My Fair Lady - Ch.1 [#ANewChapter]
My Fair Lady
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Pokemon: Poochyena
Rank: Easiest
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Author Notes: I have no idea where this is going but hopefully somewhere interesting!
Warning: Implied injury

"London Bridge is falling down
Falling down, falling down
London Bridge is falling down
My fair lady."

Distantly, Lucky could hear loud cracking sounds as the bridge above collapsed, could feel it as the ground beneath his paws bucked wildly and sent the humans all falling down. The water from the nearby lake was sent into wild eddies, waves crashing up over the path as the earth shuddered and wrenched with tremendous force. It was as if the entire world was being thrown into chaos all at once.
But the only thing the Poochyena was able to focus on was his trainer, and the portion of the cycling road hurtling towards them from above.

He rushes forward, knocking aside the Electrike he'd been battling a moment earlier, leaping towards his trainer, desperate to knock them out of the way and to safety-

-and the world went dark.

Everything was black for a long time, even when he eventually managed to pry his eyes open again; dust trickled down and the air was hard to breath and there was a terrible weight on him when he tried to move-

He shifts a paw, trying to stand, and feels it when a slab of stone rolls off his back with all sorts of other debris and broken glass. Looking down, his paws seem almost gray, cloaked in cement dust. Standing still hurts, but he manages to prop himself up and drag himself a few feet away from where he woke up, scrambling over piles of broken rock and ripped up earth with monumental effort until he finally collapses again in a patch of relatively clear grass. Thinking hurts. Breathing hurts. Everything hurts.

For a moment pain washes over him again, and Lucky succumbs a second time to the cool inviting darkness of unconsciousness.

When he wakes up the second time, it's to the feeling of something pressing against his side; a nudging motion next to his ribs, pushing him slightly from side-to-side. Whatever it is presses itself against a particularly bruised patch (or had he actually broken his ribs?) of his side, and he whimpers, and tries to move away only for whatever it is to follow after.

"Hey. Hey! Get up! You're still alive right? Get up!" a voice pierces through the fog crushing Lucky's thoughts, finally giving him enough clarity to realize he hasn't opened his eyes and has no clue what it is that's pushing him so roughly, or who it is that's talking to him. An single red eye cracks open a sliver-

and it's met by a wet, muddy green muzzle shoving itself in his face.

"WAKE UP!!!"

The command is barked directly in his ear and he shudders away from it, instinctively kicking out to get away; he rolls to the side and has to take a second to reorient himself, even as he finally fully opens his eyes to see who or what he'd presumably just kicked in the face.

He immediately desperately wishes he hadn't.

Around him are towering piles of broken materials; glass and concrete and steel beams twisted into useless clumps littering the route, grass and earth crushed by the rubble that had fallen on them. Now that he's slowly starting to regain the focus of his thoughts, he can hear sirens somewhere in the distance, and yelling. The sun was lower than it had been the last he'd seen it, making the water surrounding the route give off a terrible, almost red-sheen - like blood.

In front of it all, he can see a familiar figure pawing at their face, mouth curled up in a snarl; the Electrike from earlier, the one his trainer had been trying to catch for her team. Was he the one that had been trying to get him up?

What the Hell had happened? He glanced up, only to see clear sky - directly where the Cycling Road had been previously. A shudder worked its way down the Poochyena's spine.

How had the entire road collapsed, and more importantly…

...where was his trainer?

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