,000 Contest Placing
+ 5,000 Job Payment
- 9,000 Job Payment
+ 6,000 FFA
+ 5,500 FFA
- 15,500 Pokemart
+ 10,500 FFA
+ 10,000 FFA
- 9,500 PokeMart
+ 8,000 FFA
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[Image: Spr_4h_123_m.png]
Skadi the Scyther
Gender: Female
Nature: Serious (Dedicated, Humorless)
Abilities: Swarm, Technician
Level Up Moves: Agility, Air Slash, Double Hit, Double Team, False Swipe, Feint, Focus Energy, Fury Cutter, Leer, Night Slash, Pursuit, Quick Attack, Razor Wind, Slash, Swords Dance, Vacuum Wave, Wing Attack, X-Scissor
TM Moves: U-Turn
Obtained: Starter
[Image: Spr_4d_246.png]
Lotus the Larvitar
Gender: Male
Nature: Bashful (Silent and Reserved)
Abilities: Guts
Level Up Moves: Bite, Chip Away, Crunch, Dark Pulse, Earthquake, Hyper Beam, Leer, Payback, Rock Slide, Rock Throw, Sandstorm, Scary Face, Screech, Stomping Tantrum, Stone Edge, Tackle, Thrash
TM Moves: -
Acquired: PokeMart (Token)
Dove the Zweilous
Gender: Female
Nature: Hasty (Impatient)
Abilities: Hustle
Level Up Moves: Assurance, Bite, Body Slam, Crunch, Double Hit, Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rage, Dragon Rush, Focus Energy, Headbutt, Hyper Voice, Nasty Plot, Outrage, Roar, Scary Face, Slam, Tackle, Work Up
TM Moves: -
Acquired: PokeMart (Token)

Exp: 5XP (Job)
[Image: latest?cb=20200308145627]
Gloria the Goodra (Shiny)
Gender: Female
Nature: Naive
Abilities: Hydration, Sap Sipper
Level Up Moves: Absorb, Acid Spray, Aqua Tail, Bide, Body Slam, Bubble, Curse, Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse, Feint, Flail, Muddy Water, Outrage, Poison Tail, Power Whip, Protect, Rain Dance, Tackle, Tearful Look, Water Gun, Water Pulse
TM Moves: Surf, Substitute, Sludge Wave, Flamethrower, Acid Armor, Body Press, Thunderbolt

Acquired: PokeMart (Token)
Evolved via: Pokejob Exp + 5 Rare Candies
[Image: Spr_4h_049.png]
Valerie the Venomoth
Gender: Female
Nature: Brave (Courageous)
Abilities: Shield Dust, Tinted Lense
Level Up Moves: Bug Buzz, Confusion, Disable, Foresight, Gust, Leech Life, Poison Fang, Poison Powder, Psybeam, Psychic, Quiver Dance, Signal Beam, Silver Wind, Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, Supersonic, Tackle, Zen Headbutt

TM Moves: Acrobatics, Giga Drain, HP Fighting, Reflect, Roost, Skill Swap, Substitute, Whirlwind
HMs: Defog
BMs: Baton Pass

Acquired: Summer Gift Station 2020 (PV)

Battles: 1
W/L: 1/0
FFA: 5/12 - 5/6 - 7/10 - 6/13 - 2/15
[Image: Spr_3r_214.png]
Hermie the Heracross
Gender: Male
Nature: Jolly
Abilities: Guts, Swarm, Moxie
Level Up Moves: Aerial Ace, Arm Thrust, Brick Break, Bullet Seed, Chip Away, Close Combat, Counter, Endure, Feint, Fury Attack, Horn Attack, Leer, Megahorn, Night Slash, Pin Missile, Reversal, Tackle, Take Down
EM's: Stone Edge, Substitute, Earthquake, Bulk Up, Focus Punch

Acquired: PokeMart

FFA: 10/16 -
[Image: Spr_3r_260.png]
Mal the Swampert
Gender: Male
Nature: -
Abilities: Torrent
Level Up Moves: Bide, Earthquake, Endeavor, Foresight, Growl, Hammer Arm, Hydro Pump, Mud Bomb, Mud Shot, Mud Sport, Mud-Slap, Muddy Water, Protect, Rock Slide, Rock Throw, Tackle, Take Down, Water Gun, Whirlpool
EM's: Ice Beam, Hidden Power (electric), Scale, Attract, Power-Up-Punch, Waterfall, Work Up, Surf
Acquired: Summer Gift Station 2020 (PokeViper)
[Image: Cute_Ribbon_Sinnoh.png]
[Image: Spr_4h_152.png]
Basil the Chikorita
Gender: Male
Nature: Mild (Peaceful and Easy-going)
Abilities: Overgrow
Level Up Moves: Aromatherapy, Body Slam, Growl, Light Screen, Magical Leaf, Natural Gift, Poison Powder, Razor Leaf, Reflect, Safeguard, Solar Beam, Sweet Scent, Synthesis, Tackle
EM's: -

 Summer Gift Station 2020 (SinnohEvee)

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