My Fair Lady - Ch.2 [#ANewChapter]
My Fair Lady

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Pokemon: Plusle

Rank: Simple

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Author Notes: I still don't know where this is going but at least it is~!

Warning: Mentions of implied death scenery and severe injury

"A Man's dying is more the survivors' affair than his own." - Thomas Mann

Rubble dust choked the grass; it made passing through what remained of the ruined route even more difficult than it already would be in the shadow of the fallen bridge. The little mouse coughed as it trundled slowly through the grass. It's normally pristine yellow and red fur was mottled a dull gray from the concrete powder adhered to its fur.

This place was a waking nightmare.

The little rodent remembered that just earlier this morning, things had been as they had always been. Bikers speeding overhead on glass gauss ways as pokemon and trainers ran beneath the shadow of the bike path; battles and laughter  bouncing off the structure and echoing back to those travelling beneath it. Plusle had managed to evade a young would-be trainer's attempt to catch him and run off back to his burrow near the base of one of the path's immense support beams. When he'd ducked into the cool darkness of his den, things had been good. He'd even considered going to try and find his partner Pokemon - Minun - to spend the day with. It had been too long since they'd seen each other...

And then the sky fell in - or so it had seemed, when the first shattering cracks had sent glass raining down alongside the rest of the human structure above.

The Bike Path had fallen, and it had taken what seemed to be the rest of the world with it.

Plusle stumbled further across the route, far less nimbly than it ever had before; it's back leg ached fiercely where a slab of concrete larger than the entirety of the mouse had landed on him in his blind bid to escape the falling rubble. it was only dumb chance that had kept the wild pokemon from losing the entire limb - or his life - when he'd leapt out of the way.

More jittery steps followed as he kept pushing through the aftermath of the destruction. Glass littered the grass and made every wobbled step treacherous, but he could barely bring himself to keep an eye on where he was placing his feet.

The decimation had too strong a hold on him for that.

Trees, broken and splintered under boulder sized chunks of concrete. Steel beams and cables strewn across the walking path, blocking passage and crushing whatever - and whoever- may have been so unlucky as to have been below when they fell from above. Live wires whipping over the dry grass; several small fires springing up in places with no one around to stop them, the wires that brought them to life still flailing wildly like striking snakes through the flames.

As he walked onwards, desperately hoping to find help, any help (even human help, if it came to that), he found nothing but more ruin and proof that the bridge had not been the only thing lost today. The remains of what he knew had once been a garden of Oddish, now buried under debris and melting glass. A glimpse of bright blue and white feathers, stark against the mess of unrecognizable rubble hiding the Pokemon they belonged to beneath it. In the water of the lake, several forms, limp; perhaps those that had leapt from the bike path or the walking path below, pokemon and person alike, bobbing in the water. Still.

The little electric mouse wasn't sure if they were just unconscious or…

He had to stop when he noticed a patch of pale skin and bright red clothing, lying half in and out of the remains of a patch of long grass. A human. Or most of one, from what he could see poking out from the great slab of road that had landed in the vicinity. As he came closer, it became apparent that was not all that was nearby.

A Dog, black and shaggy, was frantically trying to throw itself at the wreckage of the bridge, to dislodge it from where it was sitting on the human. He watched it claw at the stone and glass, eyes wild and maw open in a series of painful howls and screams. The sound of it seemed muffled; perhaps the mouse's ear had been damaged in the initial collapse of the structure. Despite this, it was clear the creature was going half-mad seeing the human crushed under the remains of the bridge, unable to dislodge any of it.

Nearby he could also see another dog, bright green, its own muzzle flashing sharp teeth as it's mouth snapped open and shut. It seemed to be angry, and looking at the Poochyena as it made it's desperate attempt to dislodge the shattered bridge from what the Plusle could only assume had been their human. Was the Elektrike yelling at them? Plusle wondered why.

Their own situation seemed almost worse than the rodent's, but he knew he needed to find anyone at all right now to seek help, and so he dragged himself closer to the tiny pack of dogs, hoping if nothing else the angry one might be persuaded to do something for him. The Poochyena seemed too far gone in their own grief to really be of much help to themself, let alone another survivor.

"H-hey. Please- please I ne-ed help. hurt…" Another cough wracked through his small form and stole his words, this time from the smoke billowing off the multiple small fires littering the route from the shredded powerlines. His eyes watered from the effort of breathing; his chest seemed to hurt if he tried to breathe too much at once.

When the cough finally receded into a low wheeze in his throat the mouse looked back up at the scene, intent on trying to hail help again, only to feel the leg that he'd been dragging this whole way finally give out under him. He collapses to the ground in a heap, a new wave of wracking coughs enveloping him.

Breathing was so hard.

" idiot! That won't help! They're already….can't move a whole bridge by yourself….stop! I said stop! What part of stop don't you- what's that sound? Wait, there's another Pokemon over there! Another survivor! Stop and help someone who can actually use it!" His vision is getting hazy when he hears the dull thudding of footsteps racing towards him, a green blur appearing before smoke-weary eyes. Was it the Elektrike from before? He was so tired now…

"Are you okay? Hey, wait- no, no, no, no, don't you pass out too! Keep your eyes open! Stay awake….." the words fade out along with the rest of his vision, and Plusle gives in to the irresistible siren sound of unconsciousness. He hoped he was right and the electric dog had come to help him.

He wondered, as the last thin wisps of thought left him behind, if he'd ever see Minun again to spend an afternoon together like he'd planned.

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