Summer Gift Station 2020
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As the first gift of this gift station, we’re bringing you the gift station early! Well only somewhat early because I was busy. Anyways, first off we have some “pedantic-yet-useful” upgrades to the Gift Station, because I hated the old rules!

  • Fossils can now be held by Gifted Pokemon! To go with this, you can now just straight up gift Fossils!
  • A rule that was whack (and I hated) was the HM rule, so it has been modified accordingly! You can now gift HM’s but only when gifted straight from the Pokemart.
  • Finally (if I’m not forgetting anything), we now have Gift Baskets! Instead of gifting one measly item while others show off their wealth by gifting NUKEM Pokemon, you can now make yourself look slightly five times as rich! You can gift up to 5 items or TMs together, but it can only contain one Mega Stone or Z Crystal (not both) per basket.
  • You may only gift one gift (gift basket counting as one gift) to each person.
  • There is no limit on how many people you can give gifts.
  • Any Pokemon in your stats, except your starter, can be gifted.
  • You can link Pokemart purchases as gifts, but the purchase must state that it is a gift.
  • A single item may be attached to a Pokemon for gifting purposes (including fossils).
  • You cannot remove a gift from your stats until it is claimed.
  • You can gift an Art or Story capture (does not have to be curated to be gifted, but gift can only be claimed once it passes).
  • Each person can only claim up to 12 gifts. If you receive more than this, you must choose which are claimed. You cannot unclaim a gift once it is claimed.
  • You must wait until June 14th when Gift Station ends to claim gifts.
  • After Gift Station is over, unclaimed gift purchases may be refunded but any use of these purchases will void this option.
Special Gift Station Purchases

As usual, the following items can be purchased only to be gifted:
  • Park Passes: $5,000. A coupon for free Park entry, 3 Park Balls, and 2 Energy Powders.
  • Story Passes and Art Passes: $10,000. A coupon to reduce the rank of a single Pokémon in a story by one rank. E.g. A Hard-ranked Pokémon becomes Medium-ranked, for quality and character count.

If you wish to change your gift to someone, please make a new post with an edit. Please DO NOT edit your gifts after the fact, even to add new ones; just make a new post to change/add them.

Gift List
Now I shall give the first gifts!

First for the man who has everything, @Gold, a memory of me A fire memory from the Pokemart!

For the newbie who might have broken the record for shortest time to become a ref(is this a real record? I have no idea) @sambipom, a snorunt from the berry store!

For @ExistentialBeemo the busy ref who returned to us, a Charmander holding a Charizardite-X from the Pokemart!
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Just gonna chuck these starting gifts here~
all from this mart post

To @WinterVines , a wonderful little ball of firey fluff, Scorbunny! ty for listening to me.. ramble... so much. I talk alot when im not dying orz
To @VeloJello , I hope you still wanted a little pichu to call your own ; v; and tysm for always helping out with my art stuff <333 Imsuperawkmosttimes
To @K'sariya , I gift to thee an Eevee, because everyone deserves to have an Espeon skdsldfjksdf <33333 noseriously, but ty for being so kind and nice to me
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Gifts so far, Mostly from mart here

@VeloJello , you will be getting a Joltik. Have fun using Spider webs to slow down your opponents. PS: Thanks for all the Morphic help
@Gold You get a Dark memory. I love Dark type, you love Silvally, this fits xD Thanks for everything.
@WinterVines You get a Leaf Blade TM, because you already have a Venusaur and a Jumpluff. For reasons I pm'd you about.
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Gonna make my big post and just hope I got everyone and whatnot. Love you all.

For any purchased gifts, if you don't want what was purchased, I am willing to trade it out for something else of the same price, or a Story/Art Pass.

All Mart Purchases are from here

All Berry Store Purchases are from here

Everything else is in my stats, under Summer Gift Station 2020, here



Ash K.



eternus situs






After AND JacenBoy










SpeedyRobo (Rokaido)










Paying 16k for Mikey's gift.

I will try my best not to add anyone else. I may fail. I apologize in advance, both to myself and others.

EDIT: I forgot about the Forum FFA goodies, will edit those in tomorrow
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Alright, I think it's time to be a gift bearer! Please note, all gifted Pokemon will be linked to their respective pages on my stats!


- Thank you for taking me under your wing and getting me back into the fold after my incredibly long absence! Also, for answering my like 50 questions a day haha. For you, have this Ninjask!


- Similarly to Gold, I appreciate you being so welcoming and for being helpful when I have questions! Have a Story Pass on me!


- I know you said I would regret evolving this little guy, and you're right. I'll enjoy seeing its cute little face bouncing around in your stats! Have yourself this Spoink!


- You had mentioned this one to me and that you were on the fence about it. Well get off that fence and enjoy this Shedinja!


- My same-state compatriot! Browsed through your wishlist and saw you wanted this guy. Take good care of him and enjoy your Decidueye!

@Eternus Situs

- Love your art man, and I want you to continue to be rewarded for it! Have yourself an Art Pass on me!


- The man who is truly on fire since he joined! Here's a little gift basket with 2x Daycare Passes!


- Thank you for being so accommodating to me when I pester about grader questions! Have an Art Pass as a token of my thanks!


- My old-time friend, I know you wanna EM your Aerodactyl. So have two moves on me with this little 2x Daycare Pass gift basket!


- For simply just being awesome, have yourself 2x Daycare Passes from me! 


-Similar to PV, a simple thank you for being awesome! Have 2x Daycare Passes and EM anything you want! 


- Yeah, you're awesome too! 2x Daycare Passes coming your way! 


- Your battles & stories are pretty much allowing me to be this generous tbh. Keep up the good work and have two Daycare passes on me! 


- Welcome back fellow returner, and thanks for being awesome to me! Have two Daycare Passes as my thanks! 

Purchasing all the above passes!

Cash Before: $152,000
Total Purchase: $86,000
Remaining Cash: $66,000

I hope I didn't miss anyone!
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Giving @evanfardreamer one of my 6 story passes(why do I have so many?)!
[Image: y1Wx8JH.gif]

@Dash , @After , @Shock3600 , @ExistentialBeemo , @Xali each get a blank dreepy!

More gifts to come!
[Image: grC1OXh]
[Image: grC1OXh]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=802&d=1507743197]

Img Made by Morru/Mako
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Lets get some crap out of my Inventory:

@Mlouden03 gets a Cover Fossil, and @Elrond gets an Ice Stone
Psychium Z from my stats going for @Shock3600 too

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