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Weather: Nighttime, clear skies, pleasantly cool
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It's a calm night. Stars twinkle high overhead, a full moon bathes the island in its pale glow, and a gentle breeze sets the trees to a soft rustle. Most of the island's residents are no doubt snoozing safely in their hideaways. Espero, on the other hand, is up and about, despite dearly wishing to sleep himself.

A strange energy has been growing within him ever since he found those stones beneath the mountains. Under the sun, it's mostly dormant, but beneath the moon, it courses through him with increased fervor, restless, itching to be released. Unfortunately, nighttime wanderings are the only way he's found to ease it... So here he is, walking, running, climbing, moving briskly up the low hills where the Skylark Jungle gives way to the Spine. It's not the gentlest trek, but that's fine; it's enough to keep his focus.

Only when he clears the tree line does he allow his pace to slow, coming to a gentle stop on a ledge overlooking one of the jungle valleys. It's an excellent view - and Espero would enjoy it far more if not for the infernal force prickling at his skin.

"Why won't you leave me be?" he growls, frustration mounting. Even with ample moonlight, straying too far from his den at this hour isn't a great idea, but this energy - or whatever it is - still isn't calming down like it should... All he can do for now is continue pacing helplessly, inching up the mountains, hoping for some measure of respite.
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The Brass was getting a bit impatient. They'd set out at midday, crossing through the forest and meandering their way up towards the mountains. It was here that the segments began acting out. At first, one segment would lollygag near the back, and then the Brass found his entire platoon falling out of order as they hiked up the Spine. The Brass had it on good authority from the Boss that there was aught to be found up in them hills, and the Brass was not one to ignore a potential payday when it was at the tip of his spear. With a commanding voice, he squeaked: "Fall in men, or I'll leave all of ye behind, and the Boss will thank me for it!" After that, there was no more mischief, as they continued their hike.

Night had fallen when the Brass gave the stopping order. They'd been looking for a place to settle camp for the night, and had chosen a small ledge nearby. However, as they approached, they spotted a dark figure, one that gave the Brass pause. They were certainly able to hold their own, but the creature looked almost feral to them, and worse yet, it was talking to itself. The Brass contemplated options for a moment, but simple nature soon kicked in. With an ahem, he raised his squeaky voice once more. "Who goes there? Friend, or foe? I'll have you know, we are armed."
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