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Ranger San Sū-kagetsu and Gamma
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They had set out at first light, following the cobbled path that led from the Ranger HQ to the Enigma Ruins. San yawned sleepily into the comfort of Gamma's fur, silently questioning why he'd chosen to become a Ranger if they'd have to get up that early all the time. Gamma chuckled at his sloth. Gamma didn't usually find San's laziness amusing, but the soft spot he held for the young man sometimes overcame him. Softly, Gamma floated above the path to the ruins, gently nudging San awake when they arrived.

A while back, before San was even a Ranger, strange Pokemon had started showing up to the Park, slowly trickling in. Margo and Babbs decided they'd nurture the populations, and before long droves of Galarian Pokemon started overflowing the Park's ecosystems. Now a bit of a problem, San was to escort a certain Opal Rouleau through the Ruins, one of the Galarian Pokemons' favorite spots, and get her to lower their numbers about (while adding to her own). It was thankless work, and the eeriness surrounding the ruins only made it worse. But, the job had to get done, and San dropped silently from Gamma's comfy back to open the gate leading onto the Ruins proper.

With that task done, San climbed back onto Gamma, and began messing around on his PokeGear, waiting for the Trainer to arrive as the sun crested the ruins proper.

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“Alright, Orville, show me what you’re made of!”

The Dragonite lets out an exuberant roar, his small but graceful wings spreading, rust-gold scales catching the morning’s light. His hindclaws briefly dig into the earth as his muscles bunch for the takeoff; then, with a massive heave and a whirl of summoned wind, he takes to the sky.

Flight - true, honest-to-gods flight - astride a Pokemon is fairly new to Opal. The sensation of the cold twilight air whipping across her skin; the way her stomach drops and her body goes weightless when Orville swoops or descends; the sheer speed of wings riding wind - all of it is still novel, and Opal hopes that the thrill never wears off. Since her ill-fated trip to the Ultra Wormholes, Opal has been focused on teaching her airborne Pokemon how to fly while carrying weight - particularly, passengers. Orville especially has taken to the training; the last thing either he or Opal wants is to run into another situation where she needs his help and him actually providing that help nearly leaves him catatonic.

And what better way to learn than on the way to the Enigma Ruins?

Opal realizes that it’s just a little hubristic to delve into the Enigma Ruins right after nearly being offed in a wormhole - but hey, life gets boring when you don't take risks Besides, she and her Pokemon are coming into the fray much better prepared than they were before, both logistically and mentally. It’s worth taking a chance to meet some new Pokemon.

The flight is over all too quickly. While Orville doesn’t look it - and doesn’t always make use of it; the great dragon has a tendency to be just a little lazy at times, bless him - he’s capable of blinding bursts of speed, and never is he faster than when airborne. Before too long, Opal sees the great gate, along with a white-furred Pokemon, its body overlaid with gold.

“Ho-ho-holy hell,” Opal laughs, despite the winds’ aggressive attempts to drown her out. “Looks like the rumors are true, Orv. If that’s not Arceus, then call me a rotten Garbodor.”

A low, melodic croon hums in Orville’s throat, and despite the odd angle she’s sitting at, Opal can see him nod. “How about that,” Opal says. “First psychics, then wormholes, now we’re in the company of gods.”

Orville’s descent is just as gentle and graceful as the rest of his flight. He lands a respectful few yards away from the Ranger and the Pokemon - yeah, is absolutely Arceus themself - that San is lounging on, casual as can be. Opal can’t help but be impressed.

“Hi, there!” Opal pries her iron grip off the handles of Orville’s saddle. She leans over so that she can be seen between Orville’s torso and wing, waving with one hand while she unbuckles her ankles from the stirrups with the other. “You’re Ranger San Sū-kagetsu, right? I’m Opal!” She pulls the last strap free and hops off Orville’s back, then begins loosening the harness keeping the saddle between Orville’s wings - it’s designed to fit comfortably on his back like a backpack when there isn’t a rider in it, but it doesn’t have to fit completely snugly when it’s empty. “You know, I heard you were buddy-buddy with Arceus, but I didn’t actually believe it. Good to meet the both of you!” She grins, trying to power past the absolute buck-wildness of seeing someone just casually using the so-called Original One as a pillow.

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