Solosis for capture
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cam dis, i do
(03-25-20, 10:53 PM)Fenris Wrote: cam dis, i do

There isn't a lot you can do in terms of posing with a Pokemon like Solosis, so your strength here is due to recognizable design with all anatomical elements present. you've tilted it slightly, and it's expression is game-standard, but recognizable and gives it some sense of emotion. The Pokemon trainer has some more action to their pose than the Pokemon does, and it gives us a clear indicator of their intention and what the narrative is. Everything is done in big color blocks, so detail is lacking unfortunately, but you've still kept things well placed and recognizable.

You definitely know how to get the effect you want from your tools (a dry-paint on canvas effect in a digital medium), though it's not done with a huge amount of rendering. Going in and adding more detail with additional, smaller brushstrokes, and cleaning up the edges of things (such as the trainers fingers to make them more distinct, etc) would make the work both more visually clear and help reduce anatomical ambiguity for the trainer. More detail would also give more visual interest by giving the viewer more clear parts of the art to looks at.

You have some nice rough in suggestions of lighting and highlights in the piece. It's clear where you intend for the light source to be coming from and you have a good grasp of how that light would land on your subjects. Some areas are a little left out (such as the trainer's hand and the pokeball they're holding), but the areas that do have value to them are executed well and accurately the the scene.

While the colors of the work don't really share a unifying element, the bright colors of Solosis and the pokeball do act to draw the attention of the eye. Otherwise, the colors clash slightly, and don't add to an overall theme or mood. Reducing the vibrancy of the red and green here would make things match up a little better and help even out the tone across the artwork, though it would be somewhat hard to render Solosis due to it's semi-transparent gel layer. Here's a tutorial that may help render the colors of such a texture, since Solosis is fairly similar to a marble in shape and color!

Narrative: ADVANCED
The mood is clearly tense, going by the trainer's pose. We know they're trying to catch the Solosis or are about to battle it. Solosis' expression doesn't tell us mush since it's game standard, but the lighting really helps up the serious feeling of what's happening. Having Solosis doing something (maybe readying an attack, or lookins slightly angry) would help elevate this and clarify, but it is completely understandable what's going on as is.

Scene: BASIC
We know that the person and the Pokemon are in some sort of dark room with a single light source (due to the clear crease where the floor meets a wall), but we have practically no other information about where or when things are happening. More background elements or rendering some more parts of the floor or wall to give context for what they're made up might help clarify what's going on.

Conclusion: This work passes at HARD! You may claim Solosis + $10,000 + $5,000 for hitting the monthly theme of Green! (That's $15,000 total!)

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