Beemo's Extraordinary Pokemon Journal
The Meaning of This Journal
Date 4/29/2020
"To create a living Pokedex of every Pokemon in the known world, and study their mannerisms and battle capabilities." That is the mantra of the research professor I have begun interning for starting just last week. At the time of the interview when I asked the question of what they did here, I thought that was quite the tall task. However when I stepped inside the laboratory for the first time and saw other researchers interacting with Pokemon from all over the world, I knew they meant business. In particular, every intern's job was to create their own detailed journal of every Pokemon in the world. To quote the professor, "We publish these journals and many people gain inspiration on how to better interact with their Pokemon partners or out in the wild." 

The herculean task of tireless research and astute observation was going to be fun, yet daunting I could already tell. Although the professor had a specimen of nearly every Pokemon staying at their lab, there were several of the one-of-a-kind Pokemon they didn't have. "How do I make a living Pokedex of every Pokemon if not every Pokemon is here?", I asked the professor as I gazed around the facility. They laughed and said, "We have research materials from past researchers who happened to be the fortunate ones to observe them, don't you worry."

With all the reassurances in the world thrown to me, I began my task to chronicle every single Pokemon in the world. My hopes being that trainers who might be curious as how their Pokemon might interact in certain situations get better insight into the mind of a Pokemon. 

This journal is being used to detail every Pokemon, so that I have inspiration to pull from should I own any of these Pokemon in the future, and wish to use them in stories or NP runs.
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Journal Entry #1
DATE: 4/30/2020

Subject: Bulbasaur

Appearance: I reached the Grass-Type area of the professor's lab, and grabbed the Pokeball underneath the Bulbasaur label. Popping the capsule open, a rather tiny lizard-like Pokemon with a substantially sized plant bulb on its back appeared. Splotches of green dotted its fairly rugged, somewhat moist skin. It also had remarkably large eyes compared to the size of its head. 

Mannerisms: The first note I could make was that immediately after being released from its Pokeball, it began to stretch. It then let out a big yawn and proceeded to look around the area. As it gazed upon some of the other Grass-Type Pokemon who were being studied, it smiled and gave a satisfying cry. "Prefers being out in the open and around similar Pokemon," I noted as I observed the little Pokemon finished its looking around. It turned back to me and appeared to carefully take in who I was. After what seemed like forever, a random vine appeared from under the base of the bulb and approached me. Initially, I was terrified that it was going to attack me. However, as the vine reached my midsection, it stopped and Bulbasaur wagged it in front of me with a smile. "Oh, you want me to shake your vine as a greeting!", I exclaimed in relief as I gladly reached out and shook its vine.

Battle Performance/Move Selection: In the Grass-Type area, there were training dummies and a complete outside area for researchers to test out Pokemon and their capabilities. I brought Bulbasaur along to a training dummy and asked, "Could you demonstrate Razor Leaf to me Bulbasaur?" The little plant-lizard obliged and faced the dummy. Leaves around the bulb began to harden and become much more jagged on command, and then were launched with considerable force at the dummy. I watched as the leaves sliced into the dummy's soft exterior and became embedded. Impressed, I smiled at Bulbasaur and then asked, "That was awesome! Could you demonstrate Leech Seed?" Bulbasaur nodded with a smile and proceeded with the attack. From inside the bulb, a tiny seed appeared and then was forced out at high speed to the dummy. Upon contact with the dummy, the seed sprouted thin, wiry vines and began to shock the dummy with a red light. Through a couple more tests, I came to note that all its seed-based and powder-based moves were launched from the bulb on its back. Its ultimate attack, Solar Beam, was also fired from this bulb.
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Journal Entry #2
DATE: 5/1/2020
Subject: Ivysaur

Appearance: The next day after playing with/studying Bulbasaur, I went back to the Grass area and walked up to the Poke Ball with Ivysaur listed as inside. Grabbing its capsule, I lobbed it in the direction of the floor next to me and it burst open with a bright, white light. What emerged was another reptilian Pokemon, like Bulbasaur only slightly larger. Similar coloration and visual features across the body, except for one major difference. Ivysaur's bulb had shown progress towards becoming a full flower. Large, green leafs surrounded the base of the bulb, which has now begun to slightly open up at the top.

Mannerisms: Unlike Bulbasaur and its immediately noteworthy playful nature, Ivysaur seemed to be a bit more reserved. After being brought out of its Poke Ball, it gave a brief shake and then gave a non-aggressive growl. It took a vine that emerged from around the large, leafy area of its back and began to wipe the drowsiness from its eyes. "Either a Pokemon's mannerisms change when they evolve, or this was a different nature Bulbasaur that maintained its original personality," I noted in my journal as I noticed it doing a similar glance around the room. Although not the same reaction as Bulbasaur, it was pleased to be surrounded by Pokemon and in a more gentle atmosphere. I smiled at the Pokemon and asked, "Hello Ivysaur, would you mind helping me with some questions I have?" Ivysaur tilted its head to one side, before giving a quick nod and we walked to the same area I had worked with Bulbasaur.

Battle Performance/Move Selection: Commencing with the field test for Ivysaur, I started by running through the same moves I had done with Bulbasaur to see if there were any changes in form. Except for the Razor Leaf forming now from the inner pedals of the bulb as opposed to the outside, no changes were significant. I decided with Ivysaur to test the power of its contact moves, as I would be comparing them to its evolved form the next day. To my surprise, Ivysaur's Double-Edge demolished the thick tree that I had commanded it to attack. "Whelp, what am I going to do when Venasaur uses this..." I thought with an impressed sigh as I gave Ivysaur a thumbs up. 
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Journal Entry #3
DATE: 5/2/2020
Subject: Venusaur

Appearance: Having had successful studies of both pre-evolved forms, I was anticipating some good data as I reached for the Poke Ball containing Venusaur from the shelf. Opening it, the familiar white light brought forth a massive Pokemon from its tiny confines. While similar in color to both previous Pokemon, Venusaur was huge at 6'6" and the bulb on its back had blossomed into a gargantuan flower. It appeared to have polka-dotted leaves around a pale, yellow stalk. The face of this Pokemon had clearly changed as well, looking more like a frog with a giant leaf covering its forehead.

Mannerisms: Unlike Bulbasaur and Ivysaur, Venusaur emerged from its Poke Ball and immediately let out a giant roar. I had to cover my ears quickly, as the deep, bellow voice nearly knocked me on the ground. Having concluded, I stood up to see the Pokemon just staring at me. Unlike the other two Pokemon so far, Venusaur didn't seem interested in what was going on around us. Rather, it appeared that he was studying me. Nervously, I reached out my hand as a sign that I was friendly. Venusaur glanced over at the outstretched hand, then back to my face. A rugged, leathery vine emerged from inside the base of the plant and gently wrapped around my hand. I delivered a deep sigh of relief and said, "Thank you Venusaur, now let's go have some fun." At the sound of the word fun, Venusaur happily nodded and we walked to the outdoor area.

Battle Performance/Move Selection: I initially ran Venusaur through the same paces I had done with the other two. Interestingly, it's powder-based moves were done by shaking the stalk of the flower, releasing the powder of choice at high velocity. Otherwise, the seed-moves and Solarbeam all emerged from the large opening at the top of the flower. Dreading this next test, I found the absolute thickest tree in the area and asked it to use Double-Edge. Unsurprisingly, the giant lizard Pokemon demolished the tree and left splinters where it stood. After noting down the sheer destructiveness of the attack, I had one more move I wanted Venusaur to try. "Alright, one more Venusaur! Please use Petal Blizzard," I said with some excitement to see what the move would look like. Venusaur nodded and the petals of the giant flower began to glow a faded pink. After a second of this glowing, thin pink petals began shooting out of the flower, spinning around the area with intensity. I quickly had to hide behind a tree, otherwise I was afraid to get hit by a stray leaf or two. The imagery was fantastic, and I made sure to write this experience down in a separate journal for me to have my entire life.
Journal Entry #4
DATE: 5/3/2020

Subject: Charmander

Appearance: Having concluded my research on the first Pokemon in the Pokedex, I waltzed into the Fire-type area of the lab. Similarly to the other area, Poke Balls were setting on labeled shelves for researchers to easily find their research subject. Walking up to the one labeled, "Charmander", I grabbed the capsule and opened it towards the open floor behind me. The white light that emerged gave shape to another lizard-like Pokemon, this one however orange in color and bipedal. Its skin was incredibly smooth, and was just shy of two feet tall. The most striking characteristic of this Pokemon however, was the little flame that burned brightly at the end of its tail.

Mannerisms: The little fire lizard playfully jumped up and down upon fully emerging from its Poke Ball. It even shot a little ember of flame into the sky and clapped at the sight. "I guess alot of basic-level Pokemon really enjoy playing," I thought as I smiled at the fun the Charmander was having. Finished with its little show, it walked up to me and tugged on my lab coat. Confused, I knelt down and asked, "What's up little guy?" The little lizard gave a wide-mouth smile and yelled out, "CHHAAAARRRRRR!" Stunned, I looked around to see if anyone else had been startled by the little lizard and then turned back to it. "Nice to meet you Charmander! Now would you like to help me with something?" I asked the playful Pokemon. Charmander smiled with excitement and we walked to the Fire-type testing area.

Battle Performance/Move Selection: Knowing that Charmander was a Fire type, I wanted to primarily test how strong its flame attacks were for comparison later on. Beginning from Ember up to Flamethrower, the little lizard would shoot various strength and sized flames directly from its mouth. Even at the strongest Fire attack however, the Flamethrower didn't measure as large due to the size of the Pokemon using it. The damage it caused was significant for a basic-level, enough to melt a bar of steel five inches thick. To conclude the experiment, I had Charmander use its two physical Fire moves. With Fire Fang, it bit into the metallic test dummy with searing-red teeth causing considerable, smoldering puncturing to the target. The most impressive was Flare Blitz, as the little lizard wrapped itself in flame and charged full speed at the next dummy. Upon impact, the fire transferred from the lizard to the dummy and ignited it in crimson-red fire. Shocked, I made sure to note that down for the next two evolutions.
Journal Entry #5
DATE: 5/4/2020
Subject: Charmeleon

Appearance: The test with Charmander was exciting, and I was equally as excited to see how handling its evolved form would be. Reaching the Poke Ball with the Charmeleon in it, I tossed it into the air and it popped open. A taller lizard emerged, with a larger flame at the tip of its tail. The color was nearly identical to the previous subject, yet the most distinct difference was a singular horn-like protrusion at the top of its head. Its claws were much more distinguished compared to the previous evolution as well.

Mannerisms: Not too long after emerging from the Poke Ball, Charmeleon gave a long growl and shot a cloud of flame up into the sky. The flames seemed to dance with embers falling randomly in swirls, like Charmeleon was trying to put on a show. "Interesting.... this Pokemon is an entertainer. Such wonderful control over its flame," I noted as the fiery lizard stopped after a short time. I clapped after the flames had stopped shooting up into the air, and Charmeleon smiled and triumphantly roared with delight. "Alright you little showstopper, lets see if we can put those flames to the real test shall we?" I asked with a bit of laughter. The Charmeleon stopped roaring, and nodded seeming to be ready to show itself off again in the testing portion of the study.

Battle Performance/Move Selection: Like I had done with Charmander, I started by having Charmeleon use its range of fire attacks on the thick bars of steel. I wanted to test the time it would take compared to Charmander to melt the bars. Unsurprisingly, the flames Charmeleon produced were significantly hotter than the little lizard. Going into the physical Fire attack, Charmeleon had its fangs actually become coated in flicks of flame and caused the bite wounds to leave remnants of fire behind. When it came to the Flare Blitz attack, I was left speechless. The lizard Pokemon roared, sending the flames from its tail around it in a hazy, orange mist. It then charged full speed at the dummy, launching itself with reckless abandon. Upon contact, there was a gapping hole where the Pokemon had charged through and the dummy was left with flicks of flame around the entering and exiting holes. "It's flames are so hot that it cut through this like melted butter.... Fascinating," was the only thing I could think as Charmeleon turned around and gave a huge thumbs-up.
Journal Entry #6
DATE: 5/5/2020
Subject: Charizard

Appearance: Today was a day I was particularly excited for. I had never gotten to examine a Charizard up close, and I was going to take every opportunity I had. Grabbing the Poke Ball with Charizard's label above it, I eagerly tossed it into the air and let the capsule burst open. From the shimmering white light, a dragon-like orange lizard Pokemon appeared. Roughly my height with rugged skin, the head of the Pokemon had two hornlike protrusions now and it's snout had become elongated. Prominent similar-colored wings were the most distinctive difference other than the considerable height increase from Charmeleon. The flame on the tip of its tail burned strong and with incredible heat that I could feel the warmth from 10 feet away.

Mannerisms: Charizard didn't waste any time roaring with an ear-spitting sound that had me covering my ears with incredible haste. It pounded its chest and shot incredible plumes of fire in-between roars. The fires came to an orange-red mushroom-shaped head, burning pure white at the base. After a few seconds of this, it had calmed down and I removed my hands from my ears. "Wow, that was intense Charizard," I said in a half-startled voice to the imposing fire dragon. Charizard glanced over to me, scoffed, and then proceeded to flap its wings. The strong winds Charizard produced just by testing out its wings had me hunkering down as best I could for fear of being blown away. "This is going to be an interesting field test," I thought nervously as I stood back up after the winds had stopped. I motioned to the testing area and asked the dragon, "Hey, you wanna let off some steam on some targets?" The Charizard roared in response, and marched over to the area immediately. "Well... here goes nothing," I said with a half-sigh as I walked over to the area as well.

Battle Performance/Move Selection: I started the field test by having Charizard use the same Fire moves as its pre-evolutions. Unsurprisingly, Charizard incinerated and melted everything in a time that far surpassed both Charmander and Charmeleon. During the physical attacks, its Fire Fang attack completely bit through a dummy and its Flare Blitz caused the dummy it collided with to completely explode. I then had it try the Heat Wave attack that it had gained from evolution. Charizard floated into the air slightly with its large wings, and then flames began to wisp around them. After the wings seemed shimmery from the heat, Charizard flapped them with incredible strength and speed. The shimmery air reached the three metallic dummies at the other side, and began to melt them almost immediately. I just stood there in awe as I witnessed what seemed to be significant fire control that was unmatched from what I had seen so far.

For one last test, I had it use it's Air Slash attack. Charizard stayed on the ground surprisingly for this, as his wings began to glow a milky white. Not too long after, Charizard gave a single flap of its wings and violent blades of air went surging towards the metallic dummies. I couldn't believe my eyes as I witnessed these blades pass through the targets at obscure angles, and then proceed to fall apart at the cut line. Charizard roared with delight at the carnage it had caused, while I just stood behind it and processed what exactly I had witnessed.
Journal Entry #7
DATE: 5/6/2020
Subject: Squirtle

Appearance: Having concluded the extreme Charizard test the day prior, I calmly walked into the Water-Type area of the lab ready for a calmer pace to today's testing. Finding the Poke Ball with Squirtle's label above it, I tossed the capsule in front of me and it burst open immediately. The familiar dazzling white light shone and a small, round turtle emerged. A pleasant sky-blue color, with a red shell as its entire torso. A large, swirly tail popped out from the bottom hole of its shell. Its skin was very smooth, like it was built to move through water effortlessly.

Mannerisms: The little turtle Pokemon stretched as it finally got freedom from its capsule, but accidentally slipped when it stretched too far. It fell onto its shell, beginning to helplessly flail in an attempt to get itself back up. It also began to sob, clearly in distress. "I'm coming little guy!" I said quickly as I rushed over to Squirtle's aid. Gently lifting it off its shell and back onto its feet, the little turtle smiled and gave me a hug on my ankle/lower leg. I gave a huge smile and patted it on its head. "It's okay Squirtle, that was a scary accident wasn't it?" I said assuredly as I stood back up. Squirtle gave a nod and a sort of nervous smile as it rubbed the back of its head, trying to play it off. I chuckled, motioned to the testing pool and said, "Well now that's over, let's go see what you can do."

Battle Performance/Move Selection: The testing pool was the ideal area to test Squirtle's mastery over water. I started by having the little turtle use Water Gun as both an attack and to see if it could propel itself with the jet. Squirtle obliged and shot a fairly powerful stream of water from its mouth towards a target set up 30 feet away from the pool. The target began spinning like crazy, showing considerable force to the jet. It then turned around, and aimed for the water in front of it. Putting the rest of its appendages into its shell, it shot the same force towards the water. As it did, the force caused the little Pokemon to begin moving all across the water's surface. When I had it replicate the actions with Hydro Pump instead, the target span so fast it was still spinning when we left the area. As for the propulsion, the little turtle shot like a rocket from one of the pool to the other with just a second's worth of Hydro Pump's force. 
Journal Entry #8
DATE: 5/7/2020
Subject: Wartortle

Appearance: Today was the Wartortle testing day, and I was intrigued on how it would fare compared to its tiny cousin the day prior. Approaching the Poke Ball housing the day's research subject, my familiar procedure commenced. With a deliberate toss of the Poke Ball, the capsule popped open and a Pokemon began to emerge from the white light. Similar to Squirtle, a small light-blue turtle stood before me. Unlike Squirtle, the shell looked more fused to the head and legs of the Wartortle, and feathery white ears were found on it heads. The swirly tail Squirtle had had also become a large, white and feathery tail.

Mannerisms: Upon fully emerging from the Poke Ball, Wartortle let out a long yawn and glanced around. It took several spins around to get a good view of its surroundings, and then stopped back facing me. It tilted its head in confusion, perhaps wondering why a new researcher was standing in front of it. I waved and said, "Hello Wartortle, my name is Dr. Albane and I'll be watching you today!" Wartortle gave me a glance up and down, and then nodded as he began to walk over to my leg. He started to poke me, as if to see how I would react. I chuckled as he looked up and smiled a toothy grin, and then backed away. Motioning over to the testing pool, Wartortle began to walk over for his demonstration.

Battle Performance/Move Selection: Wanting to compare the mastery of water between the two, I had Wartortle run the same tests Squirtle had done the day before. Beginning with Water Gun, Wartortle delivered a substantially more concentrated jet of water towards the faraway target, making it spin with considerable force. Then for the propulsion test, Wartortle generated a bit more speed than Squirtle had done based on lap times I clocked. Then came Hydro Pump. Wartortle blasted the target with an absolute torrent, and actually dislodged the target from its post. When the propulsion test came, I looked on as Wartortle looked at the water and then back to me. I nodded and he then briefly shot the same force into the water. The little turtle not only flew across the pool like a flash, but it had angled the jet slightly upwards making it fly into the air. After reaching 50 or so feet, it swan dove back into the water without missing a beat.
Journal Entry #9
DATE: 5/8/2020
Subject: Blastoise
Appearance: The last of the first set of starter Pokemon from Kanto, I was interested to see what surprises Blastoise held for me. Opening the Poke Ball underneath Blastoise's label, the white light showed a monstrous tortoise as the light faded. Not much short than I am, this bipedal tortoise had an enormous shell in which housed the barrels of two massive cannons near its head. The long, white feathery tail Wartortle had was reduced to a small, rudder like shape. Overall, the Pokemon looked incredibly bulky with plenty of muscle mass. 

Mannerisms: Blastoise stood firm as the light finally faded completely and he was completely free of his home. Motionless, he stared right in my general direction. I felt a sense of dread and confusion as I slowly approached the tortoise to introduce myself. Inching myself closer, its eyes stayed on me with a considerable concentration. Finally reaching arm's length of Blastoise, I outstretched my arm in a show of introduction. It looked at my arm, and reached out. Grabbing my hand, it squeezed so hard I began to tear up from the pain. It then gave a small shake, and let go of its firm grasp. I shook my hand in relief and pain, trying to smile through light tears coming from my eyes. After a second to recuperate, I led the large tortoise to the testing pool.

Battle Performance/Move Selection: Instead of the propulsion tests I had done with the previous two forms, I had Blastoise demonstrate how much water it could generate with its cannons. I had the pool drained before our test, so that Blastoise could fill a large body of water. Commanding it to use Hydro Pump, the tortoise extended its two barrels from inside its shell and aimed them right into the large basin. In a flash, an absolute deluge of water began pouring out of the cannons with unbelievable force. Holding the stopwatch in my hands, I would periodically glance back and forth from the pool to the watch. Every time I shifted my head back to the pool, it had already filled exponentially from the couple seconds prior. After the pool had completely filled back up, I hit the stop button on my stopwatch and looked at the time in absolute amazement. It had filled the full-sized Olympic pool in just under three minutes! 

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