Valentine's Auction 2020!
$3,250 - $1,100 = $2,150

Claiming my Throat Spray and Alolamola!

Claiming Baltoy for my Medium!

Claiming Sablenite for my Megastone!
78k to 71k, not claiming medium yet or z crystal yet, claimign throat spray, claiming lickitung
Claiming Chansey for $55,000. Also getting my throat spray and Vulpix-Alolan as free Medium.

$330,500 - $55,000 = $275,500.
Claiming the z crystal for kommo-o
Claiming Mesprit, Lum Berry, Rindo Berry, Throat Spray, Cramorant

URPG Champion, Moderator, Head Referee, Head Judge, Johto LO, Legend Defender Champion, Fortree City Gym Leader, Kumquat Island Gym Leader

URPG Stats
Feel free to ask me any questions you have about URPG.
"When you can have anything you want by uttering a few words, the goal matters not, only the journey to it." -Rhunön the Elf (Eldest: Inheritance Book 2)
"You might think it'€™s to help you be a better battler. Really it's just to make your battles less painful for the poor referee that has to face-palm every turn." - Monbrey
Claiming lotad!
Claiming Munna (Thanks Shock)!
Hello, totally timely claim post.

- Stufful ($6,000)
- Throat Spray
- Foongus (Medium)

$12,500 - $6,000 = $6,500

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