Beemo's Extraordinary Pokemon Journal
Journal Entry #100
DATE: 8/7/2020
Subject: Voltorb

Appearance: The origins of this mysterious Pokemon are unknown. Appearing like a traditional Poke Ball, Voltorb have a large set of eyes on the upper half of their body, giving them the only noticeable difference from a standard Poke Ball. Not as noticeable, is the fact that Voltorb don't have a button-like marking on their bodies which would truly make them indistinguishable from their mechanical counterpart. Despite being just a ball-shaped Pokemon, Voltorb is capable of self-propelled movement and stopping. Hills and slopes seem to have little bearing on their movement capabilities.

Mannerisms: Voltorb are equally as mysterious in how they act. They often times like to hang around abandoned locales with plenty of electrical energy, like Power Plants. Unsuspecting travelers who visit these places will think they have found a Poke Ball on the ground, only for an angry Voltorb to attack with electrical attacks when provoked. It is currently unknown how Voltorb feed or thereby gather food sources. The leading speculation is that Voltorb draws in electricity from the air, and consumes it through its body.
Journal Entry #101
DATE: 8/8/2020
Subject: Electrode

Appearance: Sporting the same color scheme as Voltorb in reverse, Electrode is a much larger spherical Pokemon. Lacking some of the elements that make it look identical to a standard Poke Ball, Electrode is unable to camouflage itself like Voltorb can. However, the evolution has caused the more mechanical look of the Voltorb to disappear. This leaves Electrode looking more like a softer fleshed ball than the hard, steely look from before. Electrode also have a mouth, which is often times in a snarky smirk.

Mannerisms: Electrode are very explosive. Not just figuratively, but they also have a general attitude towards exploding. While it takes them getting incredibly perturbed to achieve such an extreme, Electrode are also extremely temperamental. If a trainer or Pokemon is not careful, Electrode have been known to explode without warning. It is always advised to leave these Pokemon alone if spotted in the wild. When domesticated, they lose this quick temper funnily enough.
Journal Entry #102
DATE: 8/9/2020
Subject: Exeggcute

Appearance: Exeggcute is named for the fact that is a grouping of small individual bodies which closely resemble eggs. However, Exeggcute's bodies are actually seeds. The little Pokemon work together as one functionally single Pokemon, with all them gathering around the largest who acts like the leader. Given their egg-shaped appearance, movement would seem difficult for them. However, each of them have tightly wound muscles which act as springs internally which lets them hop in unison in whatever direction they want to go. The typical Exeggcute comprises of either 6 or 7 individual bodies.

Mannerisms: Exeggcute are the masters of efficiency in movement and planning. The leader of the group has been genetically gifted the intelligence required to safely and effectively get the others around it to act accordingly. As such, Exeggcute can perform some spectacular attacking patterns which involve separating and attacking from different angles. They must be careful when doing this however, as any injury sustained by one body is felt across the rest.
Journal Entry #103
DATE: 8/10/2020
Subject: Exeggutor

Appearance: Exeggutor harnesses the power of the Leaf Stone and transforms from multiple bodies into a single entity. Built like a shorter, stumpier coconut tree, Exeggutor grow exponentially larger than their previous form. Three of the previous bodies wind up becoming the three faces the Pokemon has underneath its thick, leafy top of head. The Pokemon has no arms, but has plenty of Psychic energy to levitate things around if need be. An interesting aspect of this Pokemon is that, Exeggutor's faces are capable of falling off. If they do, the head that has fallen becomes a new Exeggcute.

Mannerisms: Exeggutor actually interact in a fairly similar manner as Dodrio. Given both Pokemon are comprised of three unique personalities in each head, there is likelihood of witnessing the Pokemon fight with itself often. However, Exeggutor are frightening when all three heads are in sync. It has been said that if all three are able to put their focus onto a single target, the Psychic power they generate is enough to fell even some mythical Pokemon. They can also launch separate attacks from each head to upwards of three different targets, making them potent battlers.

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