URPG Awards 2019 Results!
Hey guys, hope everyone is having a fun 2020 so far!

The Results are in for the URPG Awards for 2019, only a few days late from lining up with the Oscars, totally planned!, and we want to thank everyone for their votes and support for the game. Those who voted may now claim their 3k. ADDITIONALLY, you may also claim a heart scale! Finally, continuing tradition, you may also claim a Galarian Husnain.

@Jack @Fierce Deity @Gold @VeloJello @sapahn @Sou @Mako @Shock3600 @Rick @PV @After @K'sariya @Ash K.

Now for the awards!

Best Battler: Ash K.!
Best AL Gym Leader: Ash K.!
Best NL Gym Leader: Sapahn!

Best Referee: Juliorain!
Favorite Referee: Sapahn!
Favorite Street League Gym: Kanto Fan Club!

Best Coordinator: A six way tie!
Best Judge: Mako!
Favorite Judge: VeloJello, Mako, and Julio!

Favorite Author: HKim!
Best Author: Jack and Velo!
Wish-You-Would-Write-More: K'sariya, HKim, and Cosmo!

Best Grader: Evanfardreamer!
Favorite Grader: Evanfardreamer!

Favorite Roleplayer: K'sariya and After!
Best Roleplayer: K'sariya!
Wish-You-Would-RP-More: After!

Best Arbiter: K'sariya and Velo!
Favorite Arbiter: K'sariya and Velo!

Best Ranger: K'sariya!
Favorite Ranger: VeloJello!

Best Artist: VeloJello and After!
Favorite Artist: Fenris!
Wish-You-Would-Draw-More: heltear and Sou!

Best Curator: K'sariya and VeloJello!
Favorite Curator: VeloJello and heltear!

Favorite URPG Staff Member: Gold and K'sariya!
Favorite URPG 3 Teams Member: After and Evanfardreamer!
Favorite URPG Event: National Park Spacial Anomaly Events!

Coolest Member: Axion!
Funniest Member: FD!
Nicest Member: K'sariya!

Fastest Growing Member: Shock3600!

Most Helpful Member: Gold!
Most Dedicated Member: Gold!
Most Knowledgeable Member: Gold!

Favorite Pokemon: Mewtwo!
Favorite Generation 8 Pokemon: Corviknight, Dragapult, Inteleon, Obstagoon!
Favorite Type: Dark!
Favorite Attack: Clangorous Soulblaze and U-Turn!

Fondest Memory:
Favorite Starboard message: "You cannot :star: your own messages"
Wish You Were Here:

Favorite Bot: Kauri!
Best URPG Emote: weary2
Favorite URPG Meme: I'm not a mod or even staff anymore looooooool
Favorite FFA Rule: Nickname!
Favorite Digimon: Beelzemon!

Cya next year!
Abras are so cute!
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Claiming my $3,000 and using the Heart Scale to teach my Zubat Zen Headbutt. Thanks for managing this, Gold!
Claiming my 3k, Heart Scale and Galarian Husnain.

Someone better make a sprite for it.
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Claiming 3k and Heart Scale!
Taking that Heart Scale and money!
As the most honorable fastest growing member, claiming free stuff
claiming 3k and Heart Scale
Abras are so cute!
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I'd like to claim 3k and the heartscale~!
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You know you want to ;>
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I mean... you get a cool banner after all! What's better then that? :)
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late but claiming my 3k tbh
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Claiming 3k and a Heart Scale. I'm flattered. Thanks all.
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I'll be there to come and shake you
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stop it morru we all know ur fursona is a Houndoom crossed with a thestral

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