It was a cool autumn night out on the seas near to Gateon Port. The tide was out and the waves were low & soft, like a sleepy toddler. A lone trawler chugged slowly across the waters, the hum of the diesel engine being the only sound the birds would be able to hear.

An elderly ship captain stood alone at the helm, his face showed signs of the many years he spent out in the elements, his grey beard glimmered with the spray from the sea and his navy peacoat showed obvious signs of wear. His steely blue eyes surveyed the horizon, looking for any sign of fish for his final catch of the week.

Captain Herman saw a small shadow to his left and a larger patch of shadowy water to the right, naturally he turned the ship starboard and began to slow the engine so as not to disturb his potential haul. He left the helm briefly to lower the nets into the waters before returning to his post to kill the engine and drop the anchor.

He knew he'd have some time to reflect on life, he was used to the peace and quiet of the trawling life. Much like his daughter was used to the solitude of her own life, off in some far flung country to take photos of exotic Pokémon. He never quite understood her obsession with Pokémon, to him they were just things other people had, he never had the impulse to get one of his own, much less study them. Fish were more his thing.

Proper fish though, not Pokémon. He was a man of haddock & bass, not Bruxish & Feebas. They'd sustained him for his whole life, putting money into the bank and food onto the table. They'd bought him his own ship, The Wave Wanderer, and allowed him to fund the first couple of adventures his daughter went on, before she was able to pay her own way fully.

And here he was, at 1am on a Friday morning, alone with his thoughts, waiting for the nets to slowly fill up with sealife so that he could take them back into port ready for the morning fish markets. The hustle and bustle of the markets was considered one of the must visit attractions of Gateon Port, the bidding for some of the larger fish was extraordinary. Only last month, another fisherman managed to fetch a quarter of a million dollars for an exceptionally large Tuna.

But there would be none of that for Herman, he was used to the simpler & smaller fish, such as cod & plaice. Reliable & sustainable, but never a big ticket draw for the sushi masters. He might sell to a few Galarian ex-pats looking to fuel their Fish & Chips outlets, but that was it for any larger volume sales.

He looked over to the edge of the boat and noticed a definite sag in the net. A sign of a good, healthy catch. He heaved the netting up to the surface and pulled it onto the deck. Plaice, a fine catch. But there was something in the centre of the pile that didn't fit in, a crimson coloured fish with golden fins above & below, and white fins on the side. It began flopping around as furiously as it could, screaming something.


Herman sighed, a Pokémon, and quite a large one at that. That meant the bountiful catch he was hoping for wasn't quite as big as hoped. The only sensible action was to return this creature to the seas, put the nets back out and bring more fish aboard. It was a good job the trade agreement with Hoenn had allowed for unlimited fishing limits, otherwise there could have been issues if he was stopped by a patrol boat.

The ageing mariner launched the Magikarp back into the sea, then cast his nets on the other side of the boat. He settled back down to his thoughts on his bench, when he saw the net twitching, that wasn't right, not after only a minute or so. Curiosity got the better of him and he raised the net from the waters once again, the same Magikarp lay proudly in the centre of the net, having sliced through a bunch of the ropes around it, forming a large hole.

Magikarp gave Herman a look, almost as though it was saying “What are you going to do about it?” Well, the old sea captain had an idea of exactly what he was going to do. He hauled the fish onto his ship, brought the nets back onto the deck and then picked up the wooden club he kept in case of emergencies...

Dawn broke in Gateon Port, just as The Wave Wanderer pulled into the docks. Herman waved to the stevedores at his mooring point and passed them the barrels of plaice he'd caught. One of the dockworkers looked down on him with curiosity as this new found strength, normally he needed assistance lifting the barrels from his ship.

“Man Herman, you're moving those barrels without even breaking a sweat, that's new for you. What's given you so much energy?” The docker enquired.

The elderly captain stood proudly on his trawler, and with a glint in his eye and a smirk across his lips, gave a simple one word reply;

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