Nine-Fifty to Saffron

Alternate universe Kanto/Johto with dystopian elements.
Giovanni, current President for life of Kanto, has turned his region into a fortress. Travel between Johto and Kanto is still allowed (for now), but all passenger trains must travel through an armed bastion at the former Indigo Plateau.
Giovanni has set his sights on Johto, where there are vast natural resources, strategic footholds, and monstrous legendary Pokemon to add to his army.
In place of Team Rocket, Giovanni now runs a military police that includes, among other functions, serving as the border guard for the Indigo Plateau.


Giovanni (not depicted) – Following the success of the Mew-cloning experiment, Giovanni launched an enterprise determined to weaponize Pokemon as war machines at an unprecedented scale. Following a terrorist attack on his company, allegedly perpetrated by an operative from Johto, Giovanni rode a wave of sympathy to elected office on the promise of keeping not just his company, but all of Kanto, safe from their enemies.
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Kyosuke Inobara – Son of a Johto weapons manufacturer. He sympathizes with the effort to assimilate Johto into Kanto, because it would be a massive windfall for his father’s company. Kyosuke [REDACTED], not realizing that there is already a plot underway.

Kyosuke’s Meowstic (Female) – A Pokemon accustomed to luxury. She follows Kyosuke’s allegiance with the sole intent of continuing to enjoy the high life as his companion.

Natsumi Inobara – Daughter of a Johto weapons manufacturer. She is a renowned Pokemon trainer allegedly traveling to Kanto with her brother to participate in a Pokemon tournament. Unbeknownst to Kyosuke, she is working with [REDACTED] to [REDACTED!].

Natsumi’s Meowstic (Male) – A Pokemon with exceptional psychic power. Unlike Kyosuke’s Meowstic, this Pokemon is used to battle and shares his trainer’s devotion to hard work. He has been tasked with [...redacted].

Goichi Takamoto – Cousin of Kyosuke Inobara and known agitator, accused of murdering a Kanto ambassador. Goichi was found innocent of wrongdoing but Kanto has still banned him from entering the country. He has boarded the train secretly to [REDACTED].

Goichi’s Croagunk – A docile Pokemon who finds himself embarrassed and unable to live down his trainer’s reputation. Nevertheless, he is proud of his trainer’s work to oppose Giovanni peacefully.
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Haruhi Noya – A girl from lower-middle class Johto who earned herself a scholarship to a prestigious university in Kanto. She is travelling with her boyfriend back to school for the year.

Paul van den Eynde – A young man from Kanto who is dating Haruhi. Paul is the son of Silph Co’s new CEO. In public, he's charming and personable, but in private, [A WHOLE LOTTA REDACTED]. As the son of an important man, Paul has been under scrutiny by the media and has been the subject of scandal due to his reckless behavior.

Haruhi’s Sneasel – [REDACTED]. Sneasel is cunning and perceptive and believes earnestly that the attack was perpetrated by operatives from Kanto.

Paul’s Clefairy – A young Pokemon made [REDACTED]. Clefairy is enamored of Haruhi and [REDACTED].
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Karl and Frieda Köhler – An elderly couple who are returning from a visit to their son in Johto, where he works as a civil engineer.

Frieda’s Murkrow – A wizened Pokemon with little patience for the political squabbles between the other train passengers. Murkrow joins the investigation exasperated and desperate to revive his trainers before their unconscious state causes serious damage.

Hideo Morita – A young investigative journalist from Johto who published an exposé on the abusive nature of Giovanni’s original Pokemon-cloning experiment. Hideo believes he is on his way to Kanto to meet with a source who wants to blow the whistle on Giovanni’s weapons company. In fact, [REDACTED].

Hideo’s Elekid – A child Pokemon with little battle experience and even less self-confidence. Elekid’s short experience of the world has been mostly made up of discomfort and secondhand embarrassment due to the nature of his trainer’s work.
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Luca Brandis – Majority Leader of the Kanto legislature. He is returning to Kanto after a diplomatic visit to Johto, riding in a private car with his bodyguards. Unknown to Luca, he [REDACTED].

Luca’s Combusken - A strong and well-meaning Pokemon who isn’t all there upstairs. Combusken should accidentally [REDACTED].

Camille Demille – A private detective from Kalos. Camille was hired by a wealthy woman from Kalos to tail her unfaithful husband, but that story is irrelevant to the plot…… but maybe it could be relevant.

Camille’s Riolu – A plucky Pokemon who has dealt with the same situation as Elekid but emerged with more confidence and assertiveness. Riolu leads the investigation into the attack on the train and takes Elekid under his wing.

General Outline - Intro

Hideo and Elekid sit at a table in the train station, eating and watching the other passengers. Hideo recognizes the Inobara siblings and overhears a conversation bewteen Haruhi and Paul.

Camille introduces herself to the Kohlers in order to take a seat at their table, from which see has a perfect line of sight to her tail. As the train arrives, Camille loses her tail, and spends the train ride searching. She eventually reaches Luca's private car, where she is turned away by Luca's bodyguards.
"Aura Break"

In a world where some humans have access to Pokemon-like powers, a girl named Ivy gets in over her head while trying to take down a human/Pokemon fighting ring.

Chapter One Outline:

Ivy has joined an underground Pokemon fight with the intention of infiltrating the bad guys as a fighter. Her best friend, Cara, tries to pump her up because Ivy hates the idea of fighting Pokemon but thinks it's the only way to accomplish her goal.

During the fight, Ivy becomes disgusted with herself and resolves to quit and find another way to bring down the gang in charge of the fighting ring. Before she can end the fight, however, the police show up and Cara disappears in the chaos. Icy believes she was kidnapped by the bad guys and is sickened to thing she will have to continue fighting now in order to find her.

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