Harry Potter and the Pokemon Thief
“Stop right there, you thief! I saw you steal that Hyper Potion!”

Harry heard the loud booming voice call after him. It hadn’t been long since Harry Potter had found himself trapped in a foreign world, but right now all he knew what that he had to run. It had been several weeks since Harry Potter found himself trapped in a foreign land and managed to make friends with a band of Pokemon trainers, but right now the young man was alone in a strange land. ‘How has it come to this,’ he pondered as he ran at lightning-speed down a city alley, ‘Last month I was at Hogwarts fighting Voldemort, and now I’m being branded a thief for something I didn’t even do.’  The running began to take its toll on Harry who had grown used to a leisurely travel pace the last few weeks. The wizard ducked behind a large garbage container in the alley and squatted low as he took a break while he caught his breath as sweat dripped down from his mess of black hair.

The morning had started normal enough, or whatever passed for normal since Harry found himself teleported to the Kalos region. With Ash training as usual, Serena and Harry searched the forest for food and rare Pokemon, and they came across a peculiar sight. A blur of white and black ran past the pair in an erratic pattern as they were picking some fruit.

“Hey, let’s find out what that is,” Harry implored to his young friend, “it might be a Pokemon, and I wouldn’t mind having something besides Hoothoot.” He began chasing in the direction of the object and beckoned her to follow

The girl nodded and finished her fruit collection, gripping her basket firmly as she joined Harry in the chase, her blonde hair flowing behind her as she ran. The pair came to a large bush shaking bush, and Harry threw his Pokeball to aid in his investigation.

“Hoothoot, I need help please. Use Tackle on that bush and see if anything comes out.”
Harry’s red and white Pokeball opened and a brown and white owl with large red eyes emerged and transfixed its gaze on the shaking bush. After a moment of preparation, the Flying-type Pokemon flew quickly towards the bush and a series of commotions erupted from the greenery in a combination of hoots and snarls. After several seconds, the brown Pokemon emerged from the bush stumbling and flapping its wings erratically, its body badly damaged from an apparent attack.

“No, Hoothoot!” Harry yelled as his Pokemon fell to the ground, unconscious. The scene evoked all-too raw memories in the wizard as he remembered his beloved Hedgwig and how she perished mere months ago in a Death Eather attack as he fled his adoptive home. Wiping the tears from his eyes, the young adult pressed the button on his Pokeball and retrieved his Pokemon. “Come on, we’ve got to get to the Pokemon Center. Tell Ash and the others, we don’t have time to lose.”

Not wanting to waste time in order to wait for the rest of the group, Harry ran towards the nearby Shalour City, knowing that a Pokemon Center would be nearby. ‘Ash told me about these,’ he franically thought as he tried to read signs at a break-neck speed. After several minutes, he found the Pokemon Center and ran inside.

“Someome, please help!” Harry yelled, “my Hoothoot was attacked by an unknown creature and its badly hurt.” 

He saw a woman behind a counter and a pink and white Pokemon by her side. The woman’s eyes grew large and she leapt into action.

“Quick, hand me your Pokeball,” she directed. With a press of the button, Harry’s Pokemon appeared on a stretcher that the woman’s companion began to push to a back room. After twenty minutes, the woman and her pink assistant walked back into the front waiting area, and Hoothoot was laying on the stretcher asleep.

“Here you go young man,” the woman consoled Harry as she handed him Hoothoot’s Pokeball, “your Pokemon Is all better. He just needs a bit of time to sleep but you can put him back in his Pokeball. Just be more careful next time, please.”

Harry smiled as his eyes began to swell with tears. “Thank you so much Nurse Joy,” he sighed as he recalled his Pokemon, “I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t make it here.”

Harry then quickly used the Pokemon Center’s phone to call Serena.

“Hey Serena,” he gushed as he talked to his new friend, “Hoothoot is all better. He just needs a little time to rest.” He paused as he listened to her response. “What do you mean Bonnie tripped and Ash is carrying her now? Just take your time and go slow. I’ll explore the city while waiting.” He quickly hung up the phone, put his Hoothoot and his spare Pokeball in his blue jeans pocket, and he exited the building.

Harry then spent the next 30 minutes perusing the local marketplace, trying to familiarize himself with all of the new kinds of products that existed in this world. He read about TMs, Potions, different Pokeball types , and  every other product he could look at. As he began to leave a large store, he heard the store owner yell behind him.

"Stop Thief!" The owner yelled, as he charged towards the door.

Harry looked perplexed and put up his hands to shield himself from a possible attack from the owner. "I didn't steal anything sir, I swear. I just looked around."

“Yeah right, I had a Hyper Potion sitting right there and now it’s gone, you’re the only one who could have taken it. Stay right here until Officer Jenny gets here. I’m going to make sure you get sent to jail for years!”

“Harry quickly looked towards the doorway and evaluated his options. ‘I didn’t steal anything, but I don’t have time to try and explain, and if I do get detained, I don’t want to spend months here awaiting trial. I know it’s not right…but I have to run.’ He quickly bolted towards the door, and as he did, he once again saw a black and white blur out of the corner of his eye. ‘Maybe that’s what stole the shop owner’s item,’ he thought as he ran, trying to follow the creature as fast as he could.

Now panting, being pursued as a thief, Harry had taken a few seconds of rest near a dumpster. ‘Nothing has gone right today,’ he thought as he looked down at Hoothoot’s Pokeball, ‘Hoothoot should be mostly recovered now, if needed he should be able to battle.’ He then peered around the dumpster and saw another flash of black and white. ‘There it is,’ he thought as he readied himself to run again and followed the unknown Pokemon.

The young Wizard quickly chased after the fleeing Pokemon, seeing it off in the distance at least thirty feet away. The chase led Harry from the market district to near the Pokemon Center, and he was finally able to corner the wild Pokemon in an alley near the boutique.

Now that the Pokemon was cornered, Harry looked towards the end of the alley and saw a small Pokemon with a Hyper Potion in its mouth. The Pokemon was the size of a small dog, with four legs and had black and white fur in an odd zigzag pattern down its body and a black mask-looking feature around two large red eyes. It looked fierce and bared its teeth, snarling at the newly-minted trainer.

‘I can’t give up’ Harry thought as he prepared his Pokeball. ‘I have to clear my name, and if I ever hope to fit in while I’m stuck in this crazy world, I need to get used to battling.’ The young man reached into his pocket and pulled off his Pokeball and threw it into the air.

"Come forth, Hoothoot!" he yelled. "Time to help me catch this thieving Pokemon." His Owl Pokemon appeared in a flash of light, ready to battle. "Hoothoot, use Confusion on that wild Pokemon," Harry commanded. The new trained only knew a few attacks, as Ash had briefly mentioned his own experiences with a Noctowl, a larger form of Hoothoot.

His Pokemon flew above its trainer's head and eye-beams shot towards the wild Pokemon. The Pokemon seemed completely unfazed by the attack and within several seconds, the Pokemon glared at Hoothoot and jumped off of the ground, trying to throw its entire body at the attacking Flying-type Pokemon.

‘Why didn’t that attack work,’ Harry thought as he became worried, ‘Confusion should have hurt that Pokemon.’ His thought pattern was broken by the bipedal Pokemon’s actions.

"Hoothoot, dodge the attack and counter with Peck," Hary yelled to his Pokemon.

The bird was able to successfully evade the attack by flying several feet higher than the wild Pokemon's trajectory, leaving the Pokemon to crash onto the ground of the alleyway. The Pokemon turned and faced Hoothoot again, this time lowering its head to try another attack.

"Hoothoot, use Wing Attack on that Pokemon," Harry commanded.

"We've got to knock it out before it comes to its senses and runs away again!"

His Pokemon hooted in response, and started to fly low as his wings glowed white, however, before he was able to execute the attack, the wild Pokemon jumped and stuck the Flying-type Pokemon with his head, causing Hoothoot to plummet the several feet from the air to the ground.

"No, Hoothoot," Harry yelled as he watched his Pokemon hit the ground. After several seconds, the Hoothoot was able to stand up on its foot and take flight several feet in the air. Its wings once again glowed white as it moved quickly and stuck the wild Pokemon. The confused Pokemon yelled in pain and tried to attack Hoothoot with its claws, but it ended up scratching itself in the face with a flurry of claws and then fell on its side.

"Terrific, I think it's ready to be captured," the young wizard exclaimed. He readied the spare Pokeball that the shop owner had given him and threw it towards the wild Pokemon, and watched as it was sucked up into the ball. After several shakes, the Pokeball hummed, signaling that the Pokemon was captured. Harry ran forward and picked up the Pokeball, smiling as he held his newly caught Pokemon and picked up the Hyper Potion and put it into his pocket.

Within twenty minutes, he made it back to the shop where the wild Pokemon had stolen from. He handed the Hyper Potion to the shop-owner, who was scowling and seething in anger.

“So, the young thief decided to return to try and make amends? Do you really think you can just return what you took and that I’ll forgive you? I already gave your description to Officer Jenny, and I’m going to call her right now.” The older store-owner reached behind the counter and grabbed a Pokeball. “Scyther,” the owner commanded, “watch this thief until the cops come. I won’t let him get away this time.”

The Pokeball opened and a large light-green creature appeared. Whatever other features it had, Harry’s eyes were fixed on the Pokemon’s sharp blades that it had in place of hands.

‘That thing could slice me in two,’ he though as he gulped in worry, ‘I need to make him explain soon or I’m in major trouble.’ The young man put up his hands and began to quickly implore the man of his innocence. “No you don’t understand,” he began, “It was this black and white zig-zag Pokemon. I managed to capture it in this Pokeball. It must have been using a fast attack so it was hard to see. I came back to clear my name and return your item. I’m from a far away place and I don’t want trouble.” Harry’s emerald eyes looked pleadingly towards the man, hoping that he would believe him.

The older shop owner paused and he put his left hand over his chin as he stroked a small beard for a moment. “Well, let’s say I believe your story,” he shook his head as he continued speaking, “if that’s the case, then you went out of your way to help me out. For that, I thank you, but I’ll be keeping my eyes on you.” He picked up his phone and after several minutes he returned to talk to Harry.

“I called Officer Jenny and explained the situation. She says you’re free to go, as long as you report to the station and answer her questions and submit a report. You have twenty-four hours or else she says she’s coming after you.” The man then turned to his Pokemon. “Scyther return,” he pressed his Pokeball and the green Pokemon disappeared inside the ball.

Harry walked out of the shop, relieved that he wasn’t a suspect, and ventured back to the city square to meet with the rest of the group. By the time he had arrived, everyone was already standing there waiting for him, and Ash looked impatient.

"Hey, Harry," he began, "what happened? We were about to start looking for you if you didn't show up  at the Pokemon Center soon. You're like a half-hour late for the meetup. I was hoping to be at the Gym by now. You said your Hoothoot was all better, so what’s the problem?”

“Well I’m sorry Ash,” he began as exhaustion began to set in, "something came up. I had to help a shop owner collect a stolen item, which made me run all over town. Even though it took me a while, I was able to capture a new Pokemon." The young man opened his new Pokeball and his newly-caught Pokemon emerged. “I also have to go to the station tomorrow and talk to Officer Jenny.”

"Oh cool," Ash replied, looking somewhat more understanding, "it's nice that you were able to help someone out. Plus you got a Zigzagoon as well, that Pokemon's pretty neat. It does look a bit different from the ones I’m used to, though"

"Oh really," Harry responded, "that's pretty interesting. Anyway, I think you've all had enough of waiting, right? Let's go to the Gym!" He recalled his new Zigzagoon and the group headed towards Shalour Gym to take on Korrina.

Trying to catch:

Zigzagoon G (5-10k)

CC: 13,350

Note: This is a resubmit of a story I failed way back. I changed large parts of the opening, made the opening more action-y, and tried to make the character responses more accurate to fix what was suggested. I also fixed/eliminated some minor slightly inconsistent HP canon as that was a complaint as well.

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