The Unbeatable Foe
Preface Note: I'm posting this out of order for my ongoing story, I tried to ensure I left some callbacks/references to help a grader/reader understand the plot even if they haven't read any of my series so far. 

Viridian Forest, the Kanto region’s green jewel for lumber and Bug-type Pokemon. Deep in the forest, a young man is struggling in an intense Pokemon battle. “Why can’t I defeat you,” the trainer screams at his seemingly unbeatable foe. Frustrated and nearly at wit’s end, the young man runs off and tries to call for reinforcements. Unknown to him, help is already on the way from quite an unexpected source…
Gaius looked down at the Pokeballs that hung on his black belt as he prepared to leave Viridian City. "I'm glad we can finally move on from this town," he said as he contemplated recent events. 'That Team Rocket Group stole all of the Pokeballs from the Pokemon Center, but I was able to track them down and take revenge.' His gaze shifted to his hands as he remembered hurting the pair of buffoons who thought they were stronger than him. 'I shouldn't have used my power like that, I shouldn't hurt people unless my life is truly in danger.' A yawning noise from behind him shook him from his contemplative state.
"Ya know boss," the small Meowth whom Gaius had gotten from Team Rocket began, "when you promised me a  larger salary than I would have ever gotten from being with Jessie and James in exchange for my skills  in helping you catch Pokemon; I kinda expected us to be out of this rat-trap of a town by now." The feline Pokemon stood on its two feet and stood behind its trainer.
"Yes Meowth," Gaius casually replied, "we're leaving shortly, just remember to not talk in public unless I ask you to, and to walk on all-fours like a normal Meowth unless you want to spend the next week in your Pokeball." The young trainer riffled a hand through his black hair as he grabbed the Pokemon's Pokeball in his hands, attempting to convince the feline that he was serious about the threat.
"Awright," the Pokemon sullenly replied, getting on all-fours and beginning to speak his name. "Meowth, -owth, Meow-"
"Good," the black-clad trainer stated while smiling at the rest of his Pokeballs. 'With Meowth, Pikachu, Poliwag, Gengar, Oddish and Growlithe with me, I actually have a pretty balanced team. I can always swap these guys out with the plethora at Professor Oak's lab as well.' His thoughts drifted back to the theft at the Pokemon Center. 'I almost for bad for keeping all of those Pokemon that were stolen, but I guess it's better I have them than letting Team Rocket use them for evil.' As his thoughts once again focused on the road ahead, he followed the sign marked "Viridian Forest", Meowth and Pikachu both following behind him.
As he approached the forest, he was surprised by the sudden denseness of the foliage. 'I know that the Viridian Forest can be called a forest maze, but I didn't know it was this accurate.’ As the trio of two Pokemon and their trainer approached the forest, they passed through a small gated building with various posters and signs about the Forest. “Yes, ‘beware the maze, don’t get lost,’” he muttered to himself as he quickly read a few of the signs and walked past the rest, avoiding several novice trainers who were milling about the building. He passed through the far opening and found himself finally in Viridian Forest.
The verdant greens of his surroundings overwhelmed the young trainer at first. He had been in forests before throughout his life, but nothing as dense or expansive as this. ‘Wow,’ he thought as he studied the terrain, ‘there’s so many different types of trees and plants here. I hope there’s some strong Pokemon too. I don’t have need for anything like Caterpie or Weedle.’ He continued to explore the forest with Pikachu and Meowth in tow.
He passed several novice-looking Bug Catchers who seemed barely older than 10. ‘I really shouldn’t waste my time with trainers like those,’ Gaius thought as he ignored their requests to battle, ‘their Pokemon are probably so weak that they’re not even worth catching. Nearing the back of the forest, he caught sight of a make-shift cabin that seemed to be amateurly made. ‘Perhaps this is some kind of rest stop for those who get lost,’ he thought as he knocked on the door, ‘it would certainly be odd if someone actually lived in the forest.’ After several seconds of knocking, the door was flung open and a mysterious figure stepped outside.
The figure was dressed as if he were a feudal samurai. He had a black kabuto helmet with yellow accentuations and seemed to be carrying a sword on his hip. Gaius stepped back several feet as he was surprised by the stranger, both by his sudden appearance and his unusual dress. ‘I wonder why he has a weapon,’ he thought as the young trainer began to speak to the samurai. “Hello, my name is Gaius. Do you live in this forest or are you just a passerby?”
The young boy who seemed several years younger than Gaius glared at the older boy with eyes that were akin to daggers piercing flesh. “My name is Anzo, I live in this cabin to challenge worthy trainers and to hone my skills as a Bug-type expert. It is my hope to eventually rival the likes of Bugsy of Johto. If you are not the one I summoned, I kindly ask that you leave. I’m in no position to battle right now, and a novice like you would merely get in the way of solving my problem.” The young man shook his head and looked impatiently at Gaius, seemingly wanting him to leave as soon as possible.
Feeling curious, Gaius began to question the strange boy. “Hello Anzo, you said you have some sort of problem? What’s the matter? I know I’m in a relatively low-level area, but I assure you I am no novice. Perhaps we could try to work together and solve this?” ‘I wonder if his problem is some powerful Pokemon,’ he thought as he tried to imagine what issues this samurai could have, ‘if he’s unable to deal with it, perhaps I can catch It myself and kill two Pidgey with one stone.’
The samurai chortled and shrugged his shoulders. “You seem a capable enough fellow, certainly better than the rabble that usually comes from Pallet Town. There’s a strange Pokemon deep in the woods that seems to be absorbing all the nutrients and pollen from the surrounding area. I’m worried if it continues it could grow in size or power and eventually ruin the entire forest. Verily, the situation is most dire! Can I count on you, oh Gaius of Pallet Town?”
Gaius nodded but quickly corrected the samurai. “I’m from Pendragon, not Pallet Town. It’s a small town to the South, but anyway please show me where this Pokemon is. I’m sure that I’ll be able to defeat it.” The trainer’s mind raced as he followed Anzo. ‘If this Pokemon is absorbing all of the water and killing plants and trees, it must be exceptionally formidable. I wonder if it’s something like a Venusaur or Vileplume.’ The trainer imagined using his powerful Gengar to do battle with a massively powerful foe and subduing it, ready for capture. After twenty minutes, the pair entered an area where the normally deep green foliage started to turn brown and pale in color.
“I already tried to defeat it before,” Anzo the samurai explained sheepishly, “but the foe was far too powerful even with all my strength, so I staged a tactical retreat.” He continued speaking as he led Gaius to a large clearing that was completely brown with leafless trees dotting their surroundings. “Here it is Gaius,” the young trainer motioned forward, seemingly to indicate something in the middle of a raised patch of blackened grass, “please, help me defeat my nemesis.”
Perplexed, Gaius looked around trying to figure out what Anzo had meant. Bewildered, he looked at the samurai with his mouth agape and began to speak. “I’m not seeing anything around here Anzo, where is this big monster Grass-type Pokemon that you need me to defeat? I’m not seeing any Pokemon at all. Are you sure it didn’t move?”
Anzo nodded fiercely and once again indicated to the patch of grass. “The foe lies in the grass, mocking me with its presence. It knows of my failure and seeks to impugn my honor and skill as a trainer by remaining here. You must excise it now or I will continue to suffer along with the Forest itself.” With the young man’s wild gesticulations towards the patch of grass, Gaius walked closer to investigate.
He spotted a small, short Pokemon that was thin and brown in color, with a yellow cone or cylinder as its head. Floored, he turned his attention back towards Anzo. “That small creature is the terror that you’ve been unable to defeat? It’s barely even two feet tall and I could annihilate it in seconds. You must be some pitiful trainer if you aren’t able to deal with such a simple Pokemon.” Feeling confident, yet also let down by the wild Pokemon’s size, Gaius readied a Pokeball. “Come out Growlithe,” he commanded, “it’s time to do what Anzo couldn’t. Deal with this non-native nuisance, use Ember.”
In a flash of bright white light, a small orange Pokemon with black stripes materialized. It sniffed the air and caught sight of his target. It opened its mouth and a stream of reddish-orange flames shot out and aimed directly for its target.
Gaius laughed aloud as he saw the flames move closer to the wild Pokemon. “What’s your problem Anzo? Did you just not have any Flying or Fire type Pokemon? We’ll be done in time for me to be in Pewter City by the evening.” His humored expression quickly changed, however, when he saw the small brown Pokemon skillfully move its thin body and leaves to avoid each burst of flame. “What, how did it do that?” Gaius yelled as his eyes were transfixed on his opponent. “I’ve never seen a Pokemon be able to dodge that fast. Growlithe, use Ember again, double the flames. There’s no way it can escape this time.” To Gaius’ horror, the small stick-figure Pokemon once again dodged every flame attack that Growlithe threw at it. This series of events continued to repeat for several minutes, with Growlithe beginning to wear and slow from the repeated attacks it had performed.
The small Grass Pokemon used the stressed opponent’s actions to his advantage, as when Growlithe landed from a fifth dodged jumping Ember barrage, the wild Pokemon lashed out with root-like vines that erupted from the ground under which Growlithe stood. It Wrapped the tendrils around the Fire-type Pokemon’s legs and squeezed around the creature’s legs and extended to restrict the Pokemon’s midsection.
Gaius took a step back, his mind flooding with the memories of what had occured weeks ago at the circus. ‘No, I can’t focus on that now. I just need to stay calm and try to figure out a way to beat this wild menace.’ He quickly shook his head and looked towards his Pokemon. “Growlithe, try to break free of the vines and use Bite on the Pokemon’s neck. It may be able to avoid long-distance attacks but it should be a cinch to attack it up close.”
After several minutes of struggling, the vines finally began to recede and Growlithe made its move. The small Fire-type Pokemon jumped into the air and opened its mouth wide, trying to chomp down on its target.
The wily Grass-type Pokemon moved its body quickly to the left as Growlithe descended and sliced its Razor-sharp Leaves across the Pokemon’s side and stomach, causing the Fire-type to yelp in pain.
Gaius shuddered, feeling entirely bewildered. ‘What can I do,’ he thought as his mind raced with alternative plans, ‘this Pokemon is able to react to every attack I throw at it, no matter how fast my Pokemon more or what kind of attack I use. Such a small Pokemon can’t really be such a threat, can it?’ His thoughts were interrupted by the Grass Pokemon planting its roots firmly in the ground as it started to grow.
‘What is going on here? How can it increase in size like this,’ Gaius thought as he saw it first double and then triple in size, ‘if this gets any bigger I won’t have a chance against it.’ He steeled his nerves and called out a command. “Growlithe, I know you’re injured but you can still keep going. Try to use Ember again. Its large size may make it harder to dodge this time.” He then turned towards Meowth who was presently pretending to play with a butterfly several feet behind the trainer, and Gaius began to speak to the cat.
“Meowth, do you know what’s going on here? Bellsprout aren’t supposed to be this powerful or this large.”
The Meowth, first glancing towards Anzo and seeing that the samurai was transfixed by Bellsprout, quickly spoke. “I don’t know for sure. That thing hasn’t said a word since we got here. I haven’t seen any others around, so I have ta’ think that it’s out of home. Probably scared n’ lashing out.”
Gaius then turned his attention towards the now human-size Bellsprout as it continued to absorb nutrients from the ground, causing more plants and trees to wither and turn brown. “Bellsprout,” he called, trying to reach the wild Pokemon, “I know you’re probably lost and just trying to find food, but we can try and help you get back to where you belong. Just calm down and we can stop the battle. I don’t want to hurt you if I don’t have to!”
His plea seemed to fall on deaf ears as the tall plant Pokemon responded by having a large brown root burst from the ground and wrap itself again around Growlithe. This time, the Pokemon Slammed the Fire-type on the ground repeatedly, each time only leaving a second between attacks so the dog Pokemon didn’t have time to react.
Growlithe howled in pain as it was being slammed, and when it was finally released it collapsed on the dirt, barely able to move.
Gaius shook his head and quickly recalled his fainted Pokemon. “Fine Bellsprout, you want to do this the hard way? I can play that game.” He grabbed another Pokeball from his belt holster and threw it several feet in front of him. “Go Munchlax,” he called out, announcing his choice of Pokemon. “Use Body Slam. Even with its ability to dodge, you may be able to damage it!”
A light blue and tan rotund Pokemon appeared from the open Pokeball and it quickly ran headfirst towards the wild Pokemon. With its target taller than it, the Normal-type Pokemon launched itself off the ground and tried to slam the Pokemon’s face with Munchlax’s body weight.
Bellsprout tried to quickly dodge by lowering its head, but the sheer mass of Munchlax’s body proved too much to avoid. The wild Pokemon’s head was struck by the Body Slam attack and the Grass-type recoiled for a moment before swatting away the large Pokemon with one of its leafy appendages. Now damaged for the first time, the Grass-type’s roots grew larger as it began to once again draw nutrients from the forest. The creature’s Growth rate increased rapidly, and within a minute it was now as tall as a two-story house.
Gaius turned towards Anzo, now feeling quite worried about their current situation. “You said you were a skilled Bug-type trainer or something right samurai? Maybe you can try to lend a hand here? I know two on one battles are frowned upon, but in a situation like this do we really have a choice? Without a skilled Grass-type removal expert it’s up to us if we are going to save this portion of the forest.” He then looked back towards his Munchlax and called out the next attack. “Now Munchlax, use Rollout. Let’s see if you’ve managed to learn that attack since the last battle.” He looked on at the battle with a mixture of hope and desperation in his eyes. ‘This has to work; I’m running out of options. I don’t have any other Pokemon that is super effective against Grass-types.’
Anzo finally seemed to snap out from being in awe of the now-gigantic Pokemon and he nodded towards Gaius. “Verily, I shall come to your aid. Fear not Gaius, my powerful Bug-type Pokemon will save the day!” He quickly rummaged for a Pokeball and he threw it in front of the giant Bellsprout. What appeared caused Gaius to laugh aloud.
From Anzo’s Pokeball emerged a small green-plated creature that seemed incased in a hard exoskeleton. The samurai began to panic and reach for his other Pokeball. “I didn’t mean to send my Metapod,” he murmured in frustration at his failure, “but I may as well see what he can do anyway. Metapod, use Harden. Make your body as strong as steel!”
Gaius suddenly felt a wave of disgust and disdain wash over him from Anzo’s actions. ‘I don’t know what kind of other Pokemon he has, but he chose without thinking and set out that near-useless Pokemon instead of something that could actually be helpful. I guess it really is all up to me.’ He shook his attention off Anzo and looked again towards the ongoing battle between his Munchlax and the opposing Bellsprout.
Munchlax had begun to spin its body rapidly as it lay on the ground sideways, and once It reached a fast speed it launched itself at the giant Bellsprout. The attack slammed into the wild Pokemon’s yellow head, causing the creature to yell in response.
“Bellsprout, Bell-Bell sprout!” It then opened its mouth wide and began to wildly fire large black balls towards both Pokemon and their trainers. One ball hit Munchlax and the Pokemon quickly collapsed from the power of the enhanced move.
“He’s saying the Viridian Forest is his,” Meowth quickly chimed in. “to leave now or feed him as fertilizer.”
‘That must be Acid,’ Gaius thought as he recalled Munchlax, ‘I guess it’s up to Gengar now. None of my other Pokemon really have a chance. Normally I’d try Pikachu first, but electricity isn’t effective against Grass-type Pokemon.’ His hand reached for his solid black-colored Pokeball and he threw it high into the air. “Gengar, it’s play time. Demolish this pest.” The trainer could feel his anger rising from this prolonged confrontation, but he quickly took several deep breaths to try and calm himself. ‘I can’t let it happen, not now. I can’t risk hurting Anzo or destroying the forest.’
The purple Ghost-type Pokemon popped out of its ball and floated above his trainer, hovering eye-to-eye with the massive Bellsprout while he stared down the Pokemon with its large red eyes. A small purple ball formed in the Ghosts hand, and he quickly flung it towards the Grass-type Pokemon.
The Pokemon managed to bend its head just in time to avoid the Shadow Ball, and in return it launched several large green leaves towards Gengar.
The ghost managed to turn its body transparent and avoid the majority of the leaves, however it phased back in right as the last Razor Leaf was mere inches in front of it. The large leaf struck Gengar in its large mouth and the Ghost-type flew backwards in the air, losing several feet of elevation from the unexpected collision.  
Gaius gasped as he saw his Gengar become injured. ‘I’ve always been able to rely on Gengar through my adventure so far. It shouldn’t fail now, especially not against such a basic Pokemon, even if it’s massive in size. Maybe I should keep having varied Pokemon and swap them for whatever my needs are instead of keeping Gengar as my hidden ace.’ Feeling distressed, he called out to his Pokemon, hoping to formulate a plan that would allow him to emerge victorious. “Gengar, use Psychic on the Bellsprout. It should be super effective.” As he issued the command, Gaius could faintly hear Anzo repeatedly ordering his Metapod to Harden again and again, at least three or four times in the span of a minute. ‘I guess he’s really committed to that weak Metapod, this battle really is all on me,’ he thought as he watched Gengar perform its command.
Gengar waved his hands and a blue outline of energy surrounded the giant Bellsprout. The Ghost-type tried to bring the Pokemon to the ground, but its ingrained roots and large size prevented its collapse. Instead, Gengar manipulated the energy to attack Bellsprout’s nerves and mind.
The wild Grass-type Pokemon yelled once again and suddenly a white beam shot from its mouth and hit Gengar. The Ghost-type Pokemon collapsed to the ground unconscious and the wild Pokemon then wrapped up Metapod in a root as it began to move the Bug-type towards its mouth.
“How did Bellsprout learn a move like that,” Gaius yelled to Anzo, “normally Solar Beam isn’t something they can use in the wild, but its power must have been so greatly enhanced it gained the ability to convert the energy it was gathering into a Solar Beam.” He pounded the ground as he bent down to recall his fallen Gengar. ‘What real hope is there now,’ he thought to himself as he considered his remaining options. ‘Whismur and Pikachu are either neutral or not effective, and Poliwag is actually weak to Grass-types.’ He reached for Whismur’s Pokeball hurriedly and was readying to throw it when a loud yell broke his concentration.
“No Bellsrpout, please don’t eat my Metapod,” Anzo begged as tears filled his eyes. “He hasn’t been with me too long and I don’t want to lose him.” The samurai stared in horror as Bellsprout held Metapod over its now-massive mouth, its vines preventing Anzo’s attempts to recall his Pokemon. “No, Metapod,” he wailed as he started to try and run towards Bellsprout, hoping to take on the Pokemon himself.
“Anzo, control yourself,” Gaius shouted, “there may just be a way out of this.” He thought for a few seconds and continued speaking. “How many times did you use Harden? Four or five times?”
The samurai looked towards Gaius and he nodded his head as he regained his composure, “yes around that. I wasn’t sure what else I could do with Metapod since he evolved very recently.”
 Gaius laughed and called out to Anzo. “Your Metapod may be the answer to this pest problem, but we have to be smart about it. Wait until the last possible second and have It use Tackle!” The older trainer hoped his theory was right and watched the battle, Whismur’s Pokeball at the ready in case his plan failed.
The Bellsprout started to shake the Metapod, seemingly playing with its prey before it dined. Suddenly, the wild Pokemon threw the Bug-type into the air and moved to catch it in its mouth.
It was at this moment that Anzo called out his attack, as his Pokemon was mere feet from being eaten. “Metapod, use Tackle on the Bellsprout.”
The green cocooned Pokemon twisted its body so the large upper segment was facing directly downward. Metapod then used its own energy to propel itself into Bellsprout’s mouth. The unexpected Tackle attack combined with the Bug-types incredibly hard carapace caused Bellsprout to fall backwards as the Bug-type continued to tackle inside its mouth.
Gaius cheered and laughed as he saw the Grass-type Pokemon fall. “Yes, it worked,” he exclaimed, “your Metapod used gravity and its own energy to turn his hardened body into a mini torpedo. Bellsprout wasn’t expecting such force and since it was inside, Bellsprout can’t dodge this one!” After several seconds, Metapod tumbled out of the downed Bellsprout’s mouth as the weakened wild Pokemon began to try and suck up more energy from the ground.
The Bug-types shell had several cracks from the impact, however soon the shell turned from green to white as the shell itself began to break away in larger and larger chunks. Within several seconds, the exoskeleton was no more and a light purple winged form emerged.
“Wow Metapod, I can’t believe you evolved,” Anzo yelled,” We’ve only been training a few weeks since you evolved from Caterpie, but I am glad to see you. Now Butterfree, vanquish your foe! Use Confusion on the Bellsprout before its able to use Growth again.”
The white-winged Butterfly Pokemon already-red eyes flashed a darker reddish hue and Bellsprout was outlined in red. The wild Pokemon’s head slammed into the ground several times until Bellsprout stopped moving.
The Grass-type Pokemon slowly reduced in size and after a minute it was back to its normal size and it was knocked out.
Gaius watched as portions of the surrounding forest regained their green color as the Bellsprout had stopped siphoning nutrients from the area. He then turned to Anzo and smiled. “I’m really surprised, but your Metapod proved worth its slot on your team. It’s now even a Butterfree so its strength increased as well.” Gaius then looked towards Bellsprout. “I already have a Grass-type in Oddish, so I don’t really need another one right now. Maybe you can capture this one. Its final evolved form Victribel can use Sweet Scent to lure in Pokemon, so you could always use it to try and capture more bugs to add to your team.”
Anzo reached into his pocket and grabbed a Pokeball. “I can’t believe just this morning this Bellsprout managed to weaken my Pinsir. It was a worthy opponent, and it would have a use on my team.” He threw the Pokeball at the knocked out Bellsprout which became enveloped in a white light. After several shakes a low hum was heard, and the samurai walked over to claim his prize. He then smiled, new Pokeball in hand, and turned towards Gaius.
“Thank you for your help here today. You were truly valuable. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have thought of using Metapod’s Harden as a means of offense.” He paused for a moment and continued to speak. “Say, where are you heading? You said something about the Pewter City gym before, right? Do you mind if I accompany you there? My Pinsir needs some help from Nurse Joy and my new Bellsprout could use a long rest and healing there as well.”
Gaius thought for a moment as he weighed the proposal in his mind. ‘Well, Anzo can definitely be weird at times, and he certainly dresses very oddly, but he did prove useful today. Plus,’ he continued, ‘if I have someone else around it may make confronting dangerous situations like this one easier. At worst I can give him a trial run to Pewter City and see how he is for an extended period.’ After weighing his options, Gaius nodded and began to speak.
“Yeah, of course you can come. I haven’t really had any traveling companions since I started my Pokemon journey so it will take some getting used to, but I’m sure we can make it to Pewter City without any problem.” He then walked towards Anzo and shook his hand.
“Thank you, great warrior,” Anzo replied, firmly shaking the older trainer’s hand. “let’s head back to my cabin so I can pack and ensure I have everything I need for the trip. Pewter City isn’t too far, but it can still be a day or two on foot from this part of the Viridian Forest.” The pair made their way back to Anzo’s cabin and Gaius watched as the younger trainer packed a bag. Before departing for Pewter, Anzo constructed a makeshift sign in front of his cabin that read “Free for use by Pokemon Trainers” and stuck it in the ground in front of his house.
“I figure if anyone comes across a Beedrill swarm or some other fiend while in the forest,” he explained, “they can seek shelter and rest in safety.” He then slung his backpack over his left shoulder and the pair departed for Pewter City. Little did the pair know, but they were going to have an Onix-spected time!
Pokemon Attempted: Bellsprout 5-10k
CC: 26,634

Note: I tried to spice up a standard boring "Kid walks into a forest" plot by having Gaius and the reader both expect some insane and tough battle, but it ends up being a basic Pokemon that uses its power in a unique way. I also took some anime/writer liberty with certain moves to make the story more interesting, I hope that isn't a detriment.

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