Staff Update - March 2020
Hey everyone!

Recently we had Staff Applications open, and have made decisions for General Staff as well as the 3 Teams applications.

Note that these are not for Section Staff apps. Those will be done by respective sections and posted as soon as they have made the decisions.

Effective immediately, the following promotions have been made:

General Staff
Ash K.

When the Staff rework happened, Ash stepped down, but he's been an integral part of the game moving forward and we're glad to have him back!

Game Design

Mon has been doing most of the responsibilities of Game Design in his role as a Senior Referee, and we look forward to him continuing that as a Game Designer!


With the changes to events I go over at the bottom here, we're excited to bring on these three to the team!


Both of these members have been extremely active and positive faces in the community. We're pleased to announce that they'll be taking over as approvers; they'll be able to approve everything in the Marketplace subforum, as well as Starter Requests!

Additionally, it is with heavy hearts we announce that Dash and Mikey have both stepped down in their roles on the Events team. Dash will continue to serve in his capacities as SR, Game Designer and Staff, and we wish both well!

Thank you to everyone who applied, and see you next apps!
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Congratulations guys. Let's make URPG even better together!
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A new era is upon us, and these heralds bring the dawning of greatness.
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