URPG Budget Gym Tourney Final Round!
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Welcome to the Final Round of URPG Budget Gym Tourney!

Reminder that all information on this tourney is in the following document: URPG Budget Gym Tourney!
-You now may have 16 Pokemon, matching the current max gym size.
-The budget is now 600k to accommodate the above.

The tourney will continue to use the following rules:

SM Public Open (Can be Private and/or Full/Preview if both battlers agree)
OHKO ACC EVA SLP FRZ Dynamax Imprison (If Mega/Z Clauses are turned on, Dynamax may be turned off if both battlers agree)
Legend Clause ON
Helds On (may be changed to Off if both battlers agree)
Mega, Z-Move, Species, Item Clauses OFF (Any of these may be changed to On if both battlers agree)
Standard Weather and Terrain
Referee rolls for first send if Public Open

Also, prizes will be:
1st Place: Any Complex Pokemon of choice with 3 EMs.
2nd Place: Any hard Pokemon of choice with 2 EMs.
3rd Place: Any Medium Pokemon of choice with 1 EM.

The final round will be a round robin; all three battlers will need to face each other once before the tourney concludes, and the battler with the best record wins. In the case of a three-way tie, rewards will be adjusted. Budgets may be edited between opponents, or entirely separate budgets may be used.

Gray Nine (Ghost) vs Gold (Flying) vs Ash K. (Ground)

@VeloJello, @JacenBoy, @Dash may claim a Simple.

This round will end when the clock strikes February 23rd. Unstarted battles will receive a penalty.
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Claiming Zubat as my Simple!

While I think this is gonna be a pretty close thing, my end prediction is Gold. Flying has a ton of stuff to work with and Gold knows what's good. avenge me father
my bets on gold, Flying is horrifying
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feb 23 is a DATE not a TIME it is on a CALENDAR not a CLOCK

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